Sunday, 27 April 2014

Bill to Promote the Study of O'bama's Election as a lesson in Civil California, of course.


The Racial Significance of the Election of Barry Soetoro to the Presidency of the United States of America:

        There was absolutely no significance to the election of Barry Soetoro to the Presidency of the United States of America.   He had no ancestry that linked him to the Negro Experience of an American of Negro Ancestry.   His only "Negroness" came from a misogynistic, tribally Kenyan father, who was famous for brutalising a series of wives, an erstwhile polygamist, a communist, anti-colonialist, alcoholic, drug-addicted, extremely violent, America-hater.   He was a good match for the 16 year old girl he impregnated to produce the soon to be famous progeny, Barry Soetoro.  The father of Barry, before he died in his 40s due to a drunken driving mishap, abandoned Barry's mother upon learning of her pregnancy.

Barry's  30-something father with his
now 17-something wife shortly before she
was abandoned by Barry's 30-something

     Therefore, Barry lived among his communist, union thug grandparents and their friends in a luxurious section of Hawai'i, long a refuge for communist, union-thug slugs who made off with union dues money to live comfortably in tropical paradises.   He knew nothing of, and cared little about things like Willie Mays, Frederick Douglas, Confederate Negroes, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Booker Tecumseh Washington, Jews writing the definitive Porgy and Bess,  Jackie Robinson, The Platters, Nat King Cole, the silly Amos and Andy, Jack Benny and Rochester,  The Jeffersons, Jesse Owens, etc.etc.etc.

Barry's message of hope to
Americans of black-African
ancestry?   "You 'hood people
do the time, I'll take the dime"
Self-admitted drug dealer, who
used his dorm room as an office.

     The most famous thing Barry Soetoro did was to have some black African antecedence, and then to have stoned out on cocaine and marijuana almost continuously, to have sold marijuana and cocaine from his university dormitory and then written about it, in gloating, snickering terms....while other Negroes of true American background sat rotting in prison for having done the same.
     Barry Soetoro simply saw those black people as something he could use to demagogue at a later date, when the communist Valerie Jerrod gave him permission that she would receive from the shadows controlling the Annenberg Foundation and George Soros.

     The racial importance of the election of Barry Soetoro to the Presidency of the United States?  None.   The true significance of his election?   Proof that critical thinking and  selfless interest in the Republic before self as a national characteristic is dead.

Sheesh!   Is there nothing better to do in the parliament of the Bear Republic?El Gringo Viejo