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Read the previous blog entry and then this one. We find erstwhile politicians and statesmen gathered in a quandry, and in a mud stye -

     Troops from the arriving and deploying armies of the Centralist Mexican forces are completing their  circumferential blockade of San Antonio de Bexar.  As of these hours, 179 years ago, at a place called Washington on the Brazos, Texians are gathering to take stock, to run or stand, to wait for orders, to prepare to give orders.  All are ill at ease.  Rumours are the stock of the days' information.
     General Urrea has already captured one of the largest military units of the Texian Army,  that being the entire command of Colonel Fannin.   This officer had the somewhat peculiar sense that it would be good to encamp and prepare to receive a superior force, backed by considerable artillery, while fully exposed on flat ground.  His valour lasted about thirty-six hours before he and his remaining force of about 325 effectives remaining were captured and moved to Goliad.
     Just this amount of news was almost enough to start a complete rout to the Sabine and a retreat all the way to Natchitoches or New Orleans.   Had someone clapped real loud about that time, it might well have happened.  But let us join what was happening afar from the Alamo, in the highest council chamber of the desperate State.

A Word from the Past about the Past -  The sword is drawn, blood is shed.....

   This entry comes partly from previous writings because much of history does not change, unless successfully re-argued. We attempt at this moment to re-visit these same moments of the Texian Historical Calendar.   These are the profound times, and those were profound times.   Few, in the right, opposed the many and powerful who were in the wrong.   The only thing the few had in abundance was resolve.....and even that was measured by small numbers during the darkest hours.    All men stood to lose their lives and fortunes.   Women would be left with fatherless children.  Fortunes, small and great, would become nothing overnight should the Presidente-Generalissimo Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna dispose of the "filibusteros y invasores viken~os".
     The one person who stood to lose the most was the man pictured below.  He was Lopez de Santa Anna's most vigorous detractors and opponents.   A native of the Yucatan, de Zavala was prominment on the political and social scene throughout Mexico.   This is important, because in those years, the Yucatan Peninsula was clearly a separate identity, socially and politically and culturally from the rest of Mexico.   This is not so odd, because Mexico in reality was essentially a loosely bound geographical area, not too precisely proscribed, consisting of as many as seven or eight different and functionally somewhat autonomous regions and States.
Manuel Justiano Lorenzo de Zavala y Saenz

      It is best to remember that the Defenders of the Alamo never knew that Texas had declared independence and withdrawnfrom the Mexican Union. The Alamo fell on the 6th of March, 1836, four days later. Their battle flag was the Mexican tri-colour with the number 1824 written on the center white field. Some think that that banner was designed as a statement of desire to seek reconciliation with Mexico. It was and it was not.       It was first and foremost a statement of total rejection of the person and authority of Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana. At best, Texas would never have remained withing the Mexican Union. A commonwealth arrangement was possible. Some dispute the fact that the 1824 flag flew over the Alamo, but it is well documented, even in the diary of Lt. Col. Enriquez de la Pena, XO, First Zapper Batallion, which was the first group to breach the walls. It is said that two flags were taken by the Army, one was the white star/blue field of the New Orleans Blues, Volunteers, and the other the Mexican 1824 flag. Some say the Lopez de Santa Ana had the latter destroyed, some say it was taken at San Jacinto, after the defeat of the main body of Lopez de Santa Ana's army and his capture. Legends say that a collector probably has it to this day, hidden away. I doubt that.
Sixty men signed the Declaration of Independence. Ten of them had lived in Texas for more than six years, while one-quarter of them had been in the province for less than a year.

     The composition of the delegation has been condemned at times, but consider that only 2 of the general officers in the Centralist Government's Army of Invasion were Mexicans by birth....Lopez de Santa Anna and Urrea.   The other five were European, or from elsewhere in the New World.  Notice also the absence of the name of Stephen F. Austin, the "Father of Texas".....but his absence was due to ill health.   The lack of more Latins comes from two reasons (1)   the English speaking group was already in the vast majority of the Texas population even at the early time, and (2) the greater bulk of the Latin group, which actually did oppose Santa Anna by overwhelming percentage, was mired in the San Antonio - Goliad area, already well "behind enemy lines", making travel north to Washington on the Brazos extremely dangerous.   Especially for the Latin element of the population, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna had brutal solutions for their "treachery".
     The three Latins present, interestingly, had a combined worth equivalent to the 57 others.   Stephen F. Austin was elected finally as President and de Zavala became essentially the Executive Officer, being elected Vice-President of Texas and serving in the absence of Mr. Austin.
More later.
El Gringo Viejo

