Friday, 19 December 2014

Glen Beck is a nice guy, but....

 by Prescott Gold and Silver    We have a lot of people on the radio who hold views that are concurrent or in agreement with us.   Glen Beck is one of those, although we find ourselves more "in concurrence" than "in agreement" very frequently.   There were two points yesterday that wobbled way out of bounds, although Glen seemed happy to be wrong.
      In his desire to ever-emphasise the need to buy gold and silver, he tends to hype points that suggest that to-morrow there will be a complete collapse of the economy of the entire Milky Way Galaxy.   He urges that, since everyone will die instantly, his listeners should and must be prepared by owning gold and silver coin and bullion.   It would help to have six or seven hundred tonnes of MRE packaged food stored in an inflatable Liberty Safe as well.
    Glen also advises that the Russians are raiding the banks in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and Vladivostok, clearing their accounts, and generally going through their Metternich Moment.   Soon, 1,000,000 ruble bills will be used to light cigarettes, and the name of the newly denominated bill will be the Russian Rubble.   But, somehow, this present economic collapse falling upon Ivan Ivanovich, again, is going to circle the world like the domino daisy chain, and cause a  Planetary Economic Collapse, requiring the legalisation of child consumption and dietary dogs and culinary cats.
     The problem for Glen, and by the way...the Honourable Mr. that Russia's GNP, especially now with the Rubble at 62 for a dollar, puts Putin's place at or near the level of Argentina in terms of GNP.  The ruble has declined by better than 90% since the turn of the century, and follows a severe "adjustment" at the beginning of the "Putin Era".
   Russia's place in the ranking of national economies is below Mexico, and Mexico has only 60% of the population of Russia.   Russia's GNP is less than that of the Republic of Texas....and Texas has a little less than 20% of the population of Russia.   Russia is embarked on three or four military campaigns with almost no fuel in spite of having a lot of oil.
Russian Bear Su-95 long-range bomber

     Some of these campaigns are faux, such are the flying of the beat up old Su-95 bombers around, in, or near the airspace of European, American, and Japanese territory.   We recall how a Russian "tour ship" became trapped by ice in Antarctic coastal  waters during a visit last Summer (Antarctic Summer).   Various rescue vessels tried to extract the ship, including an Aussie boat, and a Red Chinese icebreaker, but finally it was an American Coast Guard ice-breaker that freed the larger Russian "tour ship".
     Out point is that Russia is hard pressed to even decisively invade and remove the eastern Ukraine and incorporate that tract into the Russian sovereignty.   Crimea was one thing, but the Ukraine was a little more complex.  The Monopoly Board Countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia need to be concerned, as well as Finland, but all are doing better economically than Russia at this time.
      My opinion is that Russians, in spite of their Orthodox Christian background, are essentially people without souls.   The loss in the Russo - Nippon War to the heavily outnumbered, outgunned, out-war-shipped Japanese was a humiliation.   The murder of the Romanoff Dynasty, and the senseless losses caused by bad leadership in the Red Army during World War II 
To Be or Not to Be 1942 poster.jpg     Next, Beck made a good point about the wobbly-knee'd reaction to the bluster of tyrants about a fairly poor movie that pokes fun about an even worse mentally defective, unqualified, pompous little baggage who styles himself as something important on the world stage.  The cocky, swaggering chubby dictator of North Korea is proof that, at times, the inmates do run the insane asylum.

     Beck reached back to the earliest moments of bellicosity in Europe when Curly, Larry, and Moe literally made one of the best slapstick comedic routines in film history, making fun of the Axis Powers and exposing their motives.  The Three Stooges, mind you.

     He even pointed out that the famous commie, and statutory rapist, Charlie Chaplin had enough muster to make a lengthy movie and eloquent soliloquies directly condemning the guilty in a way that they could not have failed to hear.
It was not the Jack Benny with whom we became familiar in later years, or even the pre-WW II golden-age of radio.   Although this movie was a comedy laden with great servings of sarcastic overtone, it dealt with humour about a very macabre and tragic matter.....that matter being Adolf Hitler and his plans and people.
     Jack Benny, Carole Lombard, Robert Stack, and a genuinely high-powered group playing in supporting roles, pulled off this bit of the popular culture in such a way that exposed them to assassination and/or other reprisals.  The movie's director, Ernst Lubitsch, was especially leading with his chin, but did so without any reservation.
     We remember the various Christian clerics in Europe who pinned on the gold Star of David to their lapels and garments when the orders went out require the Juden to so mark themselves.  When asked, the clerics would respond with a variation of, "If one must identify himself in such a way, then suddenly we all become Jews.  We all can become victims of this madness."
More later.   We are trying to warm up and become productive and thoughtful, but the little grey cells just don't seem to run longer than 20 minutes at a time.  We sincerely appreciate the time, attention, and patience of all OROGs.
El Gringo Viejo


