Friday, 10 February 2012

Can the Cosmos Give Me a Break?

So, let me get this straight.   Can we still use the word "straight'' any longer?

     O'bamaham tells the Roman Catholic Church, "You must provide abortion and contraception services through any employment by your church of employees of your church staff, hospitals and clinics under your control, and other employees directly employed by official Roman Catholic entities.

      There is an outcry.   The stupid and ignorant immediately counterattack declaring that women need, have a right to, and must have these services that are being denied.   The pro-abortion group takes a victory lap and high-fives each other.

      Those who have the remotest sense of critical thinking know that the issue is the interjection of government authority into the internal affairs of a religious entity.   The unclear thinkers love to drone through their drool expressions such as "....separation of church and state...".  Perhaps those of us who think clearly and critically could say, ".....separation of state and church....".   It is a much larger issue than any of that.   It involves certainly the fact that the central government can order a religious group how to administer is daily business operations.
It also, if permitted, establishes that a President, even a horrid communist President who wants to rule by "stroke of a pen, law of the land" can so do.
     It was predictable that the press and others would zero in on Roman Catholic reaction.   The fact is that the government must not be allowed to direct private businesses, public businesses, the Maranatha Alleluia Baptist Tabernacle, Jimmy"s Roller-Skates and Hamburgers-the best in Texas,  the Latter Day Saints, any religious or non-religious group, an auto dealership...or anybody about these matters.

      Now, O'bamaham comes forward to say...."Okay, okay I get it.   The Church is safe, we're see your point.  You're right.   So the Church is off the hook.   Now, instead I'm going to order that the insurance companies provide free contraception and abortion services to women.   I know how to compromise, and now we'll see if the dirty, stinking, tea-bagger, millionaires and billionaires will let all  you little people have your little piece of least have a few tiny crumbs."

 It is hoped that everyone sees through this classic, predictable cynical standard communist method of addressing a dispute.  

      (1)     First find the target.   Label the target  "Thesis"

     (2)    Determine the objective and then announce the objective.   The objective should be
                something far beyond what is actually wanted or obtainable.  Call this"Antithesis"'.

     (3)    After much "soul searching and negotiation" come to a "reasonable' alternative. 
               Call this "compromise" .   But the good communist knows it as "synthesis" or               "victory". 

     The dumboes go off saying, "We were very reasonable.   We gave a little, they gave a little, isn't it wonderful to be a moderate, to be reasonable?   We are so good.  We are better than those unreasonable ideologues who worry about things like "principle".   And it really doesn't matter whether it's right or wrong or that it really can't work.   All that matters is that WE WORKED TOGETHER TO GET SOMETHING DONE."

     How in the name of Jumping Jehoshaphat can it be somehow better that Herod slaughter this baby and not the other one?   What he cannot do to the Church he should also be stopped from doing to anyone especially to a private business.   It's Rosemary's baby....from the rape of the auto companies.   O'bamaham can say, "I cancelled the stupid crackers' preferred stock and gave the company to the union thugs who give me campaign contributions.   Now, I'll tell the insurance companies that they have to pay for FREE ABORTIONS, FREE THIS, AND FREE THAT.   Take that you miserable cracker tea-baggers.   Where's my Che shirt, Michelle?" 

El Gringo Viejo