Thursday, 29 May 2014

Jorge Ramos Complains that Politicians use reporters as team tu, Jorge?



    El Gringo Viejo  has met Jorge a couple of times. We have exchanged comments and observations. He is a deep-pink marxist, without apology. He is, in this article, the pot calling the kettle black, in spades.

     During the last presidential campaign, Univision had an extended interview with the poseur currently known as the president of all fifty-seven States. Jorge and one of the older, more dilapidated anchorettes were there to "really go in-depth" with Barry. Barry continued with his filibuster-style of answers, knowing that a one hour event meant 39 minutes that he would have to bloviate to death.

     Jorge, who is no dummy and is well-informed, broached the question about "Fast and Furious", suggesting that American government provided weaponry had been used in the killing of non-involved civilians and semi-honest and honest cops, and members of the Mexican Army and Naval that time in October of 2012....numbering about 400 dead and about 2,000 shoot outs where guns that were walked by the ATF and E were recovered.

     The purpose of "Fast and Furious" was to have firearms that were provided by American firearms stores placed in the hands of cartel thugs in Phoenix and other cities, mainly in Arizona. The ATF and E's intent was to wait until American police and/or civilians were killed or wounded by these guns, and then create a press and political furor to close down sales of firearms to civilians once and for all.

     Barry Soetoro interrupted right at Jorge's close to this question, interjecting, "No, what happened there was that programme which was in place from the Bush administration, as soon as I found out about it, I closed it down." JORGE KNEW THAT THAT STATEMENT WAS AN OUT AND OUT BLATANT LIE, but Jorge stayed in with the fellow commie, just as would the chubby comrade "moderator" during the last Romney-Soetoro "debate". That was where Barry had to remind Comrade Moderator that he had declared Benghazi to be an act of terror the day after the attack, and it was in the Rose Garden, ".....don't you remember?" Barry asked her with a menacing sneer.
Romney, who should have walked out at that point, declaring that he was not going to be a member of a "debate" where the catcher and the umpire were the same person. But no, he was a nice Mormon boy and dealt with his inferiors as though they had souls.

     However, Jorge knew he was being lied to by Barry Soetoro, knew he was lying to his audience and essentially to all America and the world, but he did not challenge, shuffle his papers, or in any way, right the ship of truth. Why? Because Barry is a dedicated Che' T-shirt guy....and Jorge is a dedicated Che' T-shirt guy. Commies at that level only kill one another when no one is watching. (Stalin - Trotsky, Mexico City, and all the fun that Frieda and Diego had being simply hahve to understand, dahrling...!"
Here, Jorge is complaining that Obama was using his
picture to intimate endorsement on some of Barry's
Spanish language campaign lies.  Jorge is reminding
the audience that he has always been an Independent
voice.   (!!!!!????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
So that the reader will be clear, the Bush-era programme was "Wide Receiver", and it was closely co-ordinated with the Mexican Army, and the guns were chipped. It functioned with seamless efficiency until the day that the Mexican Army contact informed the ATF people that the chips had been detected. The orders went out immediately for all the "moles" to "come in from the cold" and the programme was completely shut down. Its operation netted numerous Mexican and American major operators before the shut-down.

     The Obama-Holder programme was an "under the radar" operation, involving neither the Mexican Army nor the Naval Infantry...both confidable partners. It was a disaster and many innocents were killed by the obfuscated operation use of willy-nilly passing of automatic weapons to cockroaches in the cartels. And yes, finally an American border-patrol officer was killed by one of the weapons. The Mexican government, which has its own hypocrisies, has been offended by the fact that Obama-Holder would not involve the Army and Naval Infantry in any cross-border action, especially when their dedication and honesty levels are at 99% or better. Of the 1,000 or more, now, who have been killed and/or wounded by the "Fast and Furious" debacle, approximately 30 have been soldiers or navy infantrymen, while the remainder have been men, women, and children usually caught in the crossfire between two different groupings of cockroaches, while cockroaches number about 300 of the fallen. My personal concern is with the other 700 that were directly damaged by the scurrilous, illegal, and arrogant action of Holder - Soetoro - Jarrett.

     And Jorge....the blood of Gringos and Mexicans is on your hands as well. Make sure to wash your Che' t-shirt in cold was made in Red China and bleeds a lot before it falls apart, usually after the 3rd wash, Jorge.

And to all OROGs, thanks for your attention.
El Gringo Viejo