Thursday, 18 December 2014

GOP Party Pro's lecture the plebians


      The informed and sophisticated intellectual political class....New York City, San Francisco - Oakland, and the District of Columbia belt (including Chappaquiddickia) all know that the greatest enemy menacing Captain Planet is some amorphous mass of disorganised people known as "The Tea Party".   All people who are associated with "The Tea Party", even in the most peripheral way are to be isolated, zeroed in by the Obsolete Press, ridiculed, discounted, harassed by the IRS, OSHA, EPA and other agencies of the National Socialist Geheime Staats-polizei  Network and finally fed into the wood chipper of History.
Hands Across the Aisle
       The comparisons made by the Obsolete Press of Occupy Wall Street and "Hands-up - Don't Shoot" rallies as opposed to the Tea Party usually fail to include a comparison of the grounds and /or protest area.   That is because the OWS people leave their precincts giving the appearance of a pig sty.   We remember the ruin brought to the Wisconsin State Capitol building and campus by OWS and the Democrat - Labour Union ghouls and goons.
     On the other hand, the Tea Party types, and yes, even the Republicans, always leave the sites of their get-togethers cleaner than when found.
      Leftist demonstrations and rallies almost always either threaten violence, warn that violence will occur if "demands" are not met, or serve to kick-off a two or three week period of looting, killing, brutalisation, and trashing of the effects of.....well, of whomsoever gets in the way.
     Some humour can be derived from the simple, basic fact that the Tea Party has some vestiges of Conservative thought and philosophy, and perhaps even purpose.   It is not, however, a classically Conservative entity.  It is certainly not "right wing".   It combines bits and pieces of Southern Ruralism, Mid-West Ruralism, hard-money thinkers, populists mistrustful of large institutions, traditionalists, and folks who prefer bowling alleys, picnics, and beer to country clubs and champagne.   To each his own.
    El Gringo Viejo is Right-wing.  El Gringo Viejo is a pseudo-intellectual, studied monk of the realm of conservatism in politics, religion, social and cultural organisation, and philosophy.
     It is because of my true right-wing orientation that I snort when it is heard at each juncture that the party must "stake out the middle" and "have a big tent".  The GOP poobahs are quick to point out that we are going to face a formidable opponent in 2016, who is essentially unbeatable unless we fashion a candidate who is exactly like her.   They are enamoured of Christi, Romney, and Bush.
   My opinion is that these are all fine men.  They are all moderate men who do not frighten anyone.  They are conservative, but their plough digs shallow.  That is my opinion.
    To prove the point let us analyse the nature of their choices, just in the recent past.  They forced Ford onto the ticket in 1976 although the rank and file Republicans were more in favour of Ronald Reagan.   Gerald Ford lost to a dolt such as James Earl Carter.
     Reagan postulated for President in 1980 and 1984.  In both cases the moderate and reasonable leadership declared that Reagan was too extreme to win...against the dolt Carter, and later against the very suave, much more intelligent than Reagan, Walter Mondale.  Mondale barely carried one State, his home State of Minnesota.
     The really nice guy George Herbert Walker Bush, who had served as Vice-President to Reagan ran in 1988 as something of a "third Reagan term" candidate.  Upon election, however, his inauguration speech pointed to the shining city on the hill and declared that it needed to be "kinder and gentler" than it had been during the previous years.   Of course, within a couple of years we were embroiled in a full-scale war in the Mid-East.  We won the war decisively,  but Bush could not win re-election, although he was opposed by a loon named  H. Ross Perot who had no philosophy beyond "fixin' things" and a white-trash, crooked, pervert Governor of Arkansas named Billy Jeff Clinton who declared to the masses, "I feel yer pain...!"
     Bring on the wizened and privileged, moderates....and lo and behold they run the old Senate Majority Leader against Billy Jeff in 1996.  Clinton has managed to destroy his Democrat majority in both chambers of Congress, and his moral lapses had been more than can be reasonably imagined.  The "moderate" Bob Dole, a World War II wounded hero and Father of the Americans with Disabilities Act...(Empty Parking Spaces in Front of Every Building ACT)....and, he like Ford before him...and Bush to a degree...lost.
     George Bush then ran in 2000, gaining the nomination against another war hero, McCain....both men were actually moderates, country club types but Bush had been elected to two terms as Governor of Texas and postured as a movement conservative.  Bush took the nomination, and barely eked out a victory against Al Gore, Clinton's Vice-President.   He went on to be re-elected in 2004.
     After that, the Republicans nominated McCain in 2008....and he lost in a near-landslide.  McCain ran a milquetoast campaign that found his staff spending most of their time not fighting Obama, but in fighting their own Vice Presidential  designee, Sarah Palin.....because she was too conservative and mean and low-class.  They equated her to being a hillbilly.
     The GOP made up for the error of selecting McCain by making the error of selecting Mitt Romney for the 2012 go-around.  Nice guy, successful, moderate, friendly, and chewed up...making a one-point landing after being considered a shoo-in due to the disastrous record of Obama's first term.
     This is the record of the  "moderate experts" from the Country Club wing of the Republican Party.   On a scale of 0 - 100....let's give them a 19. 
     Truth be told, the distaste for Obama on the part of the informed rightwing crazies....the foot-washers....the snake-handlers....was so intense, that they were actually going to go out and vote for the Mormon.  Many of the cave-dwellers who had decided never to bother with voting agin', cause there ain't much difference twixt the Mommy D. Socialists and the Daddy R. Socialists had girded their loins just the one last time.
    And then, just before they went out to vote, Romney wilted before the two man tag the last debate...and also made several remarks that reminded them that the similarities between the two candidates were massive and the differences were slight.
     Even this humble servant was almost moved to not bother voting.  The notion of saying, "We want to keep the good parts of the Affordable Care Act and improve them, and get rid of the bad parts....."    Lord Help Us!!!!   Or, "I agree with much of the President's programme in the Middle East...."  Oy Vey!!!
     Now we are told that we must choose between Romney again, or Old Rough and Common Core Bush, or Old Barry's Huggy Buddy Christi....or the Hispanics and the Jupitereans and Jumping Jehoshaphat seniors will never vote for us.   We simply must buy their votes fair and square or it's over!!!
    The swooning over the declaration by Governor Bush to establish his exploratory committee on the part of the entire panoply of the East - West Coast Obsolete Media, with even FOX News globbing on in concurrence left us with moderately severe nausea and a furrowed brow.
El Gringo Viejo