A bit of a warning - We begin the March and April Recognition of the Events between The Alamo and San Jacinto (inclusive)

     During the next few days we shall be re-publishing a few articles we have done about the times and events that pertain to the Thirteen Days of Glory and to the actual taking control of the reins of self-government and self-determination from a tyrant worthy of the name.   Much that is said and written about the period from 6 December, 1835 through 22 April 1836 is un-necessarily hyperbolic.
     There is plenty of stupidity and brilliance, cowardice and bravery, dedication and vacillation, and all the emotions humankind could ever evoke surrounding the events of that period.  There is no need to inflate any of it.
     We shall submit that further research has been done and another very excellent treatise has been read and digested to add onto the many hundreds of articles and scores of books we have tried to intellectually digest over the years.   We shall continue to have an even hand, favouring neither side in particular, although we do give short shrift to one person who is certainly in the running as the most useless, horrid, and evil personality to have ever existed on the North American Continent, that estimable fellow Antonio de Padua Maria Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez de Lebrón.....a huge name for a small man who did immense damage everywhere he went.

     In the lyrics and the depictions that accompany this opening anthem, there are a minimum of 12 major errors and several omissions that might be considered lamentable....but we shall attempt to repair the leaks, and shoe the unshod mounts at this incredible episode unfolds.   We remember that admonition of the professor who pleads, "Just search for the bare-boned truth, for its value almost always has greater weight than an inflated legend."

    More later.  We shall probably post our first comments during the late hours, to-night.   Also, be aware that we shall also try to do some commentary about the current state of affairs in Washington, District of Columbia.
El Gringo Viejo


Thursday, 26 February 2015

No truer words were ever spoken: the pledge of a tyrant.

    One must truly consider the weight of the words:

“What we’ve done is we’ve expanded my authorities under executive action and prosecutorial discretion as far as we can legally under the existing statute, the existing law.  And so now the question is, how can we get a law passed.”
     These are the words of every person who dreams of being a dictator, unbounded by the constraints that the republican, constitutional form of government require of any head of state.  The notion that executive authority is the solution to how far apart to place the parking metres in Mentone, Texas is popular in places such as Cuba and Venezuela.

Mentone, Texas
Downtown Mentone, Texas
pop. about 60

   The fact is that Obama is not doing these things because of the obvious good will be met by his justifiable audacity.  He is doing these things out of the instinct of point-blank, overwhelming desire to debase the quality of the body politic of the Republic for which  he does not stand.
    It is a fundamental tactic of a communist enemy to create terror and dislocation so as to force floods of people into areas that they, in their ignorance and/or despair, feel will provide safety, and perhaps even various forms of public assistance.
    Democrats know that as of this writing, about one-half of the people who vote for the Democrat national or State-wide candidates are receiving public assistance.  This does not include Social Security or military pensions.  It does include Supplemental Security Income, (SSI).   It follows that, during these days, the people who come out of Mexico, Central America, and frequently elsewhere around the world are not arriving to obtain the glory and wonder of American citizenship.  They are arriving to America to obtain free money.
     This is not to overlook the true immigrant who is actually arriving to breathe the air and adopt a new nationality of a country he/she can admire.   There are still many of those.  But in these days, if the legal entrant and the illegal aliens are compared in raw numbers,  the illegal aliens far outnumber the legal alien supplicant.
     Furthermore, in years past.....especially before 1970....the illegal aliens who would "sneak or swim" into Texas and/or other points along the southern border, would general work hard and store up money to either send back home or to take back home.  Ninety per cent would return to Mexico because usually they had something there that made it worth the returning.

     As an added benefit is a demographic change that has already occurred and continues to become more notable.   The Democrat vote engineers picked up on this about 8 or 9 years ago.  The fact is that there is a labour shortage in Mexico.  It affects all levels of employment, all classes, all natures of people, rich and otherwise. This has been caused by a steadily declining population growth rate.   This has been accompanied by a very significant increase in economic activity, including all sectors even the anaemic agricultural sector that had languished for three-score years from 1920 due to the "Agrarian Reform".

This graph shows the columns indicating
increasing population over the decades.
The blue like shows the rate of increase of
the population.  One notices the first fall in
the rate of population increase during the
decade between 1970 and 1980.  The actual
figure for the 2010 census analysis revealed
that the growth rate continues to edge lower.

. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

     This is the reason for the anxiety among the Democrat - Acorn vote turnout engineers.  It is simply a matter of the warm body count.  The next, and better, source for warm bodies who can be folded into the electorate, perhaps more easily than the Mexican (perhaps not) is the Central American.  It would follow to a political boss mentality that "If I give you AFDC, food stamps, a place to live, free school, free medical attention, then you will vote the way I tell you to vote."   But, with Central Americans it is not quite that way.   The ones who have been coming across into Texas and elsewhere in the United States have been notoriously apathetic in terms of "community organisation".  The Mexican cohort tired of it early on, and worse for the Democrat-Socialist coalition, the third and fourth generation Texian of Mexican ancestry, both blue and white collar, have tended to steadily move to the right....into the Elephant Corral....especially during the past 15 - 20 years.
      The Honduran and El Salvadoran cohort to the new wave of illegals coming in are adept at playing the victim, and they are well practiced in their tales of woe.  Sometimes it is true what they say, sometimes...they are simply describing what their life was like while being involved in various forms of social deception and criminal activity.   Much anecdotal example will be presented by Mary Knoll "nuns" and other "helpers" of the liberation theology strain of Roman Catholicism and other Christian denominations that will depict the poor mothers and their frail and starving children as victims in all cases.  But such is truly not the case.
     The most dangerous barrios in Houston and Harris County, Texas are those where the greatest concentrations of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) are found in abundance.  The MS-13 is the yin while the M-18 (the 18th Street Gang) is the yan and they spend 30 hours of every day of their miserable, filthy, STD-studded short lives dealing in death and senseless violence.  They are the ideal for the Democrat "community organiser" because they procreate abundantly for those seeking to be anchorbabymothers.   The babies they have also are delivered by the stork of opportunity, because they have all kinds of "conditions" and "learning disabilities" which can increase the size of the AFDC allocation and gain preferential position in the lines for free this and free that.

     The further problems that the Democrat "community organisers" have is that the group is younger and disinterested, and they are very few in numbers.   They are especially few when one considers that the disgusting, old useless people increase in numbers and generally increase in their conservative dispositions.   So, demographics wind up being a net neutral to even a slight positive for the Elephants.

    There is another matter that is somewhat related, but related nonetheless.  The people who one finds raving and cheering for Ted Cruz on the Facebook screeds and other such fountains of social inspiration are filled with people of Latin origin who are adamantly supporting him as a presidential candidate.
     The Latin group is ever more present in the camps of all the significant, potential candidates for the job as Top Dog.   This curls the hair of Carville and Jarrett.   The weakest performer so far, has been Brother Jeb, although his son, who took on an almost Tea Party Personna, led all candidates for elective office across the Republic of Texas.

     We shall recycle some of our writings pertaining to the period surrounding the period from before the Fall of the Alamo to the time of the vanquishing of the "Napoleon od the West" at the Battle of San Jacinto (Hah - SEEN - toh).
     T0-day is also the Boss's birthday.  I am trying to convince her to take me out to Whataburger or something, but it might be too cold, and to-night is the night for Transgendered Lumberjacks Who are Children of Extraterrestrials Reality Show.

We'll see how things work out.
El Gringo Viejo

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Been Here, Done This: Or...Why do country club and big business Republicans choose to be stupid and chicken?

     One of the remarkable things about the big powerful control poobahs of Industry...the veritable to see them do really stupid things.   Marrying girls younger than their daughters, for instance.   Another characteristic is settling for a free ticket to the gulag for the pleasure of strutting around for a few years, acting just as if the "high position" was granting control over one's own destiny.
     One brings to mind, always, the German Industrialist class and their Conservative Party buddies in the German Bundestag during the early years of Adolf  Schicklgruber's political dominance.
Adolf Schicklgruber
Yes, Virginia, we know that Schicklgruber's surname was
not Schicklgruber, but it's fun to say, and Schicklgruber
should have been his surname.
So there!

