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A Necessary Blast from the Past - Barack the Magic Negro, by Harry Reid

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Yes, We Read Drudge....and other things, as well

'We're very proud of the president's record on foreign policy'...

FLASHBACK: The Day I'm Inaugurated Muslim Hostility Will Ease...

'One of the proudest things of my three years in office is helping restore sense of respect for America around the world'...

     We were aware of the background of the Manchurian Manikin shortly after he won a pre-fab primary for the Democrat nomination for the vacated United States Senate seat from Illinois.    He then wound up facing a stand-in candidate, Alan Keyes,  put up by the rightwing crazy section of the Republican Party at the last minute because the good and moderate, nice and clean Republicans had decided that it would be nice to let this nice a nice United States Senator after all the nice things he had done for his nice people.   After all the seat, in a way, rather belonged to those know...from the central parts of just seemed fair.   And nice.

     Some GOP operatives, both country clubber and rightwing crazy, had come to an agreement on backing Mike Ditka, a famous tight end for the Dallas Cowboys and a relatively popular Head Coach of the Chicago Bears at the time.   Mike backed out at the last moment, no one has ever informed El Gringo Viejo exactly why.   Mike was not a "nice" boy.  He probably did not like the idea that he was being told that everyone wanted him to run, but nobody really wanted him to win.     In reality, the king makers did not  even think he could win.   That is not exactly the way one approaches a person who has a demonstrated Major League attitude about self-discipline and victory.


      So Ditka returned to the War on Women, and cleared the decks for the Archangel Barak.   The anointed Democrat dispatched the hapless, underfunded Alan Keyes in the General Elections, and began his long career as a United States Senator as he had spent his long career in the State Senate for the State of being absent and by voting present for much of his long and exemplarily dull  legislative career.  He did manage to throw his considerable support behind one bill that would exempt abortionists from being prosecuted for murder or any other crime should the abortionist has the unfortunate luck to deliver a live baby as a product of an attempted dead baby delivery.   You see, he wanted even the abortionist to have a chance at a mulligan, without fear of having to score extra strokes, if you will.    It seemed like the right thing to do.

     Then, the Archangel, and now Saint, Barry ascended unto the Holy Teleprompter and gave one of his famous leg-tinglers....especially written to massage every synapse of white, liberal guilt.   (We remember Gore Vidal, such a nice boy, lecturing William F. Buckley about race.   He said,"One time I took my shoe and hit a little black boy I was playing with, just to do it.  I just thought it was the thing to do.   Admit it Bill, white people all have things like that in their past".    Buckley did not bat an eye, responding,"Why Gore, were I to have done that, my mother would have surely slapped my face in public and beaten my bottom sore in private.  Of course I have no such thing in my past."


     In any regard, after a long and distinguished career of talking out of both sides of his mouth, bad-mouthing white people, black conservatives, FOX News, and anything normal he decided to vote 'present' a couple of times more before announcing his plans be appointed President.  He was a perfect fit for the office.   You see, he was black, and "understood".    That his "black" was derived from anything but the classical American Negro experience, and that he could not tell W.E.B Dubois from Jesse Owens in a line-up, had probably never heard of either of them, he was obviously qualified.   The Annenberg Foundation was very proud of the work he had done "for the community" via representing the Association of Community Organisations for Revolution Now! (ACORN!).  He had, after all, been especially active in bullying banks into giving home owner loans to people with 20,000 dollar per year (or less) incomes when buying 500,000 dollar houses.    He was a real miracle worker.   Had nice friends.   Communists, terrorists, murderers, anarchists....and Jeramiah Wright (who, by the way, was not a bullfrog).


     Archangel Saint Bishop Astronaut Barry, rose and took his place above the gathered  knights;  his named appeared on his throne immediately upon receiving the merest glance from his honest, sincere, and meaningfully expressive eyes.   Easily, he vanquished the Trundling Sow who was so crass as to think she could impede The Ascension, and he put her in her place.   Her place is the famous Hall of the Has Beens Who Never Were.
     A couple of reporters (we think the might have been liberal Democrats) did have a bit of trepidation...asking, on the air, " we really know this person?   We do not have a body of writing, of legislation passed or supported, or even much knowledge of his past."    But it really did not matter.   He was black, and it was time to shove it in the faces of all those white Southern klanner, cracker, hillbilly hayseed, bigoted Christian gun owning hideous people.  Rednecks, flat-earthers, ignorami.   All manners of bad people...not good people like us who will vote for a Negro, no matter that we know nothing about what he thinks, who he is, what his plan is, what his agenda is or any such insignificant stuff.   It did not matter.   He promised Hope and Change, and by golly that was good enough for the really smart and sophisticated people.    We shall vote for him in lieu of a liberal Republican who is a decorated war hero and an accomplished person....because the Republican is bad because he is white.


      Of hundreds of teleprompted, condescentious pronunciamentos, reminiscent of various railing madmen, We stored up further reassurance of the utter shallowness of this marxist bigot.   His guide through life is Saul Alinsky.   His activity as a youth...nothing.  No piano, no baseball, no rock collections, no model planes.   Just smoking dope and selling cocaine, like any other kid.   And making up stories about white girls who weren't good enough, plugged in enough, or smart enough to keep up with his enlightened brilliance.

