Saturday, 25 February 2012

Algae, O'Reilly, & O'bama

Kudos to Dr. Krauthammer for having put O'Reilly in his place concerning the oil and gas issue.  On Thursday last's Factor, Bill O'Reilly put the world straight with his blowhard logic about how to "put the oil companies straight".    He was demanding that Father O'bamaham bring the evil oil company heads into the oval office and demand that they reduce the price of gasoline.   He ordered Father O'bamahan order an end to the practise of sending American refined gasoline to foreign countries.   He reminded Father O'bamaham that the sub-surface resources in the United States belonged to the "American People"  (This land is your land, this land is my land....) and that the oil companies had no right to make any profit off of the recovery and processing of such resources without the President's permission.

Algae, anyone?
 Here is an algae farm where we can put a tidal
generator basin and 20,000 of those beautiful wind
turbines, and maybe a couple of million Solendra
panels.   Any 500 billion dollars will do, if the rich would
just pay their fair share.
     Braying jackasses always have the answer about to  whom fault is to be assigned.  In O'Reilly's case, the fault for anything that is out of whack or not to his liking, is whoever he blames.    Pardon the "racism" but O'Reilly, as has been said on this blog on various occasions, is the drunk Irishman at the end of the bar whose idea of winning an argument is to out-shout the insignificant mates to whom he has deigned permission to have their lowly elbows on the bar and their insignificant boots on the brass rail beneath.   Krauthammer told O'Reilly in very certain terms that things about subsurface resource recovery are, most definitly handled by contract and not by order from a monarch or dictator.   He also pointed out that Obama has gone out of his way to hamstring production of energy material during his entire presidency.

Algae?    Algae?    And Obama thinks that this is even a new concept.   Arrogant sophist.
      O'Reilly knows nothing about Mexico, but since he has been there a few times, and because he has an opinion about it, he knows everything about Mexico.    Likewise, he knows nothing about oil or gas production and less about refining, transporting, futures trading, or the engineering matters involved with the industry, so therefore he considers himself to be a complete authority on the issue.

     Try to have O'Reilly deal with a simple, direct restatement of factual information, before going on the air, such as the following entry:

".......For instance, take a look at what Jason Furman, one of the president’s advisers, said on a conference call with reporters just last week:

“Big oil companies actually pay lower tax rates on their profits than do most other corporations,” he said. “Get rid of those tax breaks so the big oil companies are being treated just the same as every other corporation when it comes to taxes.”

       This simply isn’t true, and I challenge reporters who hear these statements to take a look at the facts before they print such sweeping assertions.
    • A Compustat North American Database analysis shows that the 2009 income tax rate for U.S. oil and gas companies was about 48 percent, which was 20 points higher than the rest of the Standard and Poor Industrials.
    • According to the government’s own Energy Information Administration, from 2004 to 2008, 27 American oil and gas companies – which actually make up under half the total oil and gas production in the U.S. – paid almost $150 billion in U.S. income taxes.
    • Additionally, those companies paid other non-income taxes of more than $300 billion, for a total U.S. tax contribution to federal, state, and local governments of more than $450 billion.
    • Keep in mind, too, that Sec. 199 – the manufacturing and production tax provision that Furman would likely call a “tax break” for “big oil” – actually benefits other industries more than it does oil and gas companies.
    • What’s almost more disturbing, however, is the context in which Mr. Furman made this remark. The Administration needs money to fund a proposed $50 billion stimulus package. To pay for it, the Administration is singling out the U.S. oil and natural gas industry for tax hikes, and making statements that lead people to conclude that oil and gas companies aren’t paying their fair share.
           The numbers above are proof that we pay more than our fair share."

      (excerpted from Pespectives, which is an EXXON-Mobil publication and blog concerning serious issues affecting the oil and natural gas industry.    The author is cited below.   The statistics he has included in the above excerpt have been verified by the Gringo Viejo.

About the author

Ken Cohen is vice president of public and government affairs for Exxon Mobil Corporation. He has worldwide responsibility for the company’s public policy, government relations, communications, media relations and corporate citizenship activities.

     Pro-communists, National Socialists, and other ''populists" who would rather trust in a weasel like Gietner or Soros or Obama or Hugo Chavez than in something like established, real and true facts talk like Bill O'Reilly.   The oil companies are accused, for instance, on a nightly basis of receiving "subsidies"....O'Reilly himself says the oil companies receive "subsidies".   When socialists and demagogs use that term against any opponent, they are almost always referring to a preferential exclusion from taxation.   Thinking along those lines, Save the Whales and the Salvation Army are receiving a "subsidy" from the IRS. The entire housing industry receives a subsidy because people write-off their interest payments on mortgages.
      However, when Father O'bamaham is cancelling out the preferred and other shares of stock and the bonds held by literally millions of small, medium, and large investors in what is now Government/UAW Motors and FIAT/UAW Motors  and shovelling scores of billions of United States Treasury assets into a black hole known as the Solendra - VOLT that is a good thing known as "investment".   (with someone else's money)
O'Reilly says that he cannot understand why Father O'bamaham does not understand this or that policy is injurious to America....why he does not understand that Keystone Pipeline is good for America....why he does not explain that America's number one oil supplier is ...America?    Why he  does not understand that the number two and three suppliers are Canada and Mexico almost always?    If we were to have three gasoline blends, and reasonable production access and rules for production and processing of oil, natural gas, and coal then the companies would make about as much money and the people would pay half of what they are paying now.    And, 98% of the supplies would be drawn from the North American Continent.
    And the Gringo Viejo repeats, as always.    Social Security is better than the Texas Retirement System because Social Security can makes slaves of old, mean, selfish geezers who hate the children who are not paying in enough.   Social Security is, was, and always will be a system designed to destroy America.   The Texas Retirement System is for people who take care of themselves and who kinda like babies and younger people and do not want them to pay for all the geezers.
     Likewise, Father Obamaham wants to drive up the cost of fuel to 10 dollars per gallon or more if possible.    He wants to destroy American Industry and the independent classes.   He wants to destroy America.   One destroys a nation by making the people dependent upon the government for food, housing, medical services, and transporation.   He wants to destroy America.
Chant after me...Free Money! Free Money!  Make the Rich pay!  Free Money!   There you go, I think we're getting the swing of it.
El Gringo Viejo