Wednesday, 19 March 2014

El Zorro tends a ha'penny common nail with a 16 - pound sledgehammer....right on the head


How can a twerp like Barrack Hussein Obama do so much harm to 330,000,000 people?
If you really stop to think, it is almost as unfathomable as the national debt of $17 trillion.
     330 million individuals have had their lives unalterably harmed by this average IQ, brainwashed, arrogant, and low-esteemed product of the third world drug and thug cultures.
     He is making basketball predictions at a time when the Russians, Red Chinese, North Koreans, and almost every other bully country in the world is laughing their collective butt off at the once impressive Unites States of America.  That is us.  We are being laughed at.  More importantly we are in imminent danger of becoming a full blown third world country ourselves. 
     Our Internet domain name and Internet Protocol (IP) assignment control will be handed over by Obama to an as yet unknown international body.  How about the Internet being under the control and advice of Sharia Law?  Amazon will be selling turbans, prayer rugs, burkas, and other Muslim paraphernalia.  Information sites will be dedicated to Sharia indoctrination.
    Is Obama a Muslim?  I really want to know.  I am asking the question because it is obvious his agenda is so obviously prejudiced in favor of Islam.
    And just how did he prevail in two elections?  I refuse to believe there are that many really stupid Americans.  There had to be a special or foul method.
     The first time this fellow was elected we can understand due to the charisma associated with his speaking ability and ability to use a teleprompter.  His talent comes not from his brain but his mouth.  He was able to make effective use of technology.  He has surrounded himself with people who are savvy in all things political and technological.  With the low information voters interested in only what was free and the republicans caught sleeping, he breezed to an easy win.  The second time is very difficult to understand.  His base still is the low information drones; however, the Tea Party, Libertarians, and republicans who woke up slightly made the race closer.  Beside the choice of a really lame candidate by the republicans, the problem was (and still is) the Obama supporters do not sleep, do not quit, and do not care about issues.  The republicans, libertarians, and independents are lazy.  If they do not acquire energy soon we will be under some sort of fascist, socialist, communist, or Sharia government.  Our Constitution will be no longer, and it will be replaced by one of the above.
I believe the Obama party used some technology to sneak up on the voting population during the last presidential election.  This may seem over the head of most observers but here is a proposition that may have been or could be employed:
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or a very similar system of using information can practically guarantee an electoral win.  It works like this.  The nation is divided naturally into geographic regions, states.  The states are further broken down in to many layers of smaller and smaller geographic regions i.e. counties, municipalities, voting districts, and so on.  Having a map with these divisions outlined, imagine it over laid with dots representing demographic data (for example census data).  What can be done with this map and the underlying data is to ask a question of the map “in the state of Texas, show me all the voters who voted republican in the last election (place a red dot for each of these)”.  On a computer screen one would see the state outline with areas lit up for where there exist concentrations of republican voters.  Some areas on this map will be a solid red for strong concentrations and no color where they do not exist and variations in between.  Imagine how districts could be drawn using this technology.  A technician could draw on the map, lines around the lit areas or exclude them as necessary to accomplish a voting district map.  To refine further using the map and census data additional information “asked of the map” could be incomes greater than $25,000 or families who drive SUVs or Individuals with criminal records ad infinitum.  By combining data and circumscribing relevant geographical areas a presidential candidate could easily know where and how to campaign (or where to buy votes).  This allows a machine to mechanically decide where the votes are without regard to issues and thereby giving an election to the voter with the best system.  This is like counting votes in a casino which, by the way, is not allowed in most legal casinos along with other mechanical systems.
This is somewhat complicated but the GISs do exist and are very accurate and effective.  I cannot help but believe that Obama used some mechanical advantage to win his second election if not the first.  To learn more about GIS see What is GIS?.  Put as simply as possible a GIS is a method of relating unrelated objects by where they exist geographically.  A very powerful tool.
It is believable that the controversy over GWB’s first election and the voting machine upgrades may have influenced use of such a system.  If the conservatives of either or all the Tea Party, libertarians, republicans, or independents are not using some such system they will lose.  Elections are not as simple as they once were…

There is a certain conundrum involved with Obama and the Muslims of the radical sort.  The radical Muslims are dedicated to the proposition that all humanity be forced. to be compliant with the Law of God.  The most radical mete out very severe punishment for walking under the bumbum tree on Tuesday afternoon with a casual beheading of the offender's three daughters and his camel.   Nothing personal, mind you, just the Law as set forth in this Quran.

     Obama and his posse are communists, through and through.  They act like they know something of the Judeo-Christianic thing, but find it odd that the snake handlers and the people who kiss the Pope's big toe actually think that there is a god who has/had a son, who was born to a virginal Hebrette, and that the supposed mythical figure rose from the dead after having been crucified for blaspheming against the Roman Emperor's divinity.  They roar with laughter about this, among themselves, after all, "It's not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." --explaining his troubles winning over some working-class voters".

     So we witness the stark raving mad lunatics...the Muslim radicals who supposedly believe in nothing but Allah, all day, every day, three times and twice again more during Ramadan and desire nothing but the death of whomsoever might braid his camel's mane with the wrong coloured ribbons during the Full Moon....who are making truck with people who want to destroy the faith of the American people and replace it with total secular humanism and the absolute religion of Global Warming and Cooling and atheism.   The progressives and marxists and atheists, arm in arm, swaying to the anthem of Coca Caliphate Cola and the International....with maybe a bit of the senseless, ridiculous, meaningless song we all know and love:

      Perhaps the most beloved, pointless, incoherent, bafflegab lyrics ever dedicated to feed starving Ethiopian children.  Three freighters were loaded up with medicines and food.   They pulled into harbour and immediately were mired in corruption and red-tape.   Almost all the food was purloined by corrupt military people aligned with the regime that was causing the starvation to begin with.   Various of the Grand Poobahs sold the majority of the tonnage....similar to what Saddam Hussein did with the relief material that was shipped in during his time in the United Nations "penalty box" after his defeat in the first Gulf War.

     This wafting odour of something rotten about the automated voting procedures affected only one place in Texas during the immediate past was down here where the Democrats control of the very few places in the Republic of Texas where that is the case.   There have been several elections contests filed due to small things like more people voting in precinct than there are people on the registration (poll lists).  Among other El Zorro's points are not flimsy in the least, especially considering that he is one of those people who can repair a computer, or put an F - 4 Phantom engine back together and make it work....and who installed three or four million miles (almost) of the first fibre-optic for SouthWestern Bell, etc. etc.    We are not talking about a guy who just plays with swords and rides around on a horse at night.

El Gringo Viejo will be heading South to-morrow in the morning.   We are doing repairs, and who knows, perhaps we'll even have visitors.  On Sunday, when I went to get my documents for my vehicle and me, the bridge of normal use had a 4 hour line of motorcars full 9f people from mainly the Monterrey metroplex who had flooded to the Magic Lower Rio Grande Valley (mainly McAllen) for shopping!!!  WHOOOPPPEEEEEE!!!!
     Remember that three years ago, no one was travelling anywhere....except your humble servant.