Sunday, 14 August 2011

Since You Asked

Observations by the Old Gringo about what the Republicans are up to?    Not much, because of the axiom in American politics that 6 weeks is a lifetime.   My rankings by preference?    Not ithat it amounts to much, because any Republican would receive this vote over Hillary Rodham or even Barry O'Bama should he decide to file in all 57 States again.   Rumour has it that he might be going to join the Marine Korpse, or maybe even the France Four In  Lesion (hah! beet the spell czech again!)  just to get away from his mother-in-law.

(1)   Michele Bachmann - a dumbo such as I....natural law person...

(2)   Herman Cain - someone who just simply understands that the government is not the source of innovation, money, or  positive outcomes.    He is a private sector man and a person who builds solutions from his own heart, brain, soul, and sweat.   A Gentleman...and he is an accomplished singer!
(3)     Santorum

(4)     Governor Perry - Do not presume that this is a walk in the park for the President of the Republic of Texas.   Sen. Hutchinson of the Country Club poofy set of Elephants, really wierd rightwingers who know that George Bush blew up the Twin Towers and who think Perry is an agent for the Royal House of Bourbons and King Juan Carlos, and people who just do not like the guy because they think he is a hayseed, will distribute their votes among a group of GOP pretenders,    Perry is the guy who chose to endorse Guliani in 2008, leaving fellow Confederate, and "reasonable, moderate" disguised as a conservative, Arkansas GovernorHuckabee in the lurch.   Oddly enough, he was Gore's Texas campaign chairman in 1988.    The Old Gringo will vote in the GOP primary, as always, but for Bachmann or Cain.
(5)    Romney  -  Also, like Huckabee, another "reasonable" Republican.  Once again we have to remember that     "Reasonable" is another term for "moderate".   Both terms are used for any Republican who knows that the eventual drift of the culture in the United States is to an improved European statist form of capitalism, whereby certain of the superior race control all assets that are privately owned.   Industry, labour, and social organisation are placed in the hands of bureaucracies that buffer the superior people from the hoi polloi.    These bureaucracies will assure that the people have enough rice and beans, a bit of entertainment, and an apartment to share with people of their own kind.   This "social democracy" provides for equivalent income distribution, and other rewards, like a washing machine for the family of the child who draws the best picture of the Great Leader.
     While the Old Gringo would vote for Romney in the General Elections, and although Romney has a great number of admirable traits, Romney is the lowest point on the Old Gringo's list of favourites.   He did manage to compromise Massachussets into O'bamacare Socialized would all "reasonable, adult-thinking" compromisers.   He did this well before the Saint O'bama passed his own  unconstitutional version of the British National Health Nightmare.
Old hulks, waiting to be scrapped
   He also says that he is in favour of taking active measures to solve the problem of "anthropogenerative global climate change".   Like Governor Christi from New Jersey....who shut down all seven of the coal-fired electricity generation plants in his State executive "do his share" Al Gore, who is an expert on Earth - Sun relationships and who loves to ridicule people who think that there are more polar bears at this time than since records of such things have been kept. (There are)
      Finally, concerning Romney, he is another in the long line of 'moderates' who lose elections honorably.   John McCain, Bob Dole, GHW Bush, Gerald Ford...all nice elephants who "know their place" and recognized that drinking vanilla Ensure was a lot better than eating real food.   

(6)     Gingrich, Huntsman, and whoever....Newt was one of the worst check-kiters back during the House scandal about such things in the 1990s.   He also gave one of his preferential passes to Jesse Jackson to some Joint House Congressional Session...(State of the Union or the like) that that particular piece of hypocritical human debris would have a place of honour in the Speakers' pantheon....I'll never get over that one.
        He appeared at a "town-hall" meeting (what a horrid overused term, please) with that great defender of Wimmins' Rites, William Jefferson Blythe, and talked about manners of implementing O'bamacare before O'bama had married St. Michelle d'Arc!!!   Run for the restroom and barf!!!

         And Huntsman, who served as O'bama's ambassador to Red China....????   Huntsman, who like all RINOs from Charlie Halleck, Earl Warren, and George H. W. and George W. , is a "reasonable, adult-thinking" conservative Republican.   They all remind me of some impressionist's painting of a sea-scape with old wrecks abandoned on the shore or rotting and decaying at dock.      They are all socialist-lite, huddled behind their electric gates, hoping that they have given the masses enough food-stamps and lottery tickets to be left alone.

It's time for me to crawl back into my cave and drink my Air-wick, and nibble on my No-Doze, to see what other hobgoblins can be conjured up.   Thanks for your time.
El Gringo Viejo