     The thing is, the Conservatives made deals with Adolf and they represented the interests of the potent industrialists who were situated in various parts of Germany, but especially in the Ruhr Valley and the maritime zones.   It would be a deal made in some Teutonic Paradise, with the Capitalists telling Adolf how things would be run, and finally Germany could, after Hindenburg's death, have a modern government, no monarchical traditional bologna, no communists, a disciplined Lutheran / Roman Catholic religious construct (not too demanding), and a scientific community second to none.   Now! They could teach the rest of Europe and whatever else the rest of the Earth was called, a few lessons about production and prosperity.
     Of course, by the time 12 pages of the calendar had been turned, all German industry was busy doing whatever Schicklgruber wanted or demanded.  The Austrian Corporal was off to succeed where the Corciscan Corporal (pictured above - not bad duds for a corporal) had failed.
     And so now we have the problem.  We have the "correct and respectable" Republicans telling us that we must go ahead and bite the bullet this time, just this once.
    If not, and  if we insist on cutting out part of the "homeland security" sham department, there will be another government shutdown.   The press will say bad things about us and the retarded Easter Island  and text-while-you drive communities will gather at their next Gruber & Co. Focus Group and tell the moderator that the Republicans should compromise so that the people don't lose government things and everything.   And the children.
     HELLOOOooooo!!!   The parasitical zombie community and their controllers in the Democrat National Socialist Workers' Party have already played that card....thrice....during this current regime.   The first time if worked, but not as well as is remembered.  The second time it began to unravel due to the notion that the President had to stop visits to the White House by "common" tourists because the Secret Service (?) told him he had to because of "sequestration and budget  gutting. Other things like prohibiting people from taking pictures of Mount Rushmore or visiting War Memorials were obvious blackmail manoeuvres that Valerie Jarrett thought would work, but did not.  In fact the entire clunky, flunky soap-opera backfired.
     Please remember, dear Grand Poobahs of the exclusive Grand Excelsior Country Club and the Magnates of the Corner Office, the Republicans destroyed the Democrats in the past election.  Eric Cantor lost his renomination to his Virginia House  seat.  Maryland has a Republican Governor.....remember?   remember?

     Do we remember that we lost the Presidential in 2012 because Romney would not fight through the last debate tag-match, and because he said he agreed with much of Obama's foreign policy and that he wanted to repeal and REPLACE the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative?   The foot-washer, and the snake handler, and the right-wing crazy communities suddenly went "Yawn"....and went fishing.  Romney also, essentially stopped campaigning because it was a very nasty business, not suited for the upper crust.
    Simply and finally stated, it would be best to push a vote through on the DHS funding, en toto, minus the provision for the implantation of Obama's amnesty initiative.   Takes some testosterone supplement and do what we sent you all up there to do, McConnell, McCain, etc.   Remember where Christi is running in the preliminary beauty-contests for the Republican nomination.
Thanks for the time and interest.
El Gringo Viejo

Monday, 23 February 2015

Why One and Not the Other? Bergdahl's Legacy and the grounds for impeachment and conviction.

     We try to avoid the useless and even ill-advised call for the impeachment of a sitting public official.  Our first, but not final, impulse concerning the punishment of high crime and/or misdemeanour by highly placed elected and appointed persons is to allow them to stew in their juices until their terms of employment conclude.   Usually the miscreants will stew in their own juices, committing more and more acts of hubris and self-indulgence until finally they are consumed by their own rot, as in the case of Mayor Nagin and a thousand other petty self-worshippers.
     But, what we have here is a failure to communicate among ourselves something that is very obvious. 
     The point is that we have a situation where "Sergeant" Bergdahl was traded out for five general officer level murdering thugs of the al Qaeda grouping was stunning enough.   We were then treated to one lying explanation and one insulting explanation from the inner offices of Valerie Jarrett after another.   All the explanations and justifications were vetted before the drooling stooges of the dull-normal Democrat-base focus-group community.  Such an astute government advisory body is ideal for an anti-American Regency and All the King's Persons motives and intents.
     First of all, it was known by the White House that the person being liberated was a deserter in the face of the enemy during time of hostility, engagement, and active combat. 
    Second, it was known that the deserter had defected to the enemy and made himself available for all nature of vile purpose.
     Third, it was known that American and allied combat personnel were killed and wounded in the attempt to ascertain the condition and location of, and the recovery of, "Sergeant" Bergdahl.
     Fourth, it was known that the Presidency was flailing about, searching for any straw in the wind that could be used to justify the advance of the objective of emptying out Guantanamo Bay's terrorist detention facility.
     Fifth, the manoeuver of releasing such prisoners in any military style exchange, at that level, require Congressional participation, and none was requested nor given.   Further, Congressional members in neither the Upper House nor Lower were approached or informed of the intention of the White House to make this illegal exchange. 
    So, after all the above, an exchange was made, delivering "Sergeant" Bergdahl back into the hands of the American military.  It is understood that as much as two to five million dollars may have been paid from un-known sources to the terrorists who had held the "Sergeant" for several years.
     Particularly telling is that the president of the United States went out of his way to have the parents of the deserter - collaborator come to the White House, go before the national and international press, with the president, and send a message more to "Sergeant" Bergdahl than to America.   The father went into an incoherent blather about extraneous issues finally ending with a blurb in Arabic that made certain that Bergdahl's parents were grateful, not to America, but to Islam and the terrorist captors.  President Barry was very pleased with this, and went back to the inner sanctum with his two friends to plot more ways to degrade the value of America and Americanism.

