Sunday, 26 February 2012

Musings of a Friend and Musings on a Friend's Musings

Without too much brevity… Why not license a few more refineries and nuke plants?  How about pricing based on cost of production and refining instead of what the market can’t bear as in $10 a gallon however we can get it?  Actually, that really doesn’t matter because fossil fuels and oil companies are not the problem and destruction of America is the objective.

I have a 2005 diesel Mercedes with 265K miles and gets over 40 miles per gal with no fanfare.  If we (uh, err, Germans and Mexicans) can do that who needs alternative energy?  By the way, diesel requires less refining but costs more than any other liquid fuel. I guess that is because there is more demand for diesel and thereby crashing primarily commercial transportation system we can expedite the destruction. 

Personally, propane seems to be a really good alternative to liquid fuels however it is regulated by the railroad commission so ordinary users cannot easily acquire it for everyday consumption.  There is some reason for regulation of compressed natural gas as it boils at 32 degrees and is dangerous to transfer.  There is the “logic” for regulation by the RRC, compressed gas containers are considered boilers as in the old steam powered trains.  I am getting somewhat off track but not so much as this is an example of another government agency inhibiting the energy sector.
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   The above material is a comment derived from the pen of my best life-friend, a chum from junior high and high school and later life.   We caused a lot of turbulence for people, sometimes even intentionally.   He is a combat veteran, college graduate, advanced technician, among many other things.   He also frequently dishes up salient points that the Old Gringo either brays to0 loud to be heard, or did not think of on his own.
     We can gloat that we have a much older battle-wagon (1992) that we use for our transportation in Mexico.   Draws little attention.   Very serviceable.   But, the point is well taken.   In Mexico there are a million vehicles that are powered by propane.    There are very, very few safety issues resulting from this massive use.   The LPG and propane/butane alternative applications are there for the using, but even with that, more drilling is required.

     The conversion to diesel would also be a good idea.   It is cleaner and quieter and  very efficient.   Tinkering with some way to solve the volatility problem with natural gas should be considered a priority.

     Bang, bang, bang, and some rube in North Texas fires off three or four quick ideas that could all be developed....perhaps are being brought to applicable levels even now....all in private sector research and development....and some dumboe in South Texas sees the ideas, knows both intellectually and instinctively that the ideas are viable.....that adaptation processes, costs, and time-frames are all very "do-able".
     No need for Department of Energy nothin'.    No need for Solendra "alternative energy investments" by Father Obamaham.   No electric cars that are essentially coal burners and toys for high-income liberals.     It is just so obvious that the problem is the government, and the solution lies out here among the great unwashed.
     Bush did a lot of dumbo things and a number of good things.   Among the good things was his release of lands in lucrative off-shore areas and other prime spots during the last run-up on fuel costs.   While that in and of itself did not reduce the cost of fuel at the pump, it did break the back of the oil  commodity and fuel speculators.   The price of crude began to drop as speculators and traders began to abandon their "long positions"  for in oil futures.    Before a year had transpired, oil dropped from 150/barrel to 77/barrel (more or less, depending on origins/destinations of product).
     Any good conspiratorialist would almost be forced to believe that Obama and Soros conspired to send a research submarine down below to sabotage the deep water rig in the northern Gulf of Mexico.    Obama and all those around him favour European-level fuel costs. Each step taken since the Blow-out underscores the marxist axiom of ".....never let a good crisis go to waste...".   Even after being ordered by several and various levels of federal judges, Obama and his government continue to obstruct  previously legal and permitted activity in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere.

     We managed to convert from coal-oil lamps to gas lamps and  then electric lamps without Obama-like government "investment in the future".      We managed to move from wooden-spoked, iron-rimmed wagon wheels to rim-t0-wheel rubber tyres without "government leadership and investment".      There was no need to resuscitate the coal-oil lamp industry, and Conestoga went its way.   Folks can still find the lamps and wagon wheels, but the demand is not what it used to be.

     My chum's ramblings are stunningly simple, stunningly enlightened and would solve about 99.9% of the "energy problem"  that has no "silver bullet".   So, sorry Father Obamaham, as you see, there are three or four silver bullets that can and will make the North American Continent a self-contained and sufficient multiple-energy source market.    That market will be profitable for the producers, a permanent and massive fountain of high-skill blue-collar employment, and a source of power for production of wealth for all levels of American society.

El Gringo Viejo