Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Terrible Situation....Immigration nightmare

     This morning started poorly.  I had to go buy some milk and a couple of extra goodies for the breakfast for my granddaughters.  They seem to like having their grandfather slave over a hot stove for them...and it is something El Gringo Viejo enjoys doing.   Upon arriving at the grocery store, it was disappointing to see that it was not open, although every clock and time source in town and the radio said that the hour was 06:05.
     It was noticed how the employees were sauntering in, and how they opened the door, so I did the same.  After a bit of hunting and pecking, the milk and other goodies were located.   But, no checkers.   After about two minutes a lady came up to number seven with a cash tray, and motioned me to come on into Number 7...which I do.   As I near, a slob runs in front of me, grunting, "I'm first. I'm in a hurry."  He is a slob, smelly, unshaven, and in no danger of might say.   I was always taught and have almost always practiced allowing the lesser to be the greater for that moment they think of course I deferred.   He had some female necessity products, and a loaf of specialty bread.   Odd.
     The cashier rang up the purchase, and asked for the money because the fellow seemed distracted by the magazines with the four/fifths naked bimboes on the cover.  Finally he responds by producing his Lone Star Card....and swiping it incorrectly.   The cashier told him that he should have declared that he was going to pay with the card, because now she has to segregate covered charges from uncovered charges, requiring a start over.   Finally after several other setbacks, and a request, with which the cashier complied, to make change in cash with the Card (I really thought that was not permitted), my "turn" came.   Transaction time...23 seconds, method of payment...yankee greenback.   The smelly slob....he had stopped at a lottery ticket dispenser machine...and he was feeding three actions of two dollars each into the machine.   I turned at the door, and looked back.   Zero for six.   Six dollars flushed right down the Cosmic Galactic toilet.

My Country 'tis of Thee, Great land of Liberty.....Saint Mary and all the Angels help us now and at the time of the Death of our Republic.

    Corruption, all-powerful government, and unions are joined at the hip and shoulder.   We lament that these ingredients and the sham of a game being played by the central government about immigration control have combined into the perfect storm of danger, extortion, official corruption, injury, and death.

    In one day, a jury in Brownsville returned a multiple count verdict of guilty against the field operations director of the McAllen office of the Department of Homeland Security.  The charges involved forgery, false testimony, forms of official oppression, various illegal orders to subordinates, and co-ordinating the sale of immigration permits, through subordinate personnel, in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico.   He was also involved in facilitating numerous passings of pregnant illegal aliens into the Brownsville area for the purpose of delivery of the infamous "anchor babies" whose delivery on American soil immediately qualifies the mother for over 30,000 USD per year to do nothing beyond care for the child somewhat, while she watches telenovelas at waiting for the opportunity to deliver a series of anchor babies, thereby making her stay essentially permanent on the welfare roles.   That high ranking officers in the Department of Homeland Security are involved in this kind of activity....selling immigration permits and fomenting not only bastardy, but illegal alien frankly, to be expected.   It is the nature of corruption, performed by an all powerful government and its accompanying labour union...joined at the hip to perjure, cover-up, sneak, filch, extort, and practice every aspect of the fine, arrogant, bullying art of hubris.

     While another agent is being jumped at a point just south of the Falfurrias  Border Patrol checkpoint, and stripped of his weapon by an un-armed illegal alien....narrowly missing being hit by two shots by that illegal alien, and finally wrestling his pistol back from said alien....another Border Patrol agent is having a bit of a different problem.

     This is a fellow making over 70,000 USD annual salary.  He's a union fellow, and he has been "looked in to" by supervisory authority for the Department of Homeland Security.   In other words, he has had complaints levied against him from civilians or apprehended illegal aliens.  Perhaps there have even been observations forwarded by work mates.  That is not clear.  But it is possible.   This fellow apprehends three females....a mother and daughter, and the daughter's female friend.   The two younger girls are aged fourteen.  They have walked and done whatever to make it to a point on the Republic of Texas side of the Rio Grande from all the way from Honduras, in Central America.   The intent of all three, in all probability is to become anchorbabymothers.   It is the best they can think of, given the hell-hole Honduras has become....much of it because of lack of strong and forthright American presence in northern South America and Central America.   One should find these women disgusting and horrid invaders....but it is, as in the case of the American Negro....the fault of the American "live free, then die" public welfare system that lures more and more of the unqualified, non-immigrant type invader into our midst.

     This time, however, the hell-hole and the madman and the hubris of a central government officer with a gun come together to make a perfect sociological storm.  The officer detains, and loads the three females into his patrol pickup.   He drives a short distance to an out of the way spot near the Rio Grande.   He take the oldest female and one of the fourteen year old girls out, slashes and stabs the oldest female, then brutally rapes and then attempts to break the girl's neck...unsuccessfully.   She is also stabbed and slashed...leaving the two bleeding and disoriented, and apparently dead.
      He then takes off to his deluxe apartment in a deluxe part of Sharyland, which is a deluxe part of Mission / McAllen in the Magic Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.   He drags the second fourteen-year-old girl into his apartment, and apparently brutally beats and rapes her, then learns that a police team has arrived outside his deluxe he promptly blows his own brains out.
     The three females are hospitalised...but don't spite of what Obama and (Sir Edmund) Hillary lied and said...everybody really did have medical coverage.   The three females have an insurance policy called  YOU.  They are covered by Medicaid.  They will have the first or second best attention available on the Planet.   There will be no charge.   And there will be no one to pay for the crime....although the guilty party in many ways is the slime who continue to tout the public welfare system as something other than the dependency trap designed to enslave defective people and to tax productive people to the point of destitution.
     El Gringo Viejo faults more the rapacious Democrat National Socialists and the milquetoast RINOs GOP "reasonable" Congress people who want to "give" people gifts bought with someone else's money.   We have built walls, they do not work.   We have staffed up, frequently with unqualified people of marginal moral and/or mental capacity.    We have deployed "advanced technology that is sometimes not used, and other times not comprehended, and yet the flood of unqualified vacuum cleaning bottom feeders glob on to the gravy train....and the Department of Agriculture posts more and better announcements about how to eat free, and make that guy over there pay for his meal twice...or thrice.

     Do not delude yourselves, please.   These folks are not the workers from years past.   Before the first amnesty and the Great Society there really were fine people who came from the bowels of Mexico and laboured long and hard and made good money for their families.  The almost always went home.   If they stayed they became positive elements in the society with the same frequency as the general community.
     Now we have carved-up and strangled anchorbabymothers, dead by suicide interception agents, other agents who managed to get into a situation that allows an illegal alien to disarm him, all the while several officers in the McAllen field office make their families proud by winning free room and board for the next many years because of the "innovative" systems they have developed to keep America safe.
     Pardon while El Gringo Viejo states clearly that these people never once thought about anyone...especially you and yours....only themselves, not America....not the little girl in the ballet outfit going to the recital...not the people in the "feel good" advertisements....only themselves.   And this they did while knocking down salaries almost no one down here makes.   These things have become the norm.   This is a regular passage of two or three days here, now.

El Gringo Viejo