     Curmudgeons and doubters thought to themselves, "Did we actually see what we just saw?"
      Reasonable people wondered if this action would cause an immediate and unreasonable increase in the price for the possible liberation of other captives, American and other than American.  Why would not the Islamic nut-case terrorist not think, "Wow!  The Gringos really are stupider than a drunk camel.  Five big cheeses for one stinking, retarded, deserting traitor.  They'll give a billion dollars for a female aid-worker."
kayla jean mueller, american female isis hostage
Kayla Jean Mueller

      But there was one problem.  The female American aid-worker was not a Muslim, nor was anyone in her family.  So, she was of a lower order of concern, plus there was nothing really anti-American in her background that would make her more of a sympathetic figure to Valerie Jarrett, or to Michelle Robinson's magic hashtag solution machine.   So, not even a smidgen of a selfie could be wasted on the girl who brought her captivity on to herself, said Barry to himself, as he adjusted the focus on his next selfie.
     It is not just El Gringo Viejo who declares these things to the OROG community and to the Cosmos.  The parents and the brother of Kayla spoke with Barry, and registered the above observations with Barry, apparently without apology or regret or any particular due respects.  The father pointed out, apparently, that the paying and trading out for a scumbag like Bergdahl, essentially for the benefit of his Muslimised, anti-American parents, raised the cost of liberating any and all European and "incorrect" Muslims being held by the sub-human jackals who rape and behead eight year old Arab Christian girls. 

     All of the above is true.  My concern is for the parents and the brother of Kayla.  My next concerns are for the fact that these manoeuvers  were done, accepted, and glossed over by the Obsolete Media, and then disregarded by an electorate that becomes ever less qualified for self-governance.
Governor Walker thanks maintenance workers at the La Crosse rest stop while there to encourage tourism and announce construction of a new rest area.  7/21/14
     It is more important that the Obsolete Media remind us how much Her Antique Bovinity Queen Hillary had to fly, in an airplane no less.  The Obsolete Media has to attack Hizzoner Giuliani for speaking the Truth about Barry, the Nephew of Zietuni and Omar.  And then, since there is nothing of import to report, they have to trundle on to attack Scott Walker because of some truth that was said by an ex-mayor of New York City.   Does this make sense to someone who thinks that a transgendered female can marry his washing machine and an elephant and demand that I call such a thing a family.   Probably so, but it does not make sense to me.  What in the Jumping Jehoshaphat does Scott Walker have to do with what Mayor Giuliani says?

     Could not the Obsolete Press have checked just a bit into the matter of Bergdahl?  Or into any of several score of the high crimes and misdemeanours of this horrid administration?  The answer, of course, is no.  It is an administration of their own creation, and they feel quite certain that it is a perfect administration.  The worse it becomes and the more corrupt is becomes, the more it is worth the defending.  They measure a Democrat Socialist administration not so much even by the socialist bills that they can pass or rules they can impose without authority.   They measure the success of a Democrat administration by how much that administration can get away with in terms of violation of rules and existing law.

     So, we can solve the problem by shipping the entire American and most of the foreign press to Maduro's Brave New World once known as The Venezuelan Disaster Chavez left behind, or maybe to a wondrous magical land like Cristina's Menagerie of Madness once named the Argentine Disaster Peron and Evita left behind.   There are so many places where the American Obsolete Media would be so much happier....imagine....unflushable toilets,  socialised medicine where everybody doesn't receive any service equally, and the wealthy go to Spain, Mexico, France, or the United States for medical attention....ooops...Fidel and Raul already have that under control.
     Finally, we genuinely think the American public would probably support vigorous action against this horrid administration simply by leaking, spilling, and disgorging all the known material that contrasts the treatment of the "sergeant" with the young woman Karla Jean.   It would infuriate the most hardened Democrat who is still remotely sane.
El Gringo Viejo.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

The New Martyrs of Libya added to the Coptic Synaxarium 

New Martyrs of Libya
His Holiness Pope Tawadros II announced the inclusion of the 21 Coptic New Martyrs of Libya in the Synaxarium of the Coptic Orthodox Church today. Every year, they will be commemorated on 8 Amshir in the Coptic calendar, which corresponds to 15 February in the Gregorian calendar, the same day as the Feast of the Presentation of our Lord in the Temple.
Axios, Axios, Axios!
All OROGs will remember that there was one Black man in the group of Martyrs, and one will noticed that he is depicted in the middle of the group of the included in the Coptic Synaxarium.   That is correct in the truest sense, because that was his placement in the group that was senselessly murdered by the ISIS monsters solely because these men would not renounce their Christianity.

Worthy, Worthy, Worthy!