Monday, 29 August 2011

The Clairvoyance of the Gringo Viejo

 "Did I put my shoes on the wrong feet
again this morning?  This hurts, man!"
     Now, all will know that the Old Gringo is at least as brilliant and well-informed as the Washington press corps.  (?)
     These are interesting times my friends.  The notion that this was taking place occurred to the Old Gringo some time back and then seemed to solidify during recent weeks.    This is not such a comedown for the National Socialist Democrat Workers' Party, because they must take solace that they can dump the 2nd first black President for the wife of the the real 1st black President of America, William Jefferson Blythe, who managed to forever disgrace the office and betray his wife at the same time.
     The American version of the National Socialist Democratic Workers' Party can nominate that wife, because she is as wiley as the first Black President of all 57 States and as much a dedicated marxist as he.   She can also prove that she is every bit as irrational and hypocritical as the present first black President of all 57 States and as corrupt as Charlie Rangel, William Jefferson, Mr. Maxine Waters, Algee Hastings, by showing them her Rose Law Firm billing papers and her "charts" that guided her to a small fortune in the cattle-trading futures.  And, she has one big advantage over Michelle.   Sir Edmund Hillary Rodham has never been proud of America since her second year at Wellesly, a noted patriotic think tank of the CCCP.   She got the street know?
     Can we not stop and take a deep breath and imagine the wondrousness of it all?    Instead of Camelot with a Round Table, we can have a septic settling tank where The View, Oprah, Jerry Springer, Nancy Pelosi's Beauty Hour, and Maxine Waters can write law by decree while on Public Mandatory Television.  Sessions of these meetings will be called "The New Improved Girls Gone Wild Show".
   The Congressional Chambers and  offices can be turned into a free day-care for the exploited mothers of the the DC metroplex.   All the children will be given a free university diploma from something called  "The Electoral College", and they can appoint Sheila Jackson Lee Czar-Boss Man of the Homeland Security Office of Space Exploration and Equal Opportunity Department.   After all, Sheila can then find the flag the American astronauts so stupidly left on Mars.   Each will be given an Air Force One private plane equipped with a shopping mall  featuring only books by Hillary and dirty Che t-shirts.
Laissez les bons temps rouler!
et merci, Le Vieux Americain