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Additional Comments on Previous Post about travelling in Mexico

     We inferred that we had a number of people over during our last episode down at our little bed and brunch place.  For us, that became more rare, but it still happen'd with a bit of frequency.   For the Hacienda de Santa Engracia it became rare....very rare...and it was quite frankly depressing.
      My better three-quarters suggested after reading the previous missive that El Gringo Viejo did not quite round out the point that was being made about the people hanging around at our "parrillada machine".  The "parrilla" is the plain, basic, real-live, mesquite and orange wood,  outdoor griller.   It is the fact that they went back to Cd. Victoria, on the back road, well after night-fall.  To that end I have written this brief but important addenda: 
     One other "for instance" about the improving condition:   We mentioned about the visitors we had.
     In this episode of my life down at the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre, all of the day visitors imbibed and/or ate really complicated, excellent outdoor, mesquite grilled, heavily laden pork and/or beef ribs with secret sauces...homemade...including aged rums, native honeys, and other goodies. My special (no-marijuana or illegal anything) Brownies, special devilled eggs with guacamole, salmon, and egg-yolk stuffing choices, and our special red-grapefruit spring mix lettuce and tomatoe salad, with nuts and special vinegars infused with our own rosemary and oregano.   Completely decadent.
     In keeping with their processes, they bring really high quality liquors and mixers, but they will willingly condescend to have me make mixed drinks with our limited larder, which they realise even as friends, they will pay for...not much but far below saloon standards....still certainly enough to "recuperate expenses and pay for services".
     One such grouping was of people that to El Gringo Viejo, were a mix of reasonable acquaintances and close friends.   Among themselves, they are all very well integrated as friends, associates, and business and political allies.  El Gringo Viejo becomes an adhesive element, allowing entrance to a private place unknown to many, where they can further cement the bonds they have.   It is a rare but not at all unheard sociological placement for a Gringo in Mexico.  It is an off-shoot of the old notion that...."A Mexican values more of something Mexican if it is valued by a foreigner".
The mother of 17 before the age of 2.  Her
name is Sonsa, which means, "silly" or
"not bright".  She does know, however,
that something will come from the
magic "parrilla" just behind her,
because, there, visitors arrived
 earlier this morning with
 boxes of things,and
 fancy ice-chests.
     That I approve of their deportment, which is classy, dignified, and responsible, with the ability to function under the tow of fine alcohol, wealth demonstration (almost overly-fancy cars), and lack of need, and unapologetic consumption of excellent foods....and that they approve of me with all my faults and crankiness...we are bound in a pleasant chamber in our Earth Space Capsule with pleasant music in the background 

