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Shots fired from all sides - Quick commentaries - worth the read!!

(1)    One might notice that Downtown Mexico City is in an uproar with Occupy Wall Street-type nihilists, anarchists, and communists demonstrating with total ardour about the fate of 43 "students who went missing" near Iguala de la Independencia, Guerrero, Mexicoe.  As we pointed out before, the present administration had, has, and will have no blame in any of this.  The entire episode was contained within a viper-pit of very minor-league gang thugs, the aspirations of a marxist sow from the Partido de la Revolucion Democratic (PRD), and a troublesome marxist ''teachers' college" quite near Iquala.
     The entire issue is one totally within that political party and its allies.  The charging of Presidential Palace, and the presidency of Mexico for any of this is the intellectual equivalent of jumping up and down with a pogo-stick inside a domed  stadium  at night with the lights out.  It is pointless.
     In spite of the fact that domestic and foreign forensic experts have established what not even I wished to think happened, it is 99.999999% probably that the "students" who were taken out by the Guerreros Unidos (gang-lackeys of the first lady of Iguala who was preparing to declare her candidacy for the gobernatura of Guerrero the night of the incident), murdered, and then immolated totally into ashes.
     The reaction of the Left in Mexico to this matter is Pelosian at best.  Throughout the Left-Nation of Mexico these disorders have been foisted upon the 80 per cent who do not agree with the demonstrators, and who have tired of having to amend their routines, once again, to give berth to the dangers and irrationality and traffick blockage these deranged marxists and anarchist present.  It is, and smells exactly like, the Occupy Wall Street.

     This narrating voice from the funereal parlour understates matters a bit, and also, in typical CNN style, bends the information so as to leave open the possibility that there might be any involvement in this affair on the part of the President.  And remember, El Gringo Viejo, were he a Mexican, would not be a member of the political party of the President.

(2)     Next, the ridiculous posturing by Barry Soetoro during last night's Jimmy Swaggart moment was enough to puke a buzzard off'n a gut wagon.  Wrong on so many legal and sociological points, at least it was filled with enough brazen lies to give hope to the people who have brought us the following:

                    (a)  Over 100,000 killed by illegal aliens from Mexico and elsewhere in the world since the passage of the last Amnesty in 1986.   DWIs, outright murder, felony manslaughter, and such crimes are associated with the above, understated figure.   The number of Mexicans killed by Americans, almost always living and/or staying long term in Mexico legally?  Fewer than 100, almost all involved in organised drug or human trafficking.
     The number of Americans living full or part time in Mexico? almost 1,000,000,  plus  over 7,000,000 American tourists per year?
      Barry brought us a deepening and widening of this infestation.  Turn-arounds at the border of detained aliens are not deportations.  They are usually same-day or next-day turn-arounds....being taken directly back to a bridge and supervised as they cross back into Mexico.

                   (b)   While always a real sticking point for us, especially in the border States, the issue has become increasingly worse, especially with the arrival of more Central Americans.  The murder, three days ago, of Miss Honduras and her sister by the boyfriend of Miss Honduras who became irate at the fact she was dancing with some guy at a party celebrating her departure to the Miss Universe pageant in London...speaks to the issue.  She was doing "photo-op" dances with a line of boys who wanted a four or five second shot of them with this girl...a very accomplished, somewhat prudish, and attractive girl.
     The violence here along the border, and in the larger cities where these people wind up, has increased two and three-fold in the last five years.  Barry brought us more of this.

                 (c)     While Barry Soetoro says that his proposals will not pertain to people who might not have been here five years ago, vice-president Biden just returned from a trip to Central America where he informed those in attendance that the United States is developing a programme to ferry children to their families in the United States via charter airliners.  This is so as to "....make the un-safe journey more safe for the children"....We just can't make this stuff up.   It was declared a gaffe, but a gaffe it was not.
       We are being set-up for another inundation of Centr0americanos, even to the point that there are rumours of embarcations into rural areas of Vera Cruz State where passengers on small boats will be let off near towns like Tecolutla and Boca de Oveja on the Gulf Coast, so as to avoid the increased immigration and military presence in southern Mexico. 
       We find this very unlikely, but it is the same stuff we heard last Spring before the horribly incorrectly reported stories about the human inundation that was fixing to swarm upon us.  Barry brought us this.
            (d)      If we draw a comparison of the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiatve (OSMI) to the Veterans' Administration debacle, then remember how the Obama government dumped off the illegal alien group from Central America, literally by the bus-load into small towns, out of sight and out of view (they thought).  It is more than enough to give pause about the effectiveness of any further immigration manoeuvres by this disgusting personality who poses as a president.   We still have no idea where thousands of the last batch wound up because fewer than 20% have reported for their immigration status hearings.  Barry brought us this.


