Saturday, 31 May 2014

Speaking Seriously About Hillary Rodham - How to win in 2016 and 2020

The following is the realistic advice this writer would give Hillary Rodham, concerning her assumption.
Mirror, mirror on the Wall

(1)   Campaign and appear centre-stage as little as possible until the time of the possible coronation at the Democrat National Convention.

(2)   Re-build every bridge to the stupid, self-entitled parasites who depend on the panoply of public assistance hog-trough programmes and re-assure them that you understand their plight and the roads they have travelled...abuse, discrimination, hatred, and the imposition of "white prerogativism".  Remind the Geezers that you will defend Social Security and Medicare like a junk-yard dog, against the Republicans's desire to turn the programmes over to their "friends on Wall Street for profit". 

(3)   Speak occasionally about the need for free women's reproductive alternatives and free contraceptives for women of child bearing age.  That makes sense to a lot of women voters who normally vote Democrat.

(4)   Answer nothing about anything in the past.  Seriously.  It is settled.  It does not matter if it is settled or not, only that the low information and low intelligence potential voters can understand that such matters are settled and need no further address or explanation.

(5)   Establish a network of "outreach workers" who can be paid to do "intensive voter outreach and information services".   These people will think they are really important, especially if one month or a fortnight before the election they are given 632.00 USD as contract workers / consultants involved in 'historically discriminated against voting areas".   Hire at least 2,000,000.   And yes, you have the money.  Just get out the lists you and Bill hid out in the back of the house in the Hamptons.  The lists are the ones written in Mandarin.
       You have to say that because of Republican restrictions on honest, hard working minorities do not have the time, after working three jobs, to register to vote and go back down to the courthouse to stand in line again for a voter's registration .
       Say, "The Republicans finally have made it more expensive in time and money to register to vote than when we had the Poll Tax requirement.  At least the Poll Tax used some of the money for the County Old Folks' Home and the rest to pay for the elections.   And now, the Republicans only put voting boxes in Republican areas!"

(6)     Retain Gloria AllRed to have a cadre of women available to instantly  leap to the attack of any formerly pliant press person who begins to question if it is wise to not address a few of the basic questions about your past.   Also make certain there are enough accusing Guatemalan illegal aliens "maids" and "nannies" and floozies to defame opponents as well as defecting Obsolete Press allies, prosecutors, or anyone who might remember something.   For those who really think they have to "go State", you already know the drill.  We suggest to have at least 500 Guatemalan illegal alien maids and saloon-floozies on stand-by.

(7)    Vow to fight to the bitter end to abolish the practice of crushing women under a glass ceiling.   Remind the stupid, angry, uniformed, and "third column" that you understand what it means to have your light hidden under a bushel while the men are allowed, and even expected to shine.  Women have always been punished...but no more.

(8)     Remind all the Trannies, the re-trannies, the un-re-retrannies that you have always been on their side, even in your earliest day.  Circulate your books, especially the one "It Takes a Bathhouse to Raise a Reverse-retrannie, or Ode to Enlightenment in Pelosi's San Francisco. An American Bathhouse Trilogy"

(9)     Have as many movie stars come forward with profound campaign messages such as, "It's time"....and "Think of all the Miles She's flown for us", and "Think of all the abuse this woman has is like she has been crucified over and over for the sins of the 1% and the programme cutting Republicans who don't give a damn whether or not minority children starve to death."

(10)    Tell selected markets, specific buys on radio and television during the campaign that your first order of business will be the establishment of a programme of Free Medical Care for Americans, and that it will be budget neutral because of your commitment to make the rich finally pay their fair share.

     This is not a joke.  It worked in every Presidential Cycle before.   Gore and Kerry fell off the track. But Barry loaded up the manure cart with all of this and the people ate it up instead of putting it on the lawn.  He meant to destroy America as best he could, he and his billionaire internationalist minders accomplished more than they thought they could.  They are probably surprised that they were so successful.

    So, Hillary.....use this formula.  Answer no questions about anything in the past except with accusations against the people making the charges.  You do it well...and mendacity is your strong suit.

Thanks for the memories.
El Gringo Viejo