Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tired of It

Yes, daughter, George Bush just took
 one vacation after another.  Not me. though.
But, it is tough, evaluating all these Red
 Chinese bicycles for Chairman Mao.

Suggestions for O'bama

     Dear Mr. O'bama, why don't you try confiscating a couple of Auto Manufacturers.   Have them build the coal-powered VOLT?  Tell the little people that they will help the environment by burning more coal and tell them at the same time that coal-fired electrical generation plants will have to be eleminated....for being too contaminative.
      After over a year on the market, not even 2,000 have been sold.   The auto loses its 40,000 investment (price, plus tax, title, insurance, etc.) at the rate of 65% before the ink dries on the title transfer application.   It is an environmental disaster....essentially a coalburning automobile....with a 1,000 pound battery that cannot be recycled.
      We can see it now, Mr. O'bama....on E-bay.....2012 VOLT Goremobile, makes 30 miles on an 7 hour recharge.   Home utility bill will go up by 400 dollars per month.    Too toxic for landfill, garbage truck will not take it away. Will pay anyone 1,500 dollars to drive vehicle into Lake Michigan. PLEASE NOTE:  Actual use indicates that the re-charge is much more electricity consumptive than GM or other analysts indicate.   Much greater.
       Why don't you try some shovel ready project.   Like all those bridges that George Bush ruined?   We need a lot of good union men out making 56.0o/hr driving front-end loaders around.   Ten percent of that will go to the union bosses and half of that will go to the Employ a Democrat Party Operative fund.
      Then, we could do a bit of taxing the rich, because they don't need the money anyway.    That will also solve all the problems, as always does....if not....maybe a few "re-education centers" could be openned.
       Later, we should have the two-level JOBS....(Just Official B.S.) Bill....Whereby you could order an increase of the minimum wage to $24.36/hour while  prohibiting the hiring of anyone who fails to wear his pants four feet or more under his butt, and increase the term for unemployment compensation (unemployment compensation???    Unions for the UnEmployed are in France??) from 99 weeks to 99 months...AND increase Food Stamp coverage to anyone who would rather be a consuming slug than a self-sufficient person.
      Then, require that all children under the age of 44 be insured by their parent's policy, that would help.    And....we could require that all minorities be required to report to ACORN's Midnight Flashmob Cracker-Beating programs.
       Anyone refusing to join could be made to carry Michelle's train around while she's on vacation.   When that line of service has enough people, then the others can work as your Aunt Zeituni Onyango's maids and butlers.  She can still be found in the illegal alien protection program, Boston Housing Projects, under complete public assistance....while in her perpetual, eternal appeal process against deportation back to Kenya.   You denied knowing her before it was revealed that you had known her and referred to her as your favourite aunt....kindalike the Kerry defence...I voted against it before I voted for it. 
      But, based upon the proclivity to .....shall we say...."adapt" to the life-style to which they have become accustomed....Michelle and Zeituni do seemed to need a lot of extra "inputs" in terms of being waiting on and taken care of.   A couple of hundred thousand jobs could be "saved" that way. 
      Aunt Zeituni was not the mid-wife auntie who caught you when you were born...right?   It was a different one....the one in Hawai'i...right?

      And remember to blame rich people, the Republicans in Congress, George Bush, and your fat-cat slug socialist friends on Wall Street.   The American public falls for that one fairly easily. 
      Make certain that nobody catches you in the false trap that Bush took office at the beginning of very sharp recession.   Remember that Bush blew up two big buildings in downtown New York and then tried to blame the 1.7 trillion dollar hit on the American economy on some innocent student pilots who just happened to be Muslims.   You have to watch out for the wily Republican contra-revolucionarios and their history re-writes. 

       Thank you, so much, Mr. O'bama for all the hope and change, we could not have been done without you.    (and Michelle)

El Gringo Viejo
(and Auntie Zeituni)

(Credit: AP)
President Obama's Aunt Zeituni Onyango lived in public housing as an illegal immigrant for a time because the "system" took advantage of her, she said in a recent interview.
"I didn't ask for it; they gave it to me," Onyango said in an interview with CBS affiliate WBZ-TV, scheduled to air tonight and Tuesday night.
"Ask your system," she continued, unapologetically, when asked about the situation. "I didn't create it or vote for it. Go and ask your system."

Onyango uber alles