      Please allow me to state with little apology that on these  two occasions during our most recent stay, El Gringo Viejo prepared these outdoor, smoked ribs with the "secret sauces" for people such as those described.  Understand that this is not a scene from F. Scott Fitzgerald's dull and foggy remembrances of things that did or did not happen, (The Great Gatsby).  These scenes your humble servant describes are more apt to be found in scenes from "Leave it to Beaver", "The Lawrence Welk Show", or perhaps "Hee - Haw".....or some of the more risqué airings of "Gilligan's Island".
   AND FINALLY!   The point is that the people all went back, laden with generous portions of my aged, ultra-chocolate brownies for home use.....AT FULL DARKNESS.... like in the "good old days".
   It was 20:00 hours in mid-December of 2014!
   All were sober, all were cognizant of the hour, and all were aware that it was because the "times had changed back to some normalcy".
     And that is the name of that tune.
El Gringo Viejo

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Back Up Again. Long Drive....

     We had an interesting stay of it this time.  It was substantially wet, with an episode of three days,  nay!....allow me, four full days of drizzle, mist, light rain.  There were but a very few passes of moderately heavy rain, usually brief heavy showers without big drops, lightning, winds, or much of anything beyond the rain itself.
     Then, due to the rain, and to the passing of a couple of relatively mild fronts underneath the cloud mass, the temperature dropped down into that dull, grey even depressing cold.   We moved back and forth from 10 degrees C and then down to 7 degrees C.   That is around 41F to 50F in real temperature.
    Slowly, El Gringo Viejo came to the conclusion that it would be necessary to "light the fire".  Due to the adobe construction, the house does not really become frigid unless a really cold snap, holding temperatures in the 40s or lower, during a seven or eight day period.    While there has been worse events in older as well as modern times, they are very rare at this place adjacent to the Tropic of Cancer.
     The dogs tracked up the corridor with muddy paws, while the cats would go out, and come back fairly quickly, pretty much dripping wet.   Life for the cats and El Gringo Viejo centred around finding comfortable accommodation at or near the "fogata" (fireplace, frequently called, incorrectly a "chimenea").   Local folks rolled their eyes so many times about my observation that I no longer correct  them.  Quite possibly, I never should have corrected them, but we are of an old, noble assembly of the tutoring class.

     There were a few visitors, as well, mainly during the latter part of the stay.  There was even the development of a group of motorcyclists....approximately 13 persons....who are intending to come to the Hacienda de Santa Engracia, about one kilometre from our little place.   The Hacienda (not to be confused with our adjacent neighbours, the Hacienda de La Vega) has been a water pump essentially sucking up air for the past three years.....a veritable 98% drop in client-visits and income.
     But it is all changing at this point.  My bus count of all first-class and deluxe busses heading south was right at 100 (99), something we have never seen.   The highway  was full of heavy passenger car and SUV traffic, along with the steady rumble of hundreds of cargo trucks.   Business, Industry, and family visits at Christmas.
    Had the highways not been substantially improved and maintained during the past 10 years, usage levels such as what was seen yesterday would have been a disaster and nightmare.

