Thursday, 25 August 2011


It is tiresome to listen to Republicans who listen to the stupid, ignorant focus groups.   Focus groups say stupid, ignorant things that are repeated from the mouth of Katie Couric, Whoopee Goldberg, and the mainstream media.    Republican, Democrat, whatever.   The Old Gringo knows when somebody is reading a speech that has been written for him by a staffer cutting and pasting stupid, ignorant focus group words and phrases.

For instance:
       "The hard working American People...." 
       "blah,blah.....the Middle Class......"
       "blah, blah.....the special interests...."
       "blah, blah....and that's why I will fight for....."
       "blah, blah....and I will work tirelessly for...."
       "blah, guarantee solvency for social security and medicare...."
       "blah,blah.....we all agree that America needs and should have a government paid safety net for the poor..."
       "blah, blah......and establish a partnership between government and business...."
       "blah, make the the millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share...."
AND, THERE are hundreds of other cute little words and phrases that the politicians and their wormy little speech writers know that the dumbed down American public like to hear.   It makes the American public feel warm and fuzzy, like the cute animal scenes from Bambi....that everyone will be happy and cared for and fed...and everything.... (enter barfing noises).

BUT!    As most of us with one-tenth of a brain left know, these phrases are bilge, made to appeal subliminally to people who are in early dementia or who have the intellectual capacity of a dead rock.
     Politicians and bureaucrats do not "work tirelessly" .     They go to "meetings" and "consult" and "hold hearings" and go on "listening tours".    They do not know a jackhammer from a garlic press.   It is like a union "local president".....what does he "do" ?   What does he do beyond sit at a cozy saloon all day and mete out favours to slobs who will grovel to him so that they can earn enough money to act like they are doing something....when the job they are doing can be done better in an American non-union environment....or even in Honduras by a 14 year old girl with two week's training.
      Neither do Politicians "work".   They get dressed, go somewhere and sit, they pontificate on behalf of the "poor", or "the American People", or "the Middle Class" and blame a bunch of bilgebottom corporate executives for arriving at the politicians' "very important" hearings by flying in "corporate jets" to Washington, D.C.    Then the politicians fly off somewhere in corporate jets or military assets to  "important meetings" in Florida or Hawai'i during the Winter so save the speckled triangulated whixgribble worm....and blame Republicans and free enterprise for trying to kill the beast.
      They meet.....they do not "do".   They spend.   They spend lots of money on themselves, they spend money to re-elect themselves.   They spend lots of money on projects about which they know nothing and understand less.

REPUBLICAN DUMBO POLITICIANS....repeat the word "jobs" so much that it has now gone far beyond tiresome.    Perry cannot make jobs.   Bachmann cannot make jobs.   Romney cannot make jobs.  Cain cannot make jobs.  Obama and Hillary cannot make jobs.   None of them can make jobs.   No one of them....not one job.
     Jobs are not the answer to anything.   It is a mythological warm, fuzzy Bambi puff word.  Taken to the extreme, one can say that Adolf Hitler was really great because he "made" a lot of jobs "happen".    Lots of neat-o soldiers with really neat-o uniforms and toys.   All employed, "by golly", with JOBs!!    A government can only prompt work periods...not employment in the sense of a calling or a trade or a profession or a mission in life.    Those are the aims of a decent and rewarding civilisation that we are now losing because of the quest for "jobs" and the demand that somehow the only people who cannot provide the "jobs" we envision that we want, are the very ones who cannot provide any such thing.
       The government can only take callings, trades, professions, and missions and ruin them.  How many times have we heard some sage...or a teacher...say, for instance..."Well, we simply have to pay the teachers better, because you only get what you pay for".    It is such a wise admonition.   Certainly it is true, no?
       Well.....not really.    In the dark ages before the public school predominace as we know it now, teachers were paid miserably.    College professors, high school, primary, private tutelage...all such individuals were paid in paltry measure.    There were no kindergartens as we know them now.   And of course, a high school graduate left his 10 grades or less of schooling with a good grounding in matters of knowledge.
   To-day, the best education is derived in places where the pay schedule is markedly less than in the public arena.....we reference the church-sponsored schools and the few Catholic schools that still might teach things that are free of liberation theology.     In the public schools, the SAT has had to be re-scored so as not to embarrass the test takers or administrators.    Public charter schools deal with troublesome students or students with high IQs...the former graduate or drop out and become the thugs they were going to be anyway, and the latter graduate with advance college credits and all, but they can't differentiate between an angle worm and Angola, or determine how wealth is produced.     ALL PUBLIC EDUCATION, BY ANY REASONABLE MEASURE SUCH THAT ONLY ASIAN STUDENTS PREDICTABLY EXCEL IN THE UNIVERSITY SETTING IN AMERICA.   ONLY INDIANS, VIET NAMESE, KOREAN, CHINESE, OR JAPANESE WIN THE SPELLING BEES.
       When the Old Gringo was a pre-delinquent and an amateur delinquent, almost all his teachers and principals...male, female,Anglo or Latin....were people who were independently poor or well-to-do.   They did not teach to make a salary or a living.   They could sit on the porch and drink beer or do part time work like teaching, or community service like the March of Dimes, Salvation Army, Red Cross, or set up a business or marry a rich guy, or any number of things.  Teachers came...whether we like it or not....from a particularly quirky and independent body of people from the upper-middle class who felt a calling to teach.    It was unfair in those days to say..."Those who can, do....and those who can't, teach"....because most teacher years and years ago could do both...and frequently did...simultaneously.
      By part-time, it is meant 50 to 70 hours per week, directly or indirectly involved in the mission at hand.   My father never complained about his work schedule when he left farming and worked toward and becoming a psychologist.   In fact, he would seriously observe that he felt guilty  about his "light load".   As a farmer and grove care operator, he and his wife (my mother) both put in 100 or more hours every week.....without complaint.    Much of my "quality time" with my father came while standing in the bench seat of a IH Red pickup, bouncing over unpaved rural roads or atop a tractor setting a furrow or irrigation ditch.    His father-in-law (my grandfather) was a lazy blowhard (like his grandson) who, as a farmer, would only work 60 or 70 hours a week.   The Grandfather did make-up work by pontificating and telling the Old Gringo's father how things should be done.

