Thursday, 13 March 2014

El Zorro weighs in....Preposterous? I don't think so.....




                                                        DMZ and Ben Hai River Area


Displaying hwy1_n_of_river.jpg
A form of the Arch de Triomphe
at the old point of division between
North and South Viet Nam.
(perhaps in the background the OROGs can
see the Red Army massing, look carefully.

Not a lot of information but a (preposterous?) theory:

     It occurs to me that Malaysian 777 crashed on an island that keeps moving and the dead survivors have to keep pushing a button to keep themselves and the island from exploding into nothing.

     Okay, okay....more seriously but still only a thought inside the little grey cells:   it or something similar is a possibility:
To wit -

      The plane was commandeered by the pilot who lastly informed us that everything was just fine.  Then the plane took a westwardly turn toward Vietnam where the pilot changed the voice channel to an encrypted one and said in Chinese, “I will be coming in on runway 3L from southwest, please clear for landing” (or some such instruction request).
     The plane landed and promptly pulled to a remote hanger at this Nha Trang International Airport (formerly Cam Ranh Air Base).  All passengers were loaded on busses and shuttled north up Highway One quietly and unnoticed.

     Okay, nutty but who is to say the passengers are accounted for alive… somewhere.  I wonder what negotiations are going on between China, (communist) Vietnam, and our inept government regarding this mystery. 
Waiting for the shoe to drop I am,

     There is a bit of tongue in cheek, perhaps.  But the scenario that El Zorro points out takes place within an area with which he has considerable familiarity.  The distances, fuel consumption, talent/skill requirement for the pilots, and the facilities that might be available to detain and attend to a group of people who had "suffered" a real live hijacking....(hospitals, doctors, food, bathing facilities, re-orientation, and repatriation with country and family...) are all available in this area.
    The pilots of the Malay airplane could be accused by the Red Chinese of hijacking the Chinese patrons on the plane for the purpose of extortion....when in fact there might have been personnel from the Peoples Liberation Army (Red Chinese Army) who "hijacked" the airplane by  previous arrangement, and flew it to Cam Ranh AFB.  The purpose would have been to show the world that Red China can apprehend terrorists and save passengers, but the real reason is to take possession of a real live 777 for some kind of cloning.  The Red Chinese certainly have some 777s in their remuda of airplanes, but perhaps this one, with its very latest RR engines held a particular interest for Peiping.

     All of the above could be why the Red Chinese are causing attention misdirection with their press releases and petty arguments with the Malays.  Relations are not good with any of the "tropical neighbours" of the Dragon Nation.  Japan, of course, is regarded as a sleeping 1,000 tonne scorpion by the mainland Chinese.   So, all of this could well be just a lot of theatre scripted by the Red Chinese government to cover a multi-purpose incident that would provide a clone plane, a bit of recon, and a chance to strut around with some braggadocio in the neighbourhood.
    So, along with other :kooky" interpretations, including El Gringo Viejo's?
El Zorro's little scenario seems quite plausible and rational.  Something bigger and more bizarre than what was originally thought at the time of the "went missing" advisory, is certainly underway.

El Gringo Viejo