Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bush's and Cheney's Uncle

Many people are unaware that George Bush and Vice-President Cheney are cousins and they share a common blood uncle.   That uncle has been a problem for the family over the years.  Like another relative, Aunt Bea from the Isle of Man...(I'm sorry, the Isle of Person) who was found to be living in the Slave Quarters of George Bush's palatial ranch home in an exclusive part of extreme central Texas, this Uncle is also an illegal alien.    This Uncle, a Mr. Elmer Fuhd, is an illegal alien from Worcestershirshire on the Windsorshireham, England and has lived in the United States on the dime of American hospitality for several years....like his illegal alien sister, Aunt Bea.
      Illegal Alien Uncle Elmer lives in a hollowed-out bunker in Cheney's secret underground city near the community of  Illuminativille , Wyoming.   Uncle Elmer , who is affectionately referred to as "Uncle Elmer" by any and all, picks up a little extra money, besides from his social security check and his SSI payments, by counting all the money Halliburton Co. steals from poor people and the hard working American people.   Uncle Elmer uses that money to buy several gallons of Thunderbird and  Jesse and Al's Lite Malt Liquor every week, as well as to post bond every now and then.    Like his nephew, Uncle Elmer had a run in with the law the other day...something about a 2.2 something, just like his nephew many years before.   It seems though, that his nephew George learned to stay sober and/or not drive drunk....while Uncle Elmer seems to like policemen's company.

     But enough is enough.   When the Illuminati installed Bush and Chaney for their fifth consecutive term after elections were cancelled in 2008 and everybody was waterboarded all the time and everything....we were willing to put up with a few excesses.   But, we citizens should protest this thing about us paying for Uncle Elmer's and Aunt Bea's becoming Trans-gendered Americans and then getting married to each other just so they can have a new, larger free Housing Authority apartment by the Casino in Atlantic City.   I mean....you just gotta draw the line somewheres.

(Notice how, in the press caption, the
Republicans try to make it look like this
is Barack O'bama's relative, and not the
Uncle of George Bush and Lon Chaney)

This is so lame, the mainstream media labelling Uncle Elmer as some kind of relative of Barack Hussein O'bama, the first Irish President of all 57 States.    Typical teabagger racism.  Everybody knows that it's George Bush's and Lon Chaney's uncle....who else could take advantage of the system without fear of retribution??   Aunt Bea?   Teddy Chappaquiddick?  Of course not.    If these two people, Uncle Elmer and Aunt Bea were related to Al Gore or Barry O'Bama, they would have been deported instantly!!!!   Everyone know that.   We are for the poor.....not for people who rip off programs for the poor and then file for and receive...from very honest immigration judges...."refugee status" for Aunt Bea and "menace-to-society-drunk preferential status" for Uncle Elmer.    If Obama were here, he'd do something about it.

The Old Gringo thinks its over.   One more try, and he's gone.
Thanks for your time and patience as always.
El Gringo Viejo