     The Police in Cambridge behaved stupidly, my mother was left with no insurance and had to die so that the insurance company could live, and if I had had a son, he would have look an lot like the "Reverend" Mr. Sharpton, and the self-assuredness that can only be expressed by a narcissistic, ignorant empty suit, sitting in an empty chair. 

Now knowing more than we wished to know about this Manchurian Candidate,  Pretender in Chief, we can instuct him about certain basic facts.

     Many Christians and Jews are not perfect people.   Many people who are Christians and Jews, along with the agnostics and others sorts who stumble along life's path with them, are communitarian people who try to do for themselves, help others, leave the bar almost sober, and walk home to the family and help around the house.   That is a base-line.  They do not throw pampers in the parking lot.  They help...a little...a lot.  They do and they pull their own weight.   They really don't have time or disposition to hate or even dislike anybody, unless there is a good reason or some kind of justification.  Ole Tex gets along with everyone and gives a little more than he takes.

     BUT,  among the Ishmaelites, we are presented with a problem.   We have a painting, done by one artist, of the Virgin Mary, taken by another artist and smeared with elephant dung.   The United States Government and the State Government of New York pay the artist for his work and hang it with pride in a famous, public museum.    Likewise, they pay and show other great works, such as a jar of urine with a crucifix inside the jar to keep the urine company.  Truly inspired.   Something the Great Masters and the Impressionists would have had to really study in order to dig deeper into the meaning of aesthetics.  But, there are no riots, no bombings, no killings.   There is considerable consternation, but we consider the source, and do not patronise the degenerates or approve of their deportment.

     However, there is a strata of person throughout the Muslim world, who suffers from a richly justified sense of inferiority.   He (we say he, because the opinion of a woman in any matter is of no importance) has a pronounced sense of insecurity about his religion and his personal moral and social value.   He knows that he is a worthless clod.   He knows that in the scheme of things he has less value to the Cosmos than the slime of an earthworm.  He knows....and understands his worthlessness.   He is surrounded by other mindless, stupid people who only know how to hate.   They have no other emotion, save a bit of lust in the event that the opportunity to rape a foreign female reporter presents itself.

      There are others, a smaller percentage within those described in the  above paragraph...a percentage of a  percentage of the muslim whole, who are exactly like the ones in the previous paragraph, only these have university educations...sometimes advanced degrees.   Some are, by world standards upper-middle class and even from extremely wealthy backgrounds.   They cannot resist sharing the hatred felt by the unwashed, lower class, sub-human "muslims".   These privileged Muslims also  have trouble with girls, trouble with getting along with almost anybody real, but they have no trouble hating people who are having fun, doing things, being normal, and generally committing sins at ever turn....or being Jews...or being Americans....Americans especially are the ones who are unrestrained by the orders of the Prophet.    Americans only believe in friendship, fun, Coca-Cola, life, liberty, prosperity.   They do not understand their duty to Allah.  They are incurable infidels.  They mislead our children.   We must kill our daughters so as to teach them the evil of the Americans.  We must kill Jews and return our lands to the true followers of the  Prophet.   We must defend the interests of the people who no Arab nation wants, and  who cannot even live at peace with and among themselves, the "Palestinians".    We must hate, we must kill, and especially we must hate and kill others who say they are Muslim, but who are not correct in their practise and/or belief....yes, they must be killed.    Blow up their mosques, they are not true churches for any purpose, they are whorehouses of heretics....blow up the false mullahs, blow down their minarets, kill them as they leave prayers, during their funeral processions, kill them all, and kill all the Jews and kill all Americans.    And so, these well-placed Muslims join with the Muslims who are stupider than dead rocks and they set out to kill, demolish, tear down, destroy, and cause misery...kill, kill, kill.

     Enter Our Holy Pretender.   He tells us that he will make an appearance.   As a committed marxist and as a person who has lived in "foreign countries" he "knows".   He speaks and delivers His beatitudes, saying

     "Now you can stop killing Muslims who are in different sects.   Now, you can play Ring Around the Rosey with the white folks and be part of civilised society, and we shall tax the millionaires and billionaires to ensure that all men are taxed into equality by me, the greatest social democrat since Leon Trotsky and Frederick Engels.   I have come not to follow any law, but to fulfil the prophesies and establish the Worker's Paradise.   Only I can weld together for the good of all the oppressed, the lunatic Muslim fringe, and the dull, instinct driven Marxist cult of class hatred, into BARRY'S MUSLMARX ELECTRIC CAR AND SOCIAL PERPETUAL NON-MOTION MACHINE...AND EVERYTHING IS FREE....We'll simply tax the millionaires and billionaires, so get your shovels and get ready."

     "Stroke of a Pen...Law of the Land!  We just issued an executive order that America is respected for the first time in anyone's adult life.  America is respected because we have changed it int0 a place just like all the rest of the hell-holes on Earth. By becoming like them, a place with open sewers, litter, graffiti, 50% unemployment, unchanging and hopeless, mired in socialist drabness and depersonalisation, others will  come to love us.

     Praise be also to the little people who helped me in their little way to make all of this possible."


All OROGs will have to admit that they can now feel the tingle going up you alls' legs.   I am very sure that we are all very proud of the President's record on foreign policy.   Muslim hostility has eased, and America is finally respected all over the world..... and everything.


El Gringo Viejo