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     All the intricate plans, designs, and schemes that the liberals and progressives have thrown at the fan since the time of Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson were well encapsulated by the Mexicans at the end of the military/social Revolution of 1910 - 1917.

     The Mexican Revolution of that era was associated with many catch phrases and words that eventually became shallow and meaningless in many cases.  Tierra y Libertad!  Democracia!  Sufragio Efectivo! No Re-eleccion! Justicia!   (Land and liberty!  Democracy, Effective Suffrage! No Re-election! Justice!!!)   The old dictator, Porfirio Diaz, was booted out and another election was held to displace the results of the flawed 1910 elections, and everything was perfect.

     It was almost exactly like the period the day after Barack Hussein Obama was inaugurated.  Nirvana had been achieved.  Everything is now perfect.  But, we return to the sardonic joke that the wiser observers of Mexican and human tendencies made during the triumphal entry of the Revolutionary forces onto the elegant Paseo de la Reforma during those heady days in 1911.  Literally millions of people lines the regal boulevard of 10 lanes and impressive rotundas with sculptures as fine as any in Europe, fountains, flowers, bugles, uniforms, and marching groups of bandoliered veterans, columns of regiments of cavalry in good was all so impressive.
File:Madero y Pino Suarez.jpg
Francisco I. Madero, President, and his
Vice-President, Jose Maria Pino Suarez
1911, Mexico City, Chapultepec Castle
     The joke was told by an experienced observer of the political scene had heard two Mexican families chatting excitedly about the possible passing-by of the new Presidente...that he was nearing the place on the boulevard.   The fathers and most of the rest of the family members sighted the professorial-looking new president in one of those fancy new motor cars, waving to the adoring masses.   As he turned in the direction of the two families the frenzy intensified and the families were literally jumping up and down...the men were shouting as they never had before....shouting to rip their vocal chords, "VIVA MADERO!!  VIVA DEMOCRACIA!!!   VIVA MADERO!!  VIVA DEMOCRACIA!!!"
     The main body of the procession and the Presidential Guard had passed by finally, when one of the older children asked his father, "Papa', what is Democracia? (he had difficulty assigning the accent to the correct syllable).  The father turned to him and informed, "Ay! My child!  Democracia is the wife of Madero."
     Before two years of Madero's term had transpired he and his Vice-President, Jose Maria Pino Suarez were assassinated during their escort to exile for having been absolutely useless to either side in the Left-Right debate.  They never made it to the train station from their incarceration at the Ciudadela military compound in the middle of Mexico City.   We should point out that this regicide has been studied at least as much as that of Kennedy and Lincoln and significant evidence now exists, at least through the employment of logic, that Madero and Pino Suarez were incidental casualties in a firefight between pro-Madero/Pino people trying to interrupt the enforced exile, and military agents and police loyal to General Victoriano Huerta, who as Secretary of War would be the new provisional President,  (the Secretary of the Government had quickly resigned upon learning of the "resignations" of Madero and Pino Suarez a few hours before.).   This paragraph digests what is known in Mexico as the Decena Tragica....the Tragic Ten Days....that connected the arrest and detention of Madero and Pino Suarez for incompetence and ineffective governance and their deaths on the way to Buenavista Terminal where the Presidential car was waiting, attached to the overnight El VeraCruzano train....a very elegant train....with the locomotive oiled and hissing....with 22 cars.   The Presidential, four dormitory cars, eight 1st class cars, 2 2nd class cars, and 2 3rd class cars, a military detachment car, and two express and baggage cars.   Between the 1st class and dormitory cars was a very spiffy dining car with all the best...even ice...and another saloon car with large, red velvet covered chairs and brass appointments, the best cognac and other liquors, and fine conviviality.   The train finally left, and it was on this train, supposedly where the conductor apologised for the tardy departure by stating, ''We are very sorry for the delay.  Please understand we are in Revolution."    (Please note that this saying has many, many attributions, perhaps all are accurate.)

 Passenger train bound for Vera Cruz from Mexico
City....probably around 1915.  Please note the
German-language note, and the style of

     In a series of changes of leaders of Armies, intrigues, huge costly battles, a series of clumsy diplomatic missteps, Mexico finally arrived at the worst of a solution, aided by the stupidity and arrogance of Woodrow Wilson.   The arrogant, mean, and totally anti-American,  and totally self-consumed marxist Venustiano Carranza assumed power in Mexico.   He promulgated the Constitution of 1917, an organic-law monstrosity that sought to legalise the step-by-step control of each aspect of every Mexican's life.  The Constitution sought to establish that every Mexican had the "right" to a home, medical services, food, an education, a job, a living wage, and so forth.  Every Mexican also had the "right" to obligatory and mandatory membership in a labour union if he were employed in a business outside his home orbit.  In many ways it mimicked what was being planned by the Bolsheviks.
     Everybody had certain basic rights except for the Roman Catholic church and anyone professionally associated with said church as a cleric, church worker, educator, or any other such support to the institution.   Soldiers attending Roman Catholic services in uniform would be court-martialled, for instance....a constitutional provision that continues in force to this day.   This blog entry is not for the discussion of the various other prohibitions directed at the Catholic Church....there were many and they were all draconian. We have written some reasonable summaries about such things earlier.
     This entry is designed to point out that the Constitution, essentially written by one man and approved by the Constitutionalist Convention in Queretaro, Queretaro in 1917 has bedevilled Mexico now for almost 100 years.   Organic Constitutional law...laws written in a governing document that are designed to control and "provide for" every situation and condition of life, and to further permit, require, or deny certain activities by the citizenry based upon the discretion of the central madness.
     The Constitution of 1917 sucked a lot of wind out of the sails of the ships of States in the supposedly Estados Unidos Mexicanos.  Discretion, authority, and initiative was established within the halls of the Presidential Palace, and the Heroic Congress was intentionally designed to be "monopartidario", or one political party only.  States had no say, unless called upon by the Central Government control freaks.