(3)     Next, Barry the president repeats frequently, along with his sycophants that the ".....border has never had such a presence of 'boots-on-the-ground'". This lines us directly with the fact that he is not only a certifiable, chronic, pathological liar but also an ignoramus maximus.   One can easily point to the episode during the period from 1911 through around 1921 when massive deployments to the Brownsville - McAllen/Hidalgo/Mission - Rio Grande City  part of the frontier had as many as 110,000 National Guard and Regular Army infantry, mounted infantry, and mounted cavalry deployed.

Caisson with the body of Corporal McBee, killed in
 action at Ojo de Agua during a Carrancista attack of
 the train entering the Lower Rio Grande Valley,a few
miles north of Brownsville, Texas.   From 1903 until
1921 over 300 American soldiers were killed.

A picture of U.S. Army and Illinois National Guard, in
bivouac, preparing for deployment to the Fort Brown,
Brownsville, Texas in 1915.  This one deployment numbered
in excess of 12,000....essentially one division, mixed infantry,
cavalry, and artillery batteries.
Postcard of U. S. cavalry machine gun troop
Water-cooled machine gun platoon c. 1916
Fort Brown, Brownsville, Texas

    And we could go on with hundreds of interesting old pictures, even some that show McAllen and Hidalgo, Texas with a score-thousand of Indiana National Guard infantry units, plus units from the 1st Cavalry, RA camped all throughout what was to become downtown McAllen, Texas.   Several other battalion level cavalry and infantry units  from both the Regular Army and various State's National Guard units came through that area for almost four years.
    My own father served in the 1st Cavalry, 12th Regiment, Headquarter's Squadron from the late 1920s up to 1933.   There was still a very large, mounted  cavalry and considerable infantry presence all along the area from Brownsville to Laredo, Texas.
     So, Barry & Co.  please stop either lying or showing your ignorance about how ".....there has never been a greater deployment of boots-on-the-ground".  You do not know what boots mean, or ground means.  You know very little about much of anything, and understand much less.               _____________________________________________
We shall retire to cool our ire. Thanks to all for you time and patience.
El Gringo Viejo

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Going, going, gone? Just some wandering around in the mind of El Gringo Viejo during these saddening times




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Sneaky Barry Weasel


     We are enthralled by the brilliance of King Barry I.   His adept manoeuvre in appearing only upon UNIVISION to-night in order to inform America about his immigration reforms and amnesty programmes deserves the disgust that it will merit.
     First -  his Spanish is nil.  His understanding of the sociological complex of the people he calls "Hispanic" is nil.
     Second  -  it is obvious that he does not want to go up against Thursday night football.
       Third  -   it is equally obvious that he wants to limit his audience as much as possible away from the colonial descendants, the immigrant people of the 19th and 20th Centuries, and those people of Mexican and other origin who went through the labyrinth of the citizenship process.
  Each member of the latter group has a huge parchment with fancy writing, seals, and signatures of important people, along with patriotic back-imaging.   It is a document titled Certificate of Naturalisation.
    Some even gained that document in war....on the battlefield and/or in close combat support or in continuous loyal service.   Members of  this particular group each have "HONOURABLE DISCHARGE" certificates somewhere in their important papers....or hanging on the living room wall.   The numbers of Medals of Honour, silver stars, and bronze stars are almost too numerous to count.
      Fourth  -   King Barry I does not particularly concern himself with the fact that in the Republic of Texas a majority of citizens of Latino background are opposed to any accommodation of illegal entrants.
    The last Amnesty occurred in 1986.   It was an unqualified disaster.   The communitarian nature of our civilisation here was torn apart, starting with the deepening and widening of the public welfare system, as impulsed by the Great Society vote-buying schemes of the late 1960s.  That was when the "Mommies in Muumuus" programme, aka "Head Start".   This allowed mommies to flump around watching telenovelas all day, while the children were given a "Dead Start" that had no impact whatsoever.  The old immersion system was much, much more effective for non-English speaking children.   But Dead Start was also a good place to give other women jobs waiting on toddlers and feeding them.

