Friday, 19 August 2011

Before you all scoff at the previous post

    We have to admit to ourselves that if the New York Times is beginning to paint pictures of Barack O'bama's marxist programming failures, then the end is here.
      O'bama's cute self-described communist clown, a Mr. Van ex-con, of course...who at one time was a real live White House Czar, is painted in an article by the Times as a failed experimenter....perhaps noble...but failed.
     It's time to turn the inevitable march to World Socialism back over to the Queen of the Universe.   She is the candidate the Democrats will instantly turn to so they can demonstrate buyers' remorse adequately.   And think of it; she's been out in the trenches as Secretary of State, defending America's Interests, stabbing Israel and Mubareck in the back, keeping the Red Chinese in their place.   She's the man of the moment.   Oh!....think of the shivers running up and down Chris Matthew's leg now!!!
      She is also the perfect and oh-so-moderate-and-experienced candidate.  She appears "moderate" to the dunced, MSM-following public and she has a  million lunatic Amazon Battalion Commies in Move-on, Code-pink, and the NOW "women's" movement dullards.    It is kabuki theatre at its best, at its very best.

 An apple for your freely given vote, my lovely?

Ah!....Relish the moment.  "I'm going to wash that man right out of my hair...", except, I don't think she can sing as well as Mary Martin....Actually I don't think she can do anything except be the Perpetual Queen of the Universe for Eternity.   She is the only one the Old Gringo knows who will be able to outdo Michelle in base, whitetrash-like self absorption.

Thanks for your time and interest.
El Gringo Viejo