Saturday, 15 March 2014

GOP - Please Stay Out of the Way

It is necessary to re-take ground and never yield it back.  Insanity, dysfunction, adulation of the perverse and degenerate, corruption of both soul and silk purse, have been forwarded into the centre of the culture as the new default iconic position for the American Culture of the 2100s.   It is Madness.

     Fools in abundance vote for a charlatan who fits the template of a devious, state compromised press.  Illogic among the "conservative class" leads them to nominate moderate candidates because they are the only ones who can win.  We are lectured by Gen. Colin Powell, who declares that only a moderate who can attract the centre of the American political spectrum can win a national election.  And then, after so instructing the hoi polloi, he campaigns for and votes for Barry Soetoro, the nephew of Uncle Omar and Auntie Zietuni.    Why?   Because Barry is black....and it is Colin's greater obligation to be true to his race than to his so stated by the good General.

     For those of us who are white and who support Black people over White people because the Black person's political orientation is more in focus with our philosophy, we do not do such in order to feel good about ourselves.  We do so because it is best, in our very valid opinion, for the State,  nation, and locale.    That is how we think;  and the guy who tells us that we must nominate losers because they are the only ones who can win...but that he will vote for the pseudo-black man because he is truly a wondrous, perfect example of arrogant intellectual dysfunction.   Arrogance served with fine herbs and broken glass.   Sorry, General, but we want tuna that tastes good. 


      The recent by-election in Florida's 13 U.S. Congressional District is a case in point.  The national party apparatus, and the Obsolete Press made certain that everyone knew that the former Lieutenant Governor...a nice lady, holder of the required Golden Coathanger Trophy, a certifiable leftist and person fully willing to put your money where her mouth is, was a double digit favourite for this by-election.
     The GOP consultant class and the Party itself went out of its way to point out that the Republican opponent was a nobody, he did not even believe in Climate Change or Global Warming, he was insensitive to women's issues, and he had been recently divorced and had remarried to a girl 14 years his junior.  There were rumours that he had driven around with a dog in a cage on the roof of his station wagon.   And, of course, he had not renewed his subscription to Queer Nation or condemned Chick fil a, or Duck Dynasty.   They could prove that he had not quilted anything into the AIDs quilt.   And, they pointed out that he was running against a "moderate" Democrat, more reasonable and professional, with 10,000,000 USD of backing from the DNC.

    She lost.  He won.  So it was necessary that Karl Rove come and remind everyone that Jolly, the Republican, won because he assured the electorate that he was more interested in "fixing the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI)" than in repealing it.   That, of course, is absolutely not true...but, in the words of another famous moderate and reasonable pol..." this point, what possible difference could it make."

Onward....Repeal, Rescind, Eviscerate the OSMI!
El Gringo Viejo