Historical population
Est. 2013
U.S. Decennial Census[10]
2012 Estimate[
5th largest county of
254 in Texas

     The horde of people who came over as "family members" of the individual who received amnesty, by a 2 X 1 margin, came to glob onto the public assistance programmes.  There is plenty of anecdotal example of people who did not glob on, but the overwhelming majority did.   The gang activity, wantonness, AFDC, fifteen year old mommies who found a baby, drug use, increased exponentially.  The population of Hidalgo County, for instance, increased by almost 110 per cent from the 1990 census to the 2010 census.   Murders, DWI w/casualties, aggravated assault, child abuse and neglect, perversions with very young children  (ages 2 - 9), drug addiction and trafficking, litter, graffiti, school violence, and gang violence have all increased ten-fold.      So that the OROG will note, the data derived and posted to the right is official from the United States Decennial Census, with whom El Gringo Viejo's mother worked in 1940, 1950, and in the quality control re-analysis in 1952.  She worked as a door to door enumerator, and we went into the outback quite a bit.  My mom was a very thorough and compliant type.  Most of the time she left me with her mom, and that was like being with a fairy grand-Godmother.  She would even let me pluck chicken feathers so we could fry up a big batch of Southern fried chicken in good'n hot lard-grease with lots of bacon drippings.     One might notice that the march of population growth slowed between 1960 and 1970.  That phenomena was not brought on by a plague, but rather by the closure of Moore Air Field (Mission - McAllen area ) and the Harlingen Air Force Base (Cameron County to the east).
     Now, that there is a labour shortage in Mexico, we notice that the gnomes of the Democrat Party....the social and political engineers....have hitched their star to a richer mine of unqualified "immigrants" , which means Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.  All the people in those three countries who could possibly navigate a life in the United States, Canada, or Texas are actually pretty well set where they are.  There is another penumbric group that thinks it would be good to go to a place where the Government gives a single mom money so she can rest and where everything is free.   (And yes, that is how the thought process works.)   Food, housing, school, everything is free.   It's  It is sad, pitiable, and depressing...not any source for humour.  But it is true.
     One might consider that these people are not really wanted to work in Mexico.  One reason is obvious, but not the most important.  That reason is that the Mexican working class does not really need new immigrants to over-supply the labour-market. Wages have appreciated in real terms in recent years in Mexico, and a couple of million Central Americans would wreak havoc on those small but significant gains.
     The most important reason is that the Mexicans are afraid of the deteriorating social conditions that would accompany the entrance of larges groups of Central Americans, especially El Salvadorans and Honduren~os.  They have suffered and fought through six or seven years trying, with some considerable success, to take their country back from being a total playground for the caertels.  Backsliding will not and would not be tolerated at this point.
   Most Mexicans, while they wish no ill towards their southern neighbours, greatly prefer that they stay in Central America, or move quickly through Mexico if they are heading elsewhere.   The Mexican central government is actually putting up a pretty fair detention and return operation on the southern frontier during the past year.....where once the Mexican immigration officers simply shook down the Centroamericanos for the 100 American dollar "tip" that was "voluntarily" given at the turnoff to the Palenque archaeological site....on the highway connecting Villahermosa, Tabasco and Campeche, Campeche.   We witnessed this with frequency during our days operating the Grand Excursion to various points in Mexico.

