Thursday, 9 February 2012

Lo Que el Viento Se Llevo

     The title of this blog-entry is Gone With the Wind.   El Gringo Viejo includes a couple of silly little clips of the late 1950s and early 1960s just so we can remember and give others a chance to see how innocuous and shallow the popular culture was.   To give everyone an idea, in the time exposed in this little clips, the illegitamacy rate among Black folks was hoverning at an alarming 9%, and the licentious Latins were checking in at a disturbing 7%.   The sedate and ever-so-correct Anglo group, by the same measure back then, was scoring a 5%.    Public assistance of any kind was something to be avoided and never to be revealed  to people outside the family because of the possible shame of it all.

    Now everything is better....and we can show our children how to make obscene gestures during the halftime show of the SuperBowl.    In any regard, El Gring0 Viejo sent these little ditties to his children so they would know what kind of silly people we were back in Bedrock. The Spanish part of the transmission is because a friend in Mexico is being sent these looks into the dust bin of history.    The one in Mexico is a bit older than my children, but not old enough to have been able to make fun of this kind of music and presntation.   At time El Gringo Viejo communicates for no purpose in the Spanish, just to keep his children on dedos pedales.

Proviene desde los días cuando la gente negra fueron, casi todos, gente presentable, ordenada, y civilizada.    No es mitología.   Simple fue una realidad.   Las Ronettes, el trio, son de Spanish Harlem en Manhattan.  Mas increíble todavía es que no están llevando pelucas.  Es cabello real.
      It is a bit of a sad thing to see these girls from Spanish Harlem, The Ronettes,  such a corny, boring routine....but when one thinks of Celena Quintanilla and how her father turned her into some kind of a whatever to flounce and shreik in her underwear in front of an essentially brain-dead audience, it is still my opinion that things have edged steadily down for the common folk since the Beatles crawled out of their vermin hole in Liverpool.

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