      Of course, the  Old Gringo's father would have been sued, fired, and quite probably imprisoned were he to have had to deal with to-day's classroom.   The profanity, the continuous threat of violence, the surlyness, the nudity, the lack of order, the disdain for any procedure, the arrogance, ignorance, and complete absorption with procto-urological verbiage and concerns.....would have caused him to drag various of the males out by the collar.   And, he was a peaceful man.
       The difference is, that now, even in the "best" schools, only about a fifth of the attendees have the remotest form of catechism or moral orientation.    In almost all schools, Ritalin-filled thugs...usually white-race individuals...are plotting the execution of their dream murder see if they can beat the Columbine record...Virginia Tech doesn't count, it was done by a Korean Ritalin-filled thug.    In....shall we say..."urban" areas....the mission of the majority of the females is to join a gang and become a grandmother by the age of 26.   The males, by that same majority seek to join a gang and either be dead by 19 years of age or the head of a baby mother harem of 10 or 12 girls whose career is to be grandmothers by the time they are 26.    As grandmothers, they can practice a form of recruiting others to participate in WIC parties, or AFDC showers, or Community Service Streetwalking programs, or Public Housing Destruction Committees.   And, of course, they can turn over 10% or more of their public assistance procedes to the male head of the Harem so that he can remain accustomed to the manner by which he lives....for a while longer. it is official....there are 49% of all babies born now....almost  entirely to "baby-mothers"....who are on some form of  poverty food subsidy program.   WIC, Food Stamps, Lone Star Cards, etc.    Of that number, over 80% were born to mothers whose mothers birthed those mothers into poverty food subsidy programs.   That means that we have now arrived at the point that at least 40% of all babies being born in America  are part of the dreaded multigenerational poverty industry.

THE WAR IS OVER.   We should and must burn down the bakeries before the hoardes of 666 people come to do it for us.

      The notion that "jobs" has anything to do with the problem this Republic is having is beyond ludicrous.   If we do not stop, at this instant, paying for miracle babies and feeding them.....and paying out trillions upon trillions of dollars on shovel ready projects that neither exist nor have any pertincnce to any reality....then the Republic is done...stick-a-fork-in-it done.
       More education, training programs, Laptops for the Crips/Bloods/Chicano Brotherhood programs will serve to naught.   What is proposed?   Are they going to use their advanced information and communications devices to   perfect the FlashMob rampages of murder, assault, and malicious destruction?
       The idea that we need to have Michelle Bachmann or any of them..."give" a "job" to anyone is revolting.   Taxing milloinaires and billionaires is code for burning down the bakery and ultimately for the guillotine.   Shovel ready is what is meant as the fate of white people, conservative people of colour, and anyone who has ever contemplated a parable from the Nazarene.
     Yes, the Old Gringo knows that most of the Republican candidates know that they cannot "create jobs".   Yes, the Old Gringo knows that they know that only natural law and free enterprise can create life missions, callings, trades, and professions....and that it requires risks and sweat and blood and following self-interest over selfish interest.
      BUT THE OLD GRINGO WISHES THAT THEY WOULD SAY THOSE THINGS AND WAKE THE GLAZED-EYE ELECTORATE UP TO THAT FACT.   It is not enough to "beat O'bama".   We must destroy the falsity of democratic socialism and the slavery, sloth, and dispair it always produces.   If we do not do it soon, the Republic is lost.
     Green jobs, Government innovation and investment in environmental industries...It's all Trojan Horse stuff designed to destroy the dollar and make people chase "jobs" instead of missions, professions, trades, and callings.