Saturday, 3 May 2014

Childishness, narcissism, and unwarranted aloofness.


     We have been treated in recent days to the scene of back-benchers and the inimitable Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, making innocuous, illogical,  and impertinent remarks about almost anything, living or dead, moving or un-moving.   We are treated  with the revelation that requested material from well over a year ago, considered by the White House is deigned to have been "already delivered" albeit totally redacted.  Such letters and memorandum, requested by House Committees frequently arrive in the following format:

The White House
Office of the President of All Fifty-seven of the United States
Commander of the Marine Corpse
In Hope and Change and Spread the Wealth We Trust

Dear Chairperson of a Committee:

     Included in this transmission is the requested communique sent by                                                                                                                                                 until recently stating that xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and because of such situation it would be xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and any hope of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx casualties.

      Beware of Repubxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and other troglodytes.    Because of a miniscule four supposed casualties they think they have to the right to embarrass xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the  entirexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  and if they think they can get away with it, we can get ahold of the IRxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and take care care of those racistxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx teabaggers and they can go xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxtheir mothers.
     Furthermore, Hillary left strict orders that xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPOTUS.    She said that she might be snockxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxby 21:00 hours, and not to bothexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxor any of her girlxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.   Rememberxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxabout some
body named Mohamxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,  We'll tell everybody on Sunday that xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx maker in jail for the video.
     Remember that all of this has to be plausibly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for POTUS.   First push the blame off on Busxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand OX News, and immediately bring up Limbaugh's War on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx children's hunger and minorities.   Remember to denxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxrerything   And don't say anything about the SoS pukixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbathroom floor, and the three day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   the hangover.   It's best to say that she was preparing to travel to a conference on LGBTCRHKD Issues in Kuala Lampur.  We are notifying the people at the sanetorxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx important VIP's in California about Hillxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxflu and "concussion".
  Do not show this to anyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and especially Michxxxxxxxxxxxx or xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxrret.



     The most amazing thing is to have Democrats, caught in the headlights, waddling up to any available microphone to declare that the issue of Benghazi is dead, nobody cares, and we need to worry about the miserable economy the Republicans have caused, as well as the minimum wage solution to income inequality and the equalisation of wages of women with all the other types of people in the workplace and having my daughter and granddaughters pay for Miss Flukie's birth control regimen.

     They ridicule the notion that there is any purpose or valid reason to "dig around" in the "what difference at this point could it possibly make" issue of Benghazi.  The two most responsible for essentially hanging out the Embassy and Annex staff to die are left to vacation, deflect, and talk about issues that are trusted old shibboleths and demagoguery barricades.
     The morally and intellectually devoid seem to be willing to do and/or say anything in order to protect the totally morally and intellectually devoid Barry Soetoro and Hillary Rodham.

     Just think how proud everyone on the left side must be because of Barry's and Kerry's great diplomatic success concerning the Ukrainian - Russian issue.   Yesterday, only 40 people were killed in open combat in the eastern part of the Ukraine.   Thank the Lucky Stars of Bizaboodle that we did not deploy any anti-missile batteries to the Czech Republic or Poland....they might have  scared the Russians....and we certainly do not want them to become bellicose or to start menacing their neighbours, with whom they have such a noble history of friendship.

     Such a great mountain of accomplishments in the new world, made more comfortable in their dealings with the previously brutal, imperialistic Gringos.   Syria, "Palestine", Libya, Tunisia, the Pakistani Doctor who helped us is still in prison, Israel, all of Europe, the trade deals with Japan and South Korea falling through, the Russian reset, North Korea, Egypt turning her back on us....every reasonable nation in the world dazed and confused and every possibly hostile and/or cantankerous nation in the world emboldened.  Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan....excellent examples of winning wars and losing the peace.   We're looking at two gutter balls multiplied by 10 frames:   Why, after eight full years of presidenting ....Barry will have a perfect record.

     And while George W. Bush was and is vehemently accused of "lying" about the justification for war in Iraq....the simple fact is that he was not even mistaken.  There was no lie.  The most serious thing that went wrong with Iraq was the notion that we had to remake the country in some form or image of ourselves.   It would have been much better to simply have removed Saddam Hussein al Tikriti and his 1,000 closest friends and relatives, and then left.   El Gringo Viejo does lament nor does he apologise for the belief that there are peoples who are disposed either culturally, biologically, or both to be in perpetual, self-defeating turmoil.   Their fight is not my fight.   If they have A-bombs, or poisoned gas bombs that can hit Tel Aviv or Peoria or Ottawa, and a number of other such places, then we should take them out and leave when the dust has settled enough to find the exit.
       For the Man who Shot Liberty Osama Valance bin Laden, and his posse that he apparently rounded up in one of the saloon scenes from Galactic Trek Wars, methinks that there might be a chance that the class warfare card might not work this time.  Fifteen Dollar  Minimum Wage movements, pay equivalence for women, "free medical" Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI) just don't seem to flash in the sunlight as before.  Perhaps Boehner's seeming willingness to "talk moderate and act rightwing crazy" is a sign that, after some posturing, the Republicans might well rescind the entire  OSMI.  His wisdom in having appointed Trey Goudy to lead the Select Committee concerning Benghazi, and perhaps even the IRS and Fast and Furious inquiry give us some encouragement.

There shall be a bit more, on Basketball, Ranchers, Race, and reality some thing early this evening.   Thank you all for sharing your time, and especially for having been checking into our advertisers...both the strange ones that I do not like and the ones I approve.
El Gringo Viejo