Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Father of Shooter....No sympathy....

    Your son had a 50,000 USD BMW.  You paid to fly him to England to attend what is, in these days ,foolishly called a '' concert''.  He flew 1st Class, and hopefully it was with some kind of your card's awards points.   You pawned him off on psychotherapists, psychologists, and therapists, and medicines, and whatever.....but you did not father him.

   If anyone, by the age of 22 anywhere near a person so deranged as your son could not immediately have determined that he was an immediate danger to both himself and to the human race.....then those observing are fools and equivalently  narcissistic to the "infermed person".  You apparently were, and are, too important to deal as a real man with a problem such as the son who you apparently birthed-up.  Your pursuits were a little more important than that.  Your artistic pursuits were much too beyond the ordinary and mundane to be deterred by something such as a problematic child.

    How many credit cards did he have?  How many times was  he whipped? lectured? grounded? time-outed? taken fishing or hunting? Parachuting or glider-piloting?  a NASCAR event?  a minor league or major league or college baseball game?   Did you ever train him....I mean...TRAIN him on the correct use of knives, firearms, bows and arrows, boxing, kung Fu, jujitsu, piano, soccer, tennis, paper route, ANYTHING NORMAL!!!????   Did you ever take him aside and tell him that all women are crazy?  Did you ever do anything ????

     You managed to be somewhat famous for being a top-line director of some kind of degenerate television or motion picture programming, and of course, if people need really, really great pictures of women's derrieres, then you are just the fellow to come through with the goods.   Quite an accomplishment.  Perhaps if you could have made them to look like some icon of Saint Mary and packed the models in elephant dung, or dropped them into a Houdini tank of urine with a cross/crucifix in it.   What in the Hell were you thinking while this child existed?  Were you so busy being le gran artiste pervers?

     Do you think that you avoided something by not whacking your son on the butt and yelling at him?   Do you not think that you and not the firearm or bow and arrow or machete or motorcar had anything to do with the violence that you created and disregarded, then lumped off on those of us who did whack our sons (and daughters) on the butt and yell at them?
     Do you realise that I and millions of other fathers moaned privately at the "abuse" we rendered our children...when we knew that it was up to us....not their mothers....not the village....not the jackboots disarming the religious kooks in Mount Carmel.....but the protect the culture from our children.............and our children from people like you.

    You can be against firearms, or smoking, or sewing machines, or whatever.   But you are a fool if you try to re-blame me for firearms deaths for anyone.   I went to a school in 1964 in Texas where every third vehicle in the High School parking lot had one, if not two or three, firearms in the trunk and/or glove compartment.    We never had such occurrences.   We had catechisms....we had parents who would slap our faces and whack our butts and thighs for serious transgression against the public sensibility. Seventeen years of 6 murders, not all by firearm,  in the 6th largest county in the Republic of Texas, with 254 counties....and essentially no gun violence.

     You have nothing but some kind of fame for butt-shots of models....$1,250 to really dress up your living room.  Wow.   They are truly works of art....No, they are burlesques of humanity with a dolt of some woman trying to make a buck with her body, having her picture taken with the Taj Majal live in the background.  Wow.   Art.

    You are a well-known assistant Director for making horridly violent movies that resemble the vomit to which the dog famously returns.   Really cutting edge stuff....degenerate violence that has absolutely no social or cultural value, but which appeals to the monsters you people have always been willing to construct.   Your spawn....the aimless, inarticulate, mumbling, self-centred, self-consumed, indolent, violent, addicted, self-entitled, arrogant, contemptuous, deceitful, self-pitying, slugs that you want to blame on me, when you were the one who whelped them forth.

     Re-bundling babies over to a soulless psychologist to hates natural law and loves to load up children with magic crystals, especially males, to calm them down and make them more like controllable little animals and girls is NOT BEING A FATHER!!!!!! It is being a child-abuser.....hateful, self-centred "busy person" who resents the problems that that non-viable tissue mass has become.

    Do not blame the gun owners.  In each of the cases where  white (or Oriental) children have uselessly murdered scores of people public or theatres, children in schools. or people in public venues of any kind. the shooters or assailants, the shooter or assailants had been under psychiatric care, heavily medicated, and diagnosed with all sorts and forms of names for the condition of being a male child, needing over-arching male supervision and discipline, commonly performed by that rapidly disappearing entity know as....a Father.
     Medicated white (Oriental also) males, who are unchurched, and untrained in the social civilities and personal responsibilities....and then medicated because their rambunctiousness makes them inconvenient to be around or to discipline, are the problem, especially when the mother is not emotionally invested and the father refuses to or does not exert masculine prerogatives concerning child guidance.

NO BEHAVIOUR MEDICINE FOR MALE CHILDREN!  Fatherhood, earned and practiced!  Cure for much of the world's Ills!
El Gringo Viejo