Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A Bit of Comparison - A fusion of observations

Michelle Robertson-Obama?

Michelle Obama's Defining Fashion Moments
Michelle Robertson Obama

 Michelle Obama spends $8,990 of taxpayer money on one dress for the Oscars and the press calls her “fashionable.” They compare her to Jackie Kennedy and call her the First Lady of Fashion.

 Mrs. Obama spends another $9000 on a purse and you can’t easily find any mention of it on the Internet.  It also disappears from internet availability.

Michelle Obama spends $467,000 on a trip to Spain.  She notoriously and frequently takes a later plane, or requires a second plane, so as not to wait for Obama, or so as to not have to hurry to leave on the "first flight" when travelling to other "family vacations", always to places the wealthy cannot afford.

Expenditures of tax money on six discretionary "working vacations" have not been totally tabulated, but reach well towards a couple of score-million dollars.   Large coteries of hangers-on, scores of "close friends", and family famously lard-on to these excursions.  Michelle's mother is never mentioned but almost always present.

Mrs. Obama has employed 22 attendants to attend to her every need, which total $6,364,000/per year. Jackie Kennedy, who is also thought to have been extravagant, had one, as did Laura Bush.  Even (Sir Edmund)Hillary had three.

None of Michelle Obama’s staffers were asked to take furloughs as part of the sequester.  White House was closed to visitors, "because of the Republicans".

Michelle Obama’s college records were removed from the public venue and kept secret.
Michelle Obama’s children are off limits.  But she takes them to Jeremiah Wright's church....?

Michelle Obama's "problem figure" is, as in the case of Hillary, not even glossed over;  one simply does not mention "such things".  Her grotesque facial construct is described as "stunningly beautiful" by some leftist glorifiers.

Michelle is paid over 300,000 USD/annum to "administer" a programme that pushes poverty level people over to public hospital - Medicaid attention, and away from the hospital concern where Valerie Jarrett obtains Michelle a do-nothing, come-pick-your-check-up-twice-a-month "job".....advocating.   Advocating?    

The number of Robertson-Obama's arrogant postures, statements, and generally classless and tasteless abuses of privilege that a person of gentility and grace would never commit are stunning.  There are simply too many such incidents and occurrences to list on a short screed.


Sarah Palin ?

    The GOP spends $150,000 of donated money to buy Mrs. Palin an appropriate wardrobe for the entire 2008 campaign and The Huffington Post headlines read: Palin Clothes Spending Has Democrats Salivating, Republicans Disgusted.

   Palin's wardrobe was camping chic, Black Tie Parka, and lace-up Mush-Dog boots.  She had precious little 'Meet the Press' garb.

  The ''disgusted Republicans" are the ones who always want "good progressive candidates who favour abortion and reasonable compromise".  Their record?  $18,000,000,000,000 in central government debt....and half the population at the trough.   And certain loss at the polls.

sarah palin photo: Sarah Palin SarahPalinKuwait.jpg
Sarah Palin in Kuwait

     Many similar articles can still be easily found on the Internet today about Sarah Palin's Beverly Hillbilly shopping spree that, of course never happened.

     It is something like Secretary of State Kerry, the wise one, during an official speech saying that Sarah Palin says stupid things like, "I can see Russia from my front porch." 
      I shan't ever forget Kerry laughing stiltedly at his great joke, when the audience was groaning and even liberals were trying to crawl under their chairs or put paper bags over their heads.   One could not help but think, "Could there ever be a Secretary of State worth less than Cyrus Vance?"....and yes, there could.  Hillary and Kerry.

     Sarah Palin sells a State of Alaska jet given to her office for her convenience as Governor,  stating that it is too extravagant.

    Sarah Palin is mocked for "taking advantage of her looks", and for participating in beauty contests.   She is even denigrated for "bearing too late in life".
     Governor Palin dismissed all cooks assigned to her when Governor, stating that she could cook for her own family.

     She also returned the car supplied to her by the State, saying that she had her own car.

     Sarah Palin’s college records were examined, scrutinized and publicized.

    Sarah Palin’s children are constantly being watched, ridiculed,  and criticized.


    Marie Antoinette’s extravagance during a time when the citizens of France were supposedly struggling with poverty is well known.  Michele Obama’s is never acknowledged by the leftist Obsolete Press.  It is fairly well established that Marie Antoinette she never uttered the sentence, "Let them eat cake"....that was an aunt or a sister-in-law, but myth, reality, lore, and rumour make a spicy pie.
     For instance, just think, just think of all Hillary Rodham has done for Women, and Children, and Minorities....think of how many miles she rode in that State Department Jet, trying to push away the glass ceiling and solve the income disparity suffered by women!  Just think of it.

     Perhaps Michele wouldn’t say “let them eat cake.” She wouldn’t have to. She would probably say, “Let them have foodstamps.” Either way, Michelle Robertson-Obama-Soetoro is the prime example of the elitist who cares little for the challenges faced by her fellow citizens. For her, life is good, especially after all the racism and discrimination she has had to endure.  It is well, that to remain sane, she can truly believe that she is better than the rest of us. It is exactly this attitude of superiority that makes her the presumptuous, elitist hag, like Hillary, that she is.