     Once again, Tamaulipas as a trouble spot during the past 5 years has received  literally thousands of Army and Naval Infantry combat personnel.  There have been other thousands of the new Federal Civil Police (actually a militarised group, highly trained and apparently effective), and the deployment of a new (and possibly highly improved) State Police Patrol.   All of these elements were seen in great number during the drive, yesterday.   Thousands....well-presented, heavily armed, deferential, always willing to go into any fray involving the "organised delinquency".

     (additional comments are included in next day's posting)

    We are amazed at the "little talk" the occupant of the office of the Presidency rendered up to the grouping of soldiers a couple of days ago.   Have we really gotten to the point where a president....the commander in chief....can declare that the United States is really committed to the reduction in numbers of troops even as the world is wobbling ever-more out of control?   The reference to American military personnel as being seen as "Santa Claus in fatigues" by the locals....was received with  stone-faced silence among the troops.
     He tried to recover with a cheerleader-like Army howl- prompting, which did have some effect.....but very weak and un-sustained.
Thank each for his/her time, patience, and interest.  We shall be here for a bit, commenting, grousing, and just enjoying being a mean old curmudgeon.
El Gringo Viejo

Monday, 1 December 2014

Leaving To-Morrow: Question for El Gringo Viejo - In the morn we depart for the Quinta - Difficult Sounding Questions left un-answered - Safety net and Anchor Babies