     To-night Barry Soetoro will be breaking the bonds that hold this country together as a democratic republic.  As a great experiment.
It becomes  now something much more like Venezuela of Chavez and Maduro, and Cuba of the ghoulish Castro Brothers.  Hours and days of demagoguing the "counter-revolutionaries"  who want children to go hungry and be sick, and who want only the rich to have health services, perhaps that will be our fare.
     This writer sees the ghosts of ships attempting to re-supply the menaced Fort Sumpter, while Southern diplomats were hoping that Lincoln would not re-supply.   Lincoln did that act as a means of provoking the South to "fire the first shot".  We see a little guy with a toothbrush moustache damning the Jews and Judaism....pretty much like yesterday when our president wanted to remind the world of the equivalency between Hamas and  Hezbollah, and the Jewish state.    This reminder was made when the blood was still damp in that site of work-place violence, a synagogue.
     There are people who are pro-Mexican and very comfortable in a Latino environment who are going to have apoplexy at this throwing of the Constitution under the massive human transport device.   We shall see who watches, who cares, and who is going to stand and fight, door to door, block to block.

The OROGs see through the smoky field of battle why we are really convinced that Texas will be forced to remove itself from the Union at some date coming ever closer.
El Gringo Viejo

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Some of the Differences: Reagan, Nixon, Bush and Soetoro Hussein


     It is difficult for Rush, Glen, Mark, and company to really dig down deep and stop saying "Hispanic" as if it were a term that one can use as a cast-net catching bait-fish.   It will be stated here again and again until my cold dead fingers are pulled away from the key-board.   All the funny-looking little brown people that the Progressive Elites wish to put into one little box and shelve into the very vacant warehouses of their minds really cannot be placed into one little box.
     In Texas, for instance, sociologically and demographically speaking, the Latino block within the general population could possibly be separated into a very few sub-groups that self-identify or that can be identified by other evidential processes.

For instance:

         (1)   Illegal Alien with criminal intent -  individuals who come across the Rio Grande with premeditated intent to steal, murder, rape, or brutalise a specific or generic victim set.   Almost always a mestizo or white person, racially

         (2)   Illegal Alien with passive criminal intent -  women who come across the Rio Grande while pregnant or with the intention to become pregnant so as to deliver over Terra Sanctus Americanus, thereby causing her baby to be an American citizen.  In that the baby is an American citizen and has only his/her mother as provider and protector,   such condition permits the mother to remain in Texas and/or the United States for the duration of the minority of the child.   This can be deepened and widened by receiving visits from the stork at convenient times, usually every second or third year.
      This automatically gives the mother benefits, stamps (Lone Star Card), and other support that costs the taxpayers, starting, about 30,000 American dollars per annum.  There is no employment requirement.   The women who pull this scam off are delivered by mid-wives who have been trained by pseudo-Roman Catholic nuns from the Mary Knoll  sisters, and your friendly hospital emergency room in Anytown, Texas and other facilitating facilities.  The mothers are normally mestiza or, more normally, white racially.

     (3)    Illegal Alien who is the classic "Wetback":   This is  a person who came across the Rio Grande with or without a job offer from a Gringo...Latin or Texas.  Most frequently these are people who are semi-skilled or even high-end blue-collar people....welders, cow-hands, fence-posters, horse-trainers, construction specialists, and even heavy equipment operators.  Stone masons and mid to high-end lawn care "technicians".  These people generally cause no problems and represent the image of Mexican "visitors" with whom Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and George Bush hob-nobbed and developed strong friendships.   They were almost always clean, reserved, honest, competent, and very bonded with their families in Mexico and their employer in Texas....especially if the Gringo was civilised and fair.  Racially and ethnically, this group ranged from fully Indian, usually Tarascan or Huastec, some Totonac, and a few Otomi' and Tlaxcala group...and mestizo and, surprisingly perhaps middle to highly educated white Mexicans from Monterrey, San Luis Potosi', and other "sophisticated" parts of Mexico that are truly highly cultured in European and/or American terms.  At times these people were attitudinally mixed with the Bracero Programme people and others who were given War-time semi-permanent work permits to work in the War Industries.  These were the people around whom El Gringo Viejo grew up.

