Monday, 15 August 2011

Ask Not for Whom They Construct the Guillotines....

Uncle Warren Surveys the Future, watching the
International Brotherhood of Guillotine Builders,
AFofL-CIO put the Finishing Touches on one of
 Several  Guillotines designed to punish the Rich
 for having too much.   The judges of what is
"super rich" were Jeremiah Wright,
 Shiela Jackson Lee, and Maxine Waters
Now we have the entertaining picture of a rich old fool who has arrived at the peculiar point of thinking that the Central Government has a better idea about how to spend his money than does he.
      This old fool also thinks that the Central Goverment can actually define what the term "super rich" means.    He thinks it is people who have estates like his or Carlos Slim's.   Barry Soeto thinks that it is any person stupid enough not to be on AFDC, Rent Subsidy, Food Stamps, Unemployment C0mpensation, Medicaid, and in a Midnight Flashmob League.

      The Old Fool in question is gradually losing his bearings....just like the Old Gringo.   Mr. Buffet was heard saying, while this picture was being taken, "Why are they building that guillotine over there?"    At least the Old Gringo knew to respond, "Sir, they are building the guillotine for thee and for me.   They come for our children next.   They have just finished burning down the bakeries." 
      Uncle Warren responded, "I guess that Barry meant that we ourselves were to be the 'shovel ready projects'." 
       We learned later that the panel of judges was appointed by Hillary Rodham who was taken to the blade shortly after naming the illustrious panel.

                                                              Anagallis arvensis
                                                               the Scarlet Pimpernel flower
El Gringo Viejo