Sunday, 21 August 2011

It just keeps getting better....

      This one explains why COSTCO wants granny to eat catfood in the dark with no air-conditioning while not being able to park her coalburner in the disabled parking space during the blizzard brought on by global warming during Bush's purposeful flooding of New Orleans.
It's all part of their plan, folks.

Hi! Y'all, I'm Jimmie Rodham and
I'm runnin fer President
Join the Peoples' Resistance!
Coal Powered Cars to the People!!
We demand electric cars!!
We demand no electricity production!!!
We are the Left....We know best.....!!!
Everyone else is extreme, illogical, and rich!!!!
We demand everything now!!!!
You...Shut Up...NOW!!
Give us your guns, money, and property...and SHUT UP!   Racists!!!

And then there is this charmer
     This one explains how we are all better off with a National Socialist Workers' Party solution to das autoproblemmitbaldergashen.    Adminstration by United Auto Workers....where the belly over the belt union thugs are apparently all members of the "Six-Pack for Lunch Bunch".        But, what the heck....the UAW owns the place...we're the UAW....if we want to smoke a few roaches and knock off a six-pack for lunch....what's a little inaccuracy on the assembly line?   After all...that's a management problem...quality control and all that.   Besides we only work on suspensions and brakes....nothing life-threatening like the CD changer.   What the hell do you expect for 40 dollars an hour?   Perfection???
All new contracts with labour unions in the Closed Shop States must include a "Hold Harmless" clause, agreeing to not press or pursue civil or criminal charges against the Union or its members.   These charges are meant to cover but are not limited to vandalism, arson, bodily harm, assualts, other criminal and/or issue of civil liability.   The Unions demand this clause or else they'll slash your tires and shoot your dog....but nothing personal you understand.
Pray for America. 

More Later.  Thanks for your tolerance.
El Gringo Viejo