Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Slight Changes

We shall be doing a bit of site modification and re-design.   Nothing major, but simply implementing notions that have come to us during the past few days.   Waiting around for the the jury selection process gives one a chance to think about things a bit, and that might be the source for this new inspiration.
      The process yesterday at the Courthouse was the quickest and best run yet experienced in perhaps fifteen or so journeys to the jury selection process.   El Gringo Viejo long ago stopped trying to avoid service.   Things like nice little old lady successfully sueing for damages after pouring hot coffee on herself are what motivates the Old Gringo's mean streak. 
       It is also difficult for normal people to understand or comprehend the crime wave we have in South Texas.   Incomprehensible, depraved zomboes with no souls  committing crimes that were unheard of down here back in the Flintstonian Epoch.    The product of unbridled breeding by the 666 people.    Parents (?) decapitating their three infant and toddler children as an offering to Santa Muerte so as to somehow gain access to more PCP, methamphetamine, or cocaine.

     It would be good to say that these are isolated insanities.   It is understood that such activity is not reserved to this area alone.   But, this is where the Old Gringo can do something about it.  In our presence in Mexico, we stand up for social order and the catechism of normality by demonstrating our support of the Army and Naval Infantry.....and just be being there.   Feeding the dogs and cats, tending the plants, providing a pleasant refuge and relaxation for visitors.  The locals are restored to know that people would journey from a distance to dwell among them.   Remember always, that Mexicans are always more appreciative of their own things when they are esteemed by foreigners and outsiders.    The locals may or may not like me, but they do like the fact that I like their setting....their place in geography, time, and situation.

     So, this feeds into El Gringo Viejo's view of things.   There are no radical changes coming to the web site or to the blog site.    Perhaps we are going to try to be a little less sharp edged, but oddly, we may slide a couple of clicks to the Right.   Standby, and thanks for your continued interest.
     We are fighting with the labyrinthine AdSense procedures in order to provide better shots at bargains for our readers and greater moolah for El Gringo Viejo.   Google, however, does not like the idea that we do not want porno ads, AARP ads, Planned Parenthood, Obama, United Nations, ACLU, and so forth.   We are not really into mobile abortion services or miltiple-state voter absentee registration forms.   Well....almost.

El Gringo Viejo