     Yes, we leave for the Quinta to-morrow morning in the grey and misty dawn.  We should return before the end of the third week in Advent.   We have a very few screeders who think that El Gringo Viejo is psychologically out of balance because he does not perfectly follow the templates of thought of any known political group or cause.   As a certifiably confirmed eccentric, I shall suggest that the persons who try to put me and / or my kind into a "proper box", are attempting the impossible.   If we say that we are conservative, Confederate ruralists, Texians to the point of withdrawal from the American Union....many conjure images of the poor cousins of the Dukes of Hazard looking for dark persons to drag behind pickups.   Such reactions speak more loudly about the reactor than the person being judged as a hayseed bigot.
     As we depart, we point to the fact that the extreme left of North America and Europe is lunatic to the extreme.  Lack of balance in results due to  race, the use of incorrect words and  terminology, and smoking is not permitted, The 'we set the rules for meanings of words' mentality, are all heaved into the Expressway of Life by people who have a bit of training in Alinsky tactics, two or three "seminars" with wild-eyed marxist professors at "the college" and then become "reporters" and/or school teachers. They are almost perfectly ignorant of the realities of providing, nurturing, and actually performing in a social / cultural setting that is not projected onto a movie screen.  These acolytes of the Church of the Secular Humanist are perfectly wise....knowing nothing, understanding less, they are experts and authorities on all matters.  For them not knowing the difference between Pygmalion and Pig Sty is more a qualification than a dis-qualification to testify before Mrs. Pelosi.
     It is such minds that brought us the destruction of the Negro race in America.  The hard bigotry, not soft, of AFDC, food stamps, Section 8, Medicaid, electricity subsidies, disability payments - no questions asked, quotas and affirmative action, Planned Parenthood and other group giving "sex information" classes to abate the arrival of so many storks to places where there are no fathers, and the abolition of any reasonable notion about immigration enforcement.....have brought us to this secular humanist heaven of the Grotto of the Holy Safety Net, nestled as it is to one side of the Basilica of the Immaculate King's-X against natural law.
    Sharpton and Obama say, "You dark coloured people are here to take, because you are owed, and you can break into any store opened or closed at take what you want.  Then you can burn it down, because the horrid white people who have that store are probably 'Hymie-Joos' and they need to be taught a lesson!!!   Especially burn down the stores and effects of any coloured folks who are at all friendly with white folks or with Republicans or conservatives.   Call them any name you wish.  Michael Brown and Treyvon Martin earned that right for you!!!!!!!
    "Do not be swayed by facts.  There is no natural law or truth proven by science and observation.   Anything they say that you do not wish to hear, Al Sharpton....a court proven you permission to disregard probative facts totally, no matter how absolutely true they are, and how absolutely falsely the "Gentle Giant" marchers, vandalists, destroyers, thieves, thugs,  and bullies are thinking and believing.
    Obama and Holder give you the right to contradict anything that you think justifies the reparations that you are owed.  Don't even let them touch you....take your revenge!!!!"
     Some people we encounter in the out-of-doors or on the cyber super-highway of information suggest that El Gringo Viejo is not a good patriot because he says that the Mexicans were right and we were wrong about the Marine Sergeant detained in Mexico for seven months.  That, of course, was never said by this writer, nor does he believe that such a statement about the Mexicans being right is accurate.
    Quickly and carefully, we shall repeat our basic position and observation.  We have many, many years reading, listening, and studying the intonations of the guts of Los Pinos  (the residence and militarily guarded 900 acre compound in southcentral Mexico City where the President of Mexico hangs around and works) and the sometimes tortuous...labyrinthine verbiage and logic and construction of Mexican official Presidential statements and pronunciamientos.   The fact is that Mexico foists off on the Gringos untold tonnes of humanity that is not worthy of the term.  They cover that up by pointing out that many Mexicans make positive contributions to the fabric of Gringolandia.  That is true.  The problem is that in 1959, of all contacts with the United States by Mexicans, the results were 98% positive for both parties.
    Now with the lack of immigration enforcement and the period when anyone was considered a "close relative" of those who were Amnestied in 1986, we have seen a crime wave, and gang activity, and horrid, unimaginable crimes that never existed even in the minds of the most depraved a half century ago.
    That said, the Mexicans still bitterly resent the idea that, if Bush could correctly co-ordinate a programme like Wide Reciever...with the Mexican Army to some considerable success, and then close it down once it was figured out by the cartel people, why did Holder and Obama not co-ordinate their Fast and Furious Programme in the same manner.  So many people were killed and wounded....strictly as Mexico.  And not a peep.  Just lies.  Who is corrupt?
     Now, this takes us into the matter of anchor babies.  With anchorbabymothers and Central American monster criminals (MS - 13 etc.) coming across as child refugees, and padrotes (men to serve as butlers and chauffeurs to illegal females who dedicate themselves to prostitution, bar-maiding, and anchorbabying) lining up the 10 or 12 anchorbabymothers necessary to make a good living, the story is substantially different.  The more or less "honest" padrotes (big-daddies) only filch 30% of the welfare checks and food stamp card remissions for providing transportation, advice, and "protections".
     Up until 1967, the vast majority, well over 90%, of the Latin cohort in Texas was a positive producing force.  They were colonials, native born, real refugees from war and naturalised, veterans with incredible war records through WW II, Korea, Viet Nam, and other service.  Their work ethic seemed almost Jocobin, Mormon, or German.   After 1967 and then the First Amnesty, the two or three bad apples in the barrel suddenly became 50% of the barrel of new arrivals.   Over half were looking for the "safety net" and the quickest way to the "safety net" was to plop a baby out in the emergency room, or in one of the many "Parteras" operated by pseudo-nuns and people dedicated to mid-wifing and latching on to the money the anchorbabymother is soon going to have, and will have to share with a large number of fellow parasites.
   That is the new reality, and we stand behind it every time we go to the grocery store and watch some large woman, who arrived as a lithe, recently pregnant 16 year old, manipulating 3 - 7 stairstep children, while she also looks for any of several Lone Star Cards ..."que todavia sirve (that still works)" .     At times they have cards from girls who have died, gone home, gotten married and moved on, or from her own multiple registrations under variations of her name.   This is not a joke, but rather a constancy.  The Latins who do not participate  in the safety net have to be restrained at times in their rage.  This is also not a joke or an embellishment upon an already hideous state of the modern anthropology of South Texas as opposed to....the way we were:

     It is critically necessary to prohibit the process and custom of declaring that the baby of a cold-blooded parasite woman looking for welfare ad infinitum, is an American citizen.   If this is not done, the republic is lost.  In England, the moslems of the Commonwealth pour in and declare four wives and put them all on the dole.  That puts the average bloke on the cutting board to fork over 100,000 pound sterling from the dole, on average, for every Mohammed with four wives.

    We are having a significant bit of activity in the area of folks coming back down to look for birds and butterflies and to just wind down.   Perhaps the corner has been fully turned.   It is time.
We shall be back at the end of the third week of Advent, the Lord willing and the Devil not objecting.   Keep the faith.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
El Gringo Viejo

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Iguala and Ferguson: The Hubris of Anarchists and Marxists Perfectly Revealed


     The notion carried by the Obsolete Press into the living rooms of America's "news consumers" that the people burning down buildings and businesses are "protestors" or "demonstrators" is at best insulting.  They are vandals, criminals, and vermin, proving nothing more than that they are the stupid, dangerous sub-human organisms most reasonable people assume them to be.
     The mere existence of millions of people with Black African ancestry who are accomplished and civilised bears forceful witness to the fact that those who are destroying and vandalising are simply self-indulgent criminals who like to steal, terrorise, hurt, kill, and then blame the "greater community" for the damage.