     This story is cogent:   One night the deputy sheriff had caught a Mexican walking back from one farm to another, possibly having visited a family member or a love-interest over by the Schroeder's place.   Because of the noise,  my father and mother went out, with me holding onto her skirt, into the darkness with only a large, bulky kerosene lantern to guide us.  We found the noise and the calling out, and the issue, there by a tertiary canal that ran along the edge of our property.
    The Deputy-Sheriff apologised for the disorder and while somewhat forcibly detaining the Mexican, he asked, "I caught this guy coming along the canal right-of-way.  There was a burglary over in mid-town McAllen, and so we were looking for somebody that might be suspicious."
    My father laughed and said, "That fellow is no burglar.  He's a wetback.  He's been coming up here for years, back and forth.  He works for me right now, I speak for him.  He's worked for Alpers and Niece and even Schroeder.  Felipe is no burglar.   He is a wetback.  A good man."
     The deputy immediately released the man, although he did admonish him, saying, "Next time just name your Gringos."
    And that is the way it was on the near-border farms in 1950, north of McAllen, Texas. 

     (4)    People of the Wave:   These are the people who came during the period from 1911 through 1930....a double whammy period of military and social instability and warfare.   The Revolucion de 1910 - 1917 and the Cristero War from 1923 to 1928 produced a total of almost 600,000 dead in combat or collateral, and 1,000,000 people in a milling horde of refugees.  Large numbers of those people who left Mexico came into the Republic of Texas during those days.  There were also many Border depredations in those years, frequently blamed on some ephemeral "Pancho Villa" but more commonly military regulars and irregulars and bandits supported by communists (Workers of the World and Socialist International) in the persons of Venustiano Carranza (briefly president at the end of the Revolucion) and Gen. Alvaro Obregon, his successor ...both commies, anti-Americans, endorsed by Woodrow Wilson as ''progressives"....both assassinated for various reasons good and bad.
     The common folk....poor, middle class, and wealthy....came into Texas and were accommodated to better and lesser degree.  Their work ethic, and the fact that most of the adults had a pretty darned good third grade or sixth grade education caused them to fit the round peg to the square hole fairly well.  Without welfare of any kind, they developed a sociological set of bunny trails, social accommodations, employment, and comfortability.  They were generally allowed entry into the United States due to the anarchy in Mexico and were permitted to stay so long as they maintained a clean social history.
School attendance and steady even if intermittent employment or the establishment of any business small or large usually guaranteed  a legal resident alien card to be renewed annually at the Post Office.
     World War II was the leveller.  The combat and overall service characteristic of the Latino of these days...whether long-term Americanoid or one of the recent arrivals and their first generation of babies....had a stunning performance in the War against the Axis Powers.   So these groups pretty much blended into the marble cake.   This is a complicated marble cake, made up of large numbers of gente mestiza and white Mexicans...and a few Spaniards  and Lebanese/Syrian/Jordanian Spanish-speaking whites who were/are also Christians....who seemed to trickle in during the Revolucion all the way through the Depression.

      (5)    The post-Amnesty group:   In 1986 - 1987, we had the Amnesty enacted by Congress and signed, lamentably, into law by Ronald Reagan.   Because of the sluffy wording in the law (intentional ?) that amnesty pretty much allowed that  anyone who was the third cousin of the grandmother of the mistress of the grandfather of the aunt of his brother-in-law was to be given a permission to "join the family" in America.  This was the worst of the worst of the gravy-train people.  Lazy, stupid, mean, and criminal....perhaps thirty per cent.   This is not so much for the ones who qualified for amnesty, but the ones who rode the horse that that amnesty saddled for them.   From that time on, there began the gradual deterioration of the quality of life in idyllic places like McAllen, Texas.   Just when the "Great Society" vote-buying scheme was put into place with the "War on Poverty" dreamed up by a murderous, perverted dolt by the name of Lyndon Baines Johnson, is where the quality of life began a steady downward helix into the Hell that we face now.   It is much worse than where I live in Mexico.
     Those of us who are among The Ancient Ones  can tell the difference of these gradations of folks.   Among the differences is the wholesale notion they have that everyone in Hidalgo County uses food stamps to buy their Cheetos and Red Soda.   They constitute about 30 per cent of the population of Hidalgo County and significant...large...portions of El Paso, Webb, Bexar, Dallas, Harris, and various other  counties in Texas.  They live by tricking the system and have become expert in developing Section 8, AFDC, Lone Star Card, and other qualifications from two or more "abandoned wives with children".   Lamentably, and perhaps this makes El Gringo some type of racist, most of these people are primarily white to essentially totally white. 

