Wednesday, 20 November 2013

People ask about El we republish this to link each of you to each of us

    We have questions at times about El Zorro, and we have other questions pertaining to where we crossed paths and wondering if we are blood related.   We republish blog entries every now and then, and this seems like a good time to republish an entry that actually comes from El Zorro's blog, which is political, but deals more specifically with 10th and 2nd Amendment issues.   That is not to say that the visitor would not find other material when clicking onto the upper right corner of our blog's face page where El Zorro takes on the persona of Mosinguy....a real live, and real life fine firearms habilitator and expert on such matters.   There is not the time to list the other technical capacities that are in his repertoire of talents and accomplishments.
    For complex personalities, we are both rather simple men.  We have ancestries that are very similar, but unrelated.   Blue Bloods, Indians, and solid, well-to-do artesans, farmers, builders, and magnates come together to make a couple of lone riders...El Zorro first-born and serious, competent in things that matter, and El Gringo Viejo last-born and spoiled, too quick of mind and too accustomed to being waited on.  One was spoiled and accomplished, the other was hard-working and accomplished.   Both are a way....but never were or will be Klanners.

     So without further ado, we will place for a second many more times, who knows...but every now and then.  We have had a real flood of new OROGs, perhaps seeking a rest-stop on the Obama Highway of Nightmares.


We have real problems that have to be addressed soon. The United States of America is in real trouble. The biggest obstacle to making America great again is ignorance and greed. We have a president and his lemming like advocates feeding that ignorance and greed. The president blatently lies about things that are critical to our way of life to achieve his "fundamental change".

I (aliases "Mosin Guy" and "El Zorro") don't remember thinking in 2004 that we needed a "fundamental change" in our way of life. Who were the nutty people who thought life here was so terrible it needed to be totally transformed by something without definition called "hope and change"? Mosin Guy doesn't remeber thinking we need a government owned and operated healthcare system to replace the best in the world. But there it was... screaming meemies surrounding the false prophet cheering "Hallelujah, everything is going to change!"

The warning "Be careful what you ask for" was not issued. Hope was only in response to false promises of " gas for my car, no more house payments, free healthcare. Somebody else will pay for it, not me". The lie the president did not tell was his promise of redistribution of wealth, higher prices, and higher taxes.

We have sold, no, given away our souls either for some progressive ideology without substance or greed for things not worked for. Mosin Guy says we because collectively we chose this dumboe not only once but two times. "We" does not include a minority of us who knew this was insane.

Included in this minority is a very gifted friend of mine who goes by the alias of
El Gringo Viejo. David has been my best friend and more like a brother since our early years in South Texas. Both having been baptized Eiscopalian, we attended St. John's Episcopal Church in McAllen as Acolytes where we entertained, briefly, thoughts of the priesthood but were a little too mischevious to be serious about it. We belonged to the Young Republicans of South Texas where we served and entertained notable leaders in the local and national parties. We spent more time fishing and exploring northern Mexico than attending classes in Jr. and Sr. high school. After school we served at several electoral functions for political figures, notably George H. W. Bush. El Gringo drove the President's and yours truly drove Marlin Fitzwater's lemozines to a rally at the McAllen Civic Center and later to a fundraiser at Calvin Bentson's estate. My memory is of being asked information regarding the local environment by Marlin Fitzwater. El Gringo spent more time in private with George Bush. This was in 1979. Bush did not win the Presidental nomination but was selected by Ronald Reagan for Vice President. Mosin Guy remebers playing minor part in that meeting but my friend was all over it and was instrumental for years supporting the conservative effort in South Texas.

After high school El Gringo and Mosin Guy went different directions, he went to Southwest Texas State University at San Marcos, Texas where he earned his Bachelor's degree in Sociology with minors in History and Political Science. Mosin Guy went to Texas A&M but lasted only one semester in the Corps of Cadets. He went from there to the US Air Force where he enjoyed an all expenses paid two year vacation in balmy South Vietnam. However, Mosin Guy did manage after military to achieve a bacheolor's degree from University of Texas at Pan American in Government with minors in English and Psychology.

    El Gringo kept in touch with Mosin Guy during the Vietnam experience via Mosin Guy's father in McAllen. Since that time the two men have been constantly in touch sharing 99% compatible views on the state of the country. El Gringo is fluent in Spanish and has dual residency in both Texas and Mexico. He is expertly knowledgeable in the political and social state of Mexico and even south to include Central and South America. He and Mosin Guy are strongly pro-Texas and Texas autonomy in the Union. His web site has more information and significant articles not always or necessarly related to politics. Biographical information as well can be found at privatouring - A Gringo in Rural Mexico

    El Gringo Viejo is an expert in demographics and the political environment, present and past, of the Union. His blog is essential for people who are comitted to the salvation of the United States and the Constitution. His writings critically analyze the problems we face and offer solutions in a unique style that entertains as well as informs. Today, I urge all who read this to invest time in the journal of El Gringo Viejo. There is a way out of the quicksand in which we find ourselves. There is a way to turn uninformed, apathetic, and misinformed people into critical thinkers. That is to learn from those who can show the way. You can read El Gringo Viejo's blog at
El Gringo Viejo. You can sign up to subscribe to the blog by request, send email to El Gringo Viejo. You may aslo send comments to him at Comments.
Mosin Guy


Both Mosin Guy and El Zorro (who are the same person), have been overindulgent in embellishing of El Gringo Viejo's good qualities, and substantially inadequate in identifying his own accomplishments and positive attributes.   Small things, like - El Zorro could do better Warner Bros. animated stars and Disney animated heroes and celebrities of the Silver Screen and television than the self-same artists in Hollywood.   When he was between the 6th and 7th grade!!   He left my mother and her friends "drop-jawed" after doing a few pictures for them at a school function.  Just a "for instance".   Once again, link to at the upper right corner of this page to find another home away from home in the internet.   And yes;  We are both completely insane....and absolutely the same time.

Thank you all for your time and attention.   Any questions about either of us will be processed.   I shall be heading south in three or four days, for a period of a month or so.   We'll try to get a few more blows in between now an then.

El Gringo Viejo