This grainy picture shows the lunatic
compound of the "students" and "teachers"
in Ayotzinapa's "Normal College" campus,
where they now have as many as forty
busses and deliver vehicles sequestered.
That includes the drivers, of course.  They
say they must keep the drivers because the
anarchists frankly state that they do not
know how to drive or maintain the busses,
trucks, and other vehicles they have stolen.
So, as District Attorney Jorge Valdez says
the powers that be solve the problem of a
fire by pouring more gasoline on it.   It has
a certain "Gov. Nixon (D) Missouri ring".

     We have been drawing parallels between Ferguson, Missouri and the disorders in and around Ayotzinapa (near Iguala), Guerrero, Mexico.  The similarities are stunning but predictable.  In Iguala and Ferguson, we witness The burning of public and private buildings, the menacing of private business activity,  and all the destruction to "protest" either an obliquely presented and impertinent "manifesto" which can never be implemented or some preposterous legal impossibility that is stated for propaganda value and not for serious debate or discussion.
    In the case of Ayotzinapa (Iguala), among other things, the anarchists blame the central government of Mexico for their misery....the corruption thing, you know.  In the case of Ferguson, Missouri the anarchists and permanently offended class blame white people, the police, and a balance of facts that are not backed up by an exhaustive grand jury investigation.
    Rational, morally based, reasoned thinking or senseless political verbo-froth?  It is the latter obviously.
     In the above article, interestingly done with some quality reporting by the Associated is pointed out, bitterly, by a Federal District Attorney.  He states, "The police....are not taking action at this moment to avoid giving the appearance of acts of repression.   The spokesman, Jorge Valdez, then adds, "It is the concept of not trying to put out the fire by pouring more gasoline on it."   It should be noted that the drivers of all the busses and trucks are also sequestered, although they have no horse in the race, no pertinence to any issue being presented by the communistas / anarquistas.   For fear that the "students" and "professors" will commit some form of violence against the drivers, the forces of good order have not stormed the compound. 
    Valdez's resentment was based upon the press's open siding with these same nihilists and communists three years ago, in several articles published on this blog with considerable accuracy and detail.  Police then, supposedly shot two arsonists who were persistently presented by the international press as "student protestors" from the local Normal College when in fact they were arsonists, murderers in their own right, and part of an overall and continuing programme of destruction of private and public property.   OROGs may remember the manager of the deluxe PEMEX gasoline and commercial centre that had its pumps set ablaze.  The manager, a retire naval officer, was killed trying to put out the very dangerous fire.
    Ferguson?  Almost exactly the same disregard for the life and property of others.  Reasonability? none.    Concern about the communitarian imperatives of sociability?  none.   Blame?  Everybody save the perpetrators.

     These issues, Ferguson and Ayotzinapa, are clearly 1st cousins.  Complete hubris.  Total disregard for the supposedly rational, humanist dogma they spout.   Forget about morality, they spit upon such concepts....Golden Rules, Beatitudes, parables about wealthy Samaritan travellers.   We bring these two separate movements up to the attention of the OROG, combine them, so as to illustrate that these problems are not coming to America....they have arrived.
     Please also remember that in the past few months, Negro officers have shot unarmed white young people on three occasions.  As best we can determine, two of the white boys "behaved stupidly" in the face of  legitimate police orders.  In another case, it might well be that the young, inexperienced officer on lone patrol, over-reacted.  In none of the cases has there been any public, massive disorders.   With Ferguson burning, we also call to mind that those accused of being the horrid extremists, the Tea Party, always left the place in better shape than they found it, and almost always proposed such radical, dangerous things as balancing the central government's budget and bringing moral guidance back into the public school systems. 
Thanks for your continued attention and interest.  Spread the word, quietly.  Pray for the health of Jerusalem.  We, ourselves, continue to support the amicable withdrawal of the Republic of Texas from the American Union, and a continued relationship in terms of the continental defence of North America.
El Gringo Viejo