Tell-tale Characteristics that indicate you might be living in an authoritarian or totalitarian oligarchy or one-man-rule country:
     Carranza and his trained monkeys in Querataro did not like the free-wheeling free-enterprise espoused by Pancho Villa.   Nor did they like Emiliano Zapata's traditionalist Indian communitarian approach to land tenure and use that had held sway for a couple of thousand years before the arrival of the Spanish.   Land reform and economic models would have to follow the plan of Carranza.
     Carranza and his lackeys clumsily combined national socialist (Nazi) elements (allowing certain large businesses owned by "important social forces" to operate but under strict compliance with government rules and objectives), Bolshevik socialist (total ownership of production, transport, distribution, education, and property), and the nebulous notion of "social democracy"....a form of no man making more in salary than 10 times more than the lowest paid worker.   The notion of..."From each according to his ability, and to each according to his need'' was very much in play,  at least in the saloons and mansions where the "elites" played applied sociology as Americans might have  played Monopoly or Scrabble.
     Carranza, like Madero, did not long endure in office....but, unfortunately his Constitution still remains the cornerstone of Mexican Law.   The major accomplishments of the reforms initiated under that Constitution?

     (1)   A disastrous agrarian reform that changed Mexico from one of the most prolific agricultural producers in the world into a net importer of corn from 1940 through the year 2002, when the privatisation of the ejidos began to take shape.   (American Bureau of Land Management, the EPA, and the Department of Interior, et al, anyone?)

    (2)    The establishment of four of the most thoroughly corrupt labour unions in the world, the Confederacion de Trabajadores Mexicanos, the Sindicato de Petroleros (oilworkers), the Sindicato de Trabajadores en la Educacion de la Republica Mexicana, and the Sindicato de Trabajadores de Electricad.   These labour unions joined the pantheon of professional sloth and thuggishness that typifies any labour union working at optimum effectiveness. (UAW, SEIU, NEA, etc.)

   (3)     Until very recently, with the implementation of the Tratado de Libre Comercio (free trade agreement), the Central Government practiced the typical hobnobbery that all national socialist governments exercise with their wealthy industrial class.  ( Crony Capitalists, Deutsche Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterpartei, DNSAP, etc.)

  (4)     A once excellent to adequate basic education system driven into the ground by corrupt teachers' and education workers' union and meddling from the Central Government in terms of ideological messaging.  (a central government Department of Education, school lunch, preggy girl, Common Core, No Child Left Behind, National Education Association, American Federation of Educators, etc.)

  (5)     The establishment of the Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social, a mandatory participation programme for all workers that provided "free medical service" for every one in the family of a covered worker.   Continually breaks the bank, runs in the massive red, covers only about 40% of all Mexicans....most of whom prefer to seek private medical intervention if possible  (Sound familiar?).


     And we could go on, far longer than any reasonable OROG would care to read or regard.   What we are pointing out is that the Obamatrons, who are such brilliant original thinkers, are doing the same thing that was done by the German National Socialists, by the Bolsheviks, by the earlier European and American "Progressives" and all nature of every other kind of erstwhile socialist, the Fabians, the Utopians,  and every other "innovative leftist populist" thinker since Adam and Eve were expulsed from the Garden. 

     It does not work.   Hating some other person's wealth and taxing said wealth in order to form a path to one's own wealth and personal comfort does not work.  It is good politics for eight to fifteen years, perhaps but, as in all cases involving socialism, it works until you run out of other peoples' money.
If you don't think so, then just ask this fellow pictured below;

President of Mexico,
Governor of Coahuila,
Senator to the National Congress of Mexico,
Congressional Deputy to the House of Deputies
of the Congress of Mexico,
Mayor of Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila,
Hacendado of the Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila,
 Commanding General of Revolutionary Army
 of the North

     We are aware that we have written in the past along these lines, but the parallels, and common paths uniting the foolish, atheistic, secular humanist pictured above, and his homologue presently ensconced in the White House in Washington, D.C. are just too ripe and juicy to pass up.  The brew they make is from the same recipe, and the name of the beer is Disaster.   After the fall of the Mexican fascistic, paternalistic the fall of the Southern Plantation....the elites have re-established the worst of all of that and none of the good.

Thanking everyone, as usual, for your kind interest and patience, I retire from the field of battle to rest a bit.
El Gringo Viejo