Monday, 29 August 2011

Global Warming?? No....Hog Troughing Politicians and Gimmetrons? Yes

Starring Jane Fonda, Whoopee Goldberg, HRH Sir Edmund Hillary Rodham, and AL GORE, Barry O'Bama, and introducing Katie Couric as the Revengetrix of the Universe.

(Theatre management will provide barf-bags at the entrance for viewers who have been forced to attend this movie by Mayor Bloombird)
This was the Old Gringo's whole point.   Global Warming is now proven by Hurricane Irene.   For a correct recovery it is necessary to fund shovel ready projects and invest in America's infrastructure.   We should spend at least 2 trillion dollars over the next 6 months to dig out from this....the worst disaster in American History....It is time for the Gimmegimme people to trundle and waddle down to the Uncle Sam Saloon and belly up to the bar.
      Training academies are gearing up for Queen For A Day training so that people can whine for their handouts.
       Politicians will be perfecting their pitches about how the Bush tax cuts have left their local infrastructures in ruins and then they have the hurricane damage to deal with.
       Nashville....Joplin....considerable non-central-government recovery.      Essentially being too white, too Republican to be the concern of the press...or the Obama adminstration.    Most of their recovery was done by local resources, volunteers, churches, private groups, insurance companies.   Everyone doing something to help themselves and their neighbours simultaneously.
         BUT...where ever FEMA is found there is massive corruption, massive mobile and modular housing parked "somewhere"  to be sold two or three years later, un-used, deteriorated, as surplus...and what is put into service is totally trashed by the 666 people who lined up for whatever free goodies they could Queen-For-a-Day out of the stupid bureacrats.
        The Mega-Banks....(campaign donors in their majority to leftist Democrats), the politicians, the Labour Unions (always ready to take care of them there shovel-ready projects) and the Gimmetrons are circling. 
     We went through many hurricanes and natural disasters here in  South Texas without FEMA.   Why FEMA?, What is FEMA?, Please seek answers.   In 1933 the Rio Grande ran 100 miles wide at its mouth with the Gulf of Mexico due to the runoff from Hurricane No. 4....The only Central Government help was a few elements of the United States Army, 1st Cavalry Division.   My father was in the Headquarters Squadron of the 12th Regiment of that outfit.   It took them a week to round up about 2,000 mounts and start into recovery efforts, but the private sector and a few Texas resources managed to recover from the effects of a hurricane that was 100 times more devastating than Irene.
Please!!     Let us end this insane, mindless "help" from the Great White Father in Washington.   No more programs that are only set up to keep people like Mayor Nagin in power and thier "poor" enslaved to the Democrat Socialist Party and the New York Megabanks who write the rules for the Democrats.   Enough!!  No mas, No mas!!!!