Tuesday, 31 May 2022

monitor opinion page, McAllen, Texas - article by David Christian Newton

________________________________________________________________________________________ David Christian Newton Letter to THE MONITOR: Over the years, and not so long ago, this writer sent various commentaries to the Monitor, almost always carrying a message of conservatism and self-sufficiency that served well for the person who cared for him, or her, self. During the times leading up to the present, I have been pleased with her clear form of expression and her dedication to self-control and limited government. She was, and remains, a person who is committed to avoiding being a person looking for an easy ride or a person who feels entitled without justification. She is obviously a self-provident, contributing citizen. Lamentably, there are those come those who ridicule or discard those who are committed to self-sufficiency and positive citizenship. Her most recent submission to the discussion about the the value of self-support as opposed to being supported by public assistance is another excellent pronouncement about the value of self-sufficiency and avoidance of public assistance,or worse, criminal activity. It is clear that those of us who prefer self-sufficiency and who avoid the allure of sponging "free money" are taking the high-road, realizing nothing has value if it is not earned. The invading of other peoples' nations while demanding support might seem easy enough in a nation such as the USA. However, it is not reasonable to arrive into a place such as Texas and expect and require alimation, shelter, and other basic services. The fact is there are large bodies of humanity who think that arriving without permission into the United States is a heroic or reasonable accomplishment. The payment by "coyotes" or other forms of criminal method of entrance into the United States of America and places such as Texas are and frequently a one-way entrance into public assistance and a frequent opening to an uncomfortable and compromised life compromised life-situation. My almost certain conclusion about the scores of thousands who are arriving with baby-in-the-belly, or fleeing one kind or another of oppression, or who thinking that he or she can establish themselves as some kind of a person who is a free-standing, self-sustaining person. The issues and settings of those arriving before these times are very much different from today's challenges. I was born in 1947...the third and last birth by my parents. on a 25 acre tract on a gravel road that connected about 40 feet from a concrete highway that connected up with another highway that led to a place called Edinburg. The times were different obviously. Good and bad things have had their way, and I could tell tales about that area that would bore people to death for hours. We appeciate your time and interest. David Christian Newton privatouring@gmail.com