Saturday, 26 April 2014

It always happens, but it never ceases to amaze.

The annual 420 celebration at Golden Gate - San Francisco Bridge called because it is always on the 20th of April, and supposedly ends at 4:20 in the afternoon - an adventure in social degeneracy and dysfunction.

     It always happens.   A bunch of nice, counter-cultural hippies have a smoke-in at a little park on the San Francisco end of the Golden Gate, just a nice get-together among friends.  Things are a little unruly before everything is drawn to a close and suddenly the crowd just drifts away, you know was time to go.

Scene of the aftermath of the San Francisco 420 smoke-off
Some 15,000 organisms with different multi-complexes of
venereal and immune-deficiency disorders brought peace
and love to bear, so long as someone else cleaned it up.

     Estimates of the amount of garbage for a crowd of about 1,000 heads, in less than three hours, was well over 10,000 pounds, strewn throughout the public common.   That is quite an accomplishment for 15,000 sub-human dullards who are so narcissistic that they blithely assume that it is the duty of the Cosmos to pick up after them.  The clean-up crew finished after 1.5 days of garbage re-collection, terminating late in the afternoon of the second day of efforts.   And this is from the "save the planet'' crowd.   This is a gift from the ones who "care" and who are "oppressed" by the one per cent.
     The above picture is what the Republic will look like in its entirety should the Democrats and Obama have their way during the next three years.

El Gringo Viejo