Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Go, Ted, Go!


American energy production is a vital part of expanding job growth and opportunity. Texans understand this better than anyone in the country.
Energy expansion and job growth should be a bipartisan priority. That's why I recently introduced the American Energy Renaissance Act, along with U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma.
A new Forbes article by Peter Ferrara stated the bill will provide for "comprehensive liberation of energy producers to maximize energy production, job creation and prosperity in America."

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The Forbes article continues:
“Despite the war-like hostility of the Obama Administration to the traditional carbon based energy that fueled the industrial revolution, the entrepreneurship and modern technology of America’s private economy is producing a boom in oil and gas production that is overwhelming President Obama. America has already surged to become the world’s number one natural gas producer. It is also now the world’s fastest growing oil producer, already third in the world. And America has the resources to be the world’s number one coal producer as well.”
And Ferrara notes the importance of getting federal regulations out of the way to let the private sector thrive and create jobs:
"The Cruz-Bridenstine bill would require that before any EPA regulations eliminating any jobs could take effect, the regulations would have to be expressly approved by Congress and signed by the President. EPA regulations currently under development are estimated to eliminate 2 to 3 million jobs in the next decade. Again, today’s Democrats are not representing working people."
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For Liberty,

Ted Cruz