(6)     The Colonial and pre-Republic of Texas Group:   These are people who had ancestry who went into the abyss of Coahuila in the middle of the 1500s.  Many had large tracts, many had small tracts.  Many had title, as second or third pretender, all had multiple talents, as required to join any colonisation caravan.  In the mid-1700s more of the same, with a larger sprinkling of Canary and Azorean hidalgos (sequential pretenders to lower-level property and title rights....low to medium blue-bloods, in other words),,,,came into this area.   These people would join with the others who came in during the 1500s in Holy Matrimony and in other ways to produce the people of this area that the American military encountered during their advance to Monterrey in the Mexican - American War.
     These people were primordially Christians...more Catholic than the Pope.  They had no imagination whatsoever.  The Angloid group who came in during and after the War with Mexico to that Borderland known as the Rio Grande or Rio Bravo in Mexico....were very surprise, even stunned, at these people who were, even in appearance, very similar to the upper elements of the Angloid group.  The Colonials made up for their lack of imagination with a very advanced intelligence.  Something of a contradiction....but a condition that makes for a very, very conservative cultural cohort in the population.
     As an aside, my father's cavalry squadron would always look forward to riding River Patrol back in the late 1920s and early 1930s.  Why?  Because the people of those ancient homesteads always welcomed them with gratitude as the peace-keepers.  These "colonials" would prepare special Mexican-Spanish foods to serve and trade for oysters and Gulf Trout filets that came up from Brownsville with the quarter-master's unit.  The soldiers would, under full escort, allow the children to "ride'' the less skittish warhorses, and with the permission of the commander, they would put on shows of equestrian ability to the delight of the country folk who lived along the Rio Grande and felt strongly that they, too, were Americans.....Gringos of a same and separate sort....but Americans, Texans of the most primordial sense.   (Ist Cavalry (mounted), 12th Regiment, HQ Squadron)
     These people, the Colonial and Pre-Republican Texian folks are 15/16ths white up to 16/16ths Caucasian.

Siren Song seduces the sailors
 to the Rocks
     (7)    The next grouping is the  positive and negative melding of all of the above.  It is weakened by the new arrivals now, when before it was strengthened.  That is because the vast majority of the earlier Latinos had already demonstrated compliance with reality.  They had shown a willingness to be successfully self-provident.
     This is where the war is.  In the bulk of Texas, the Latin cohort to the Universe of population in the Republic of Texas is highly dispersed. The greatest concentration of those who willingly succumb...volunteer for the subjugation of ones own honour,  pride,  and self-respect for a Lone Star Card is found right along the border.   While there are other the inner city....and in other areas of the Republic, almost 50 per cent of the Lone Star Card holders and AFDC Professionals, are along the first two tiers of Counties from the Rio Grande.  The remainder of the Latin cohort, perhaps 70 per cent is in a purgatorial  float....and those provide most of the votes.  About 80 per cent of those folks  are  disposed to consider and vote by their conservative instincts. 
    Among the intermarried, almost all are Elephants.  There are Texas liberals among them...avant garde types....but most are centre-right to hard right people.  They are not seen on the network news hours or Sixty Minutes or on The Vew.   The are working.  They are welding pipe of 72 inches that require hermetic seal.  They are doing old Mrs. Jackson's blue hair for the wedding to-morrow night...and letting the girl with only 3 months of training,  on real live cranky old Jewish-lady who is going to her grandson's Bar Mitzvah,  stomach turning....fingers crossed.
       They are teachers,  standing in front of classes of profane, procto-urologically obsessed 18 year-old sophomores whose every third word is something that 40 years ago would have resulted in 3o days in jail.
   They are the dental assistants and dentists, the pharmacists, the MacDonald's night manager, the hotelier and restaurateur  with his CIA and twenty year's experience and 3,000,000 American dollars on the line opening his other words...Texians.   They tend to want to vote Republican but they do not like in the least being lumped into the group "Hispanic" like a dog-breed.
     And, excuse me, let me wave:  there goes my children's first his Department of Public Safety Cruiser....chasing down another 1st level offender.
Too much has been said, but yet not enough.  We leave this to the OROGs and we shall return, celebrating the restoration of our old beat-up PC. It really is a noble machine.  More later.
El Gringo Viejo

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Burned Alive

I suppose even reporting this story makes me an Islamophobe, but so be it. This Christian couple (she was pregnant) were burned alive in Pakistan.

On November 4, a Muslim mob in Pakistan burned to death a young Christian couple, including a pregnant mother of four children. Their alleged crime? Blasphemy.

Here’s the on-the-ground report from our European Centre for Law and Justice affiliate in Pakistan:
Shahzad, his wife, Shama, and parents had been working and living at the brick kiln of Yousaf Gujjar for the last thirteen years. On November 3, 2014, while cleaning the house, Shama found some papers that belonged to her father-in-law who had died a week prior to this incident. She gathered all those papers; some of the papers were printed in Arabic. Shama was illiterate and did not know whether those papers were from the Qur’an. She burnt all of them together (a common way of disposing of papers).
Her Muslim neighbors, Shakoor and Inayat saw her burning the papers. They informed Khawar Yousaf, son of Yousaf Gujjar (owner of the brick kiln) that Shama burnt the Qur’an. Khawar called Shama and Shahzad to his office, locked them inside and beat them.
While the Christian couple was being burnt, the Muslims were chanting slogans of Allahu Akbar (Allah is great). They remained there until the couple was completely burnt.
One of the brick kiln laborers told our legal team that a fruit vendor named Muhammad Ramzan used to come to the brick kiln. On November 3, 2014, he passed by the garbage corner where he also saw some partially burnt pages that had Arabic written on them. He found out that a Christian couple had burnt the Qur’an and they were in the custody of the brick kiln owner.
Outraged, Ramazan went to his village’s mosque and told the cleric Maulvi Muhammad Hussain that the Qur’an had been desecrated. Muhammad Hussain sent out a message to the adjacent villages’ mosques and also made an announcement at his own mosque. All told, about six to seven villages were informed that a Christian couple had burned the Qur’an.
On November 4, 2014 at about 6:30 a.m., an enraged mob of about four thousand Muslims attacked at the brick kiln. They attacked the office where the couple was detained. The mob beat the couple with clubs. Soon the couple fell unconscious; the mob took them on top of the brick kiln and lay them down on the openings from where coal is thrown to increase the fire. The Muslims also put an iron sheet on them which was about 7 feet long and 3 feet wide to press them in order to keep them from moving.
While the couple was being burnt, the Muslims were chanting slogans of Allahu Akbar (Allah is great). They remained there until the couple was completely burnt. During the visit at the brick kiln, our legal team learned from a police officials that the police received the information and arrived at the site but due to the huge number of people they could not intervene. However, the police registered the crime report and about 50 people have been arrested so far.
The Christian eyewitnesses told that the Muslims also burnt the Bible and threatened the Christians that they would burn the Christian houses and church in the village. They also said that Khawar Yousaf had demanded 150,000 Pakistani rupees (roughly $1471) from the couple to let them escape from the village. But the poor couple was unable to pay.
During our meeting with the family of Shahzad, the family informed our team that Shama was in the second trimester of her pregnancy.

If not now, when? If not here, where? A call to ride to the sound of the cannons!

      One is left to scratch his bony head with wonderment.  The Republicans just managed to breach the parapets and destroy the American Democratic National Socialist Workers' Party.   Had the tables been reversed,  the roving hordes of Occupy Wall Street, labour union, parasites, crony-Ruhr Valley capitalists would still be running up and down the streets of Peoria, burning down stores and breaking the windows out of the banks and MacDonald's.
     One has to admit that it would be fun to see Warren Buffet and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid giving each other high-fives and sharing complaints about how horribly stinky the rubes of the province are.   It would be good to see all stopping just short of the celebratory finish-line so as to allow the totally naked Monarch to cross first....wearing only his huge crown.
     Later celebrants could have their pictures made in front of Air Force Obama Forever with the new white side-walled tires fitted onto the landing gear.   A Burning Man Event would have been held in every nook and cranny of the Republic for weeks....even months.   The Obsolete Media could even explain to us that Miss Flukie was going to be beatified for being martyred by having been beaten by a male for a seat in the past elections.   We are left  only to imagine in this mid-summer night's dream what the IRS and ATF could have done to this poor soul, had he been real.
     But, fear not, because before this scene would have ended, volunteers from the UAW and the SEIUnion, along with George Soros, Oprah Winfrey, and (Sir Edmund) Hillary would have led a group of leading liberal universities' students to clean up all the resulting garbage and litter.   The odors would have had to take care of themselves.

     While these scenes did not occur, they would have.  But we are faced with another scene.  That scene is one of a combined force of right-wing crazies, Country-Clubbers, curmudgeons / veterans,  proprietors, and skilled blue-collar people....a group increasingly Latino and African-American....came together to elect....GOVERNORS IN MASSACHUSETTS AND MARYLAND AND ILLINOIS?????   Debbie Washerman Smaltz!!! Say it isn't so!!!
     The wash-out was so wide and deep that it descended into the races for dog-catcher and village metre-reader supervisor.   Several more State Congresses moved to be amongst  the Elephants.  A Black Texas Republican upset Henry Gallegos, a powerful Latino Democrat to become the first elected Black Republican from the Republic of Texas t0 the United States Congress. A female Black Republican did likewise in Utah.  And Tim Scott won from the Cradle of the Confederacy, South Carolina, running as did the other two, on a very strong Conservative platform.   All three are not only more attractive, but also more intelligent than any Democrat and perhaps even than all or most of the Republicans.

Carlos Cascos
Carlos Cascos, CPA
County Judge, Cameron
County, Texas (R)
Newly appointed
Secretary of State
Republic of Texas
    Texas witnessed a minimum of 44% of all Latins who went to the polls, voting Republican.  Texas Republicans have a significant Latin participation in their delegations to Washington.  Texas has the first Latina first-lady of the Republic of Texas, the wife of Greg Abbot, governor elect of the Republic.
     We have melded a marble cake of philosophy and not race or ethnicity.  The  Secretary of State will be an immigrant (legal) who had just been re-elected as County Judge (chief county executive) of Cameron County.   This county is at the very tip of South Texas. He has been a Republican throughout his political life, and served well in a county that is composed of 85 per cent,  persons of Mexican - Spanish descent, and about 6 to 1 Democrat by their primary-voting participation.

     All of the above means that El Gringo Viejo's analysis was, and is, spot on concerning the lack of necessity to be anything beyond ourselves in order to sincerely draw people to our cause.  The term 'Hispanic' must be abolished from the Republican lexicon.  It is a word so overly broad in its definition, so as to be useless for any purpose save to make the ignorant feel as though they are wise.

     Next, we must put up at least an extremely vigorous skirmish against the idea of anything styled as "immigration reform".    If this requires limiting funding for anything beyond sealing the northern and southern borders to anything but legal cross-border traffic at appropriate, designated international crossings, then so be it.   We must deny any movement until the borders are secured and every international airport is staff with competent immigration officers around the clock.   We must also immediately pass a statute making it plain and clear that the birthing of a baby on American soil or any fixture, device, or vehicle such as an airplane or automobile of any kind by an illegal alien immediately disqualifies the baby from American  (or Texian) citizenship.   Citizenship, in these days especially, must be reserved for those who have demonstrated that they will adhere to the rules of citizenship and compliance with the law.
     Simultaneously, we must increase the pressure on all fronts, legislatively and judicially to overturn and nullify the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI).   As the central government has no right no know anything about our income, it likewise has no right or justification to know anything about our infirmities or strengths of health.   Such things are not the proper concern of a government of a free people.  It is something that should be required of military personnel and perhaps central government police agents such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation....who should be in reasonably good condition, but not of a free people.


     The results of last election point clearly to the fact that a coherent  majority can be established to roll back the progressive-marxist agenda.  But, it must be shown to the American people that all five sub-species of Elephants can, among themselves...working on that broad field of common agreement...move in firm and positive steps towards reasonable, conservative goals.   If we brood and say, "The black voting block will kill us during the presidential elections and the 'Hispanics' will kill us, too!"  then we are fooling ourselves.  The un-docking of the ship of solid Black Democrat votes has begun.  There will be no Obama to demagogue the false issues.  The Latin block becomes increasingly less homogenous and the non-citizen group