Friday, 25 April 2014

Multigenerational Welfare Dependency, and Reaping the Whirlwind


This is the gift of the Great Society to America.   This is the harvest of the seeding known as Public Assistance.   This is the product of a subset of society that can even conceive of a notion that can be described with the word, babymother.   The "Progressives" must certainly be very, very proud of themselves for having made a brave new world that can be represented by "people" the likes of these:

Detroit: Relatives of Black Defendants Who Nearly Beat White Driver To Death Laugh In Court As Prosecution Describes Attack…

Written By : Tiffiny Ruegner
April 24, 2014


detroit defendants
If'n I had had a son he'd a'looked
 a lot like these fellas in yella.  This
is a teachable moment, in that the
police in Clinton behaved stupidly.
Obviously, if the cracker has just
stopped moving, these gentlemen
wouldn't have had to kick him so
many times.  That's obvious.

Revolting to say the least.
Via Detroit News:
     Four men will stand trial in the beating of Clinton Township motorist Steven Utash, following a raucous hearing Monday in which some courtroom onlookers blurted objections and laughed at a description of the near-deadly thrashing, and a defendant made an obscene gesture to a photographer. 
       Latrez Cummings, 19; James Davis, 24; and Wonzey Saffold, 30, were bound over for trial on charges of assault with intent to commit murder. A fourth defendant, 17-year-old Bruce Wimbush, waived his right to a preliminary exam during the hearing in 36th District Court and will face a trial. Max Mohr, Utash’s brother-in-law, said he was disgusted by the courtroom behavior.
       “Why would you laugh about someone being in the hospital?” Mohr said. “To make a mockery in the courtroom … what can you do?”
      The four allegedly were part of the group that beat Utash on April 2, when he left his truck to check on a boy he hit after the 10-year-old darted into the truck’s path. A weapons charge against Saffold was added after witnesses said he brandished a gun during the incident.
       All the defendants are in jail in lieu of $500,000 bond. During Monday’s hearing court deputies admonished onlookers for talking. One man was removed from the courtroom. Saffold made an obscene gesture to a photographer. A group whose members described themselves as relatives of the defendants laughed when Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Lisa Lindsey read aloud Saffold’s description of how the mob kicked and punched Utash.
If these defendants were white and the driver had been black, you could be sure Obama would be at a press conference this minute talking about the degrading behavior in the courtroom.


     The fact of the matter is that this is the spawn of Lucifer.  The mother is the AFDC addict, and the father is every damnable liberal-progressive who ever said, "I don't see why the government can't provide just a small morsel for these poor people to eat."  That was followed by, "Everybody should have the right to a roof over his head."   Then there was, "These women can't work 'cause they simply do not have any place to put their babies while they are at work."  And on, and on, and on.....until life became so cheap, and the realization of self was so clearly evident that the individual had no moral or cultural worth of any kind that acts of depravity were just something else to provide a bit of diversion.  Life has come to have no value in very wide swaths of the American tapestry.   The number one predictor of this lamentable is not so much race, but the environment produced, once again by the multigenerational maternal dependency upon public assistance for all wants and needs of the dysfunctional family receiving multigenerational public assistance.   It seemed to be easier for the progressive egalitarians to develop a victim group to hone in on, so instead of eliminating them by eugenics, they changed their objective and decided to drain the American treasury through demagoguery.   With the constant chant of racism the "progressives" could have a dull, unthinking, self-entitled, body of votes upon which the Hampton progressives could count to maintain themselves in power.
    A victim group....and a scapegoat group.  The scapegoat is the white Southerner, the overwhelming vast majority have never raised a hand against any black person.

    We are now in a statistical nightmare situation wherein one finds that for  1000 black persons who are killed by an act of murder or manslaughter, 93 are killed by another black person.    Sadly, for every 1,000 white people of any extraction who are killed by an act of murder or manslaughter, 44 are killed by black people.   The only reason the rate is as low as 44 is because there are large areas in the geographic demography of the Republic where there is a paucity of black people to do the killing.   Where the black people coalesce, however there is greater concentration of black people who are more available to be murdered.   Grandma with her SS check...when the grandson is really, really needing a fix....and grandma is old anyway and doesn't need the money, no how. 


(this note:  the part below in blue print is speculation, no evidential basis except for reasonable possibility)

     Auntie Zietuni has returned to her native Kenya.   She had her deportation call finally, but this time to the great public housing project in the sky.   We finally have been able to learn the reality of what she was doing over here to begin with.  She was brought over to Chicago, originally to nanny the post-infant and infant daughters of Barry Soetoro and Michelle Robinson.  One could presume that there might have been conflicts that began to arise between Auntie Zietuni and the lady who plays a cigar store Indian for her day job.  The cigar store Indian is the mother of Michelle Robinson, of course.
     When things came to a head, Barry sent Reggie Love to tell Valerie Jerrod that "Barry went to play golf with some white boys, but he wanted me to ask  you if you could send Auntie Zietuni back to Kenya for him...or anywhere, actually.  He is really tired of Mrs. Robinson griping about having his old Auntie here teaching the babies about voodoo, her words not mine."
     Valerie Jerrod then arranged to send Auntie Zietuni to a Boston suburb where there was a small but somewhat numerous Kenyan expatriate community.   Someone arranged that Auntie Zietuni could illegally obtain every known public assistance which came up to, in to-day's dollars, about 45,000 USD per year in Massachusetts, and there she endured until about 10 days ago. She overstayed her temporary tourist visa, and yet remained under full public around money....Medicaid, etc.
    Oddly enough, during Auntie Zietuni's funeral, her nephew was not present.  He had a golf engangement.  That is not semi-inventive speculation.  It is the fact.   He did send a small check to help defray a bit of the funeral expenses.  After the funeral, Auntie Zietuni was loaded onto the freight section of the Nairobi Red Eye Express, and flfpfpflfpfpfp, she was gone to Kenya.

 And with that we sign off for the night, wishing one and all an early Merry Kwanza and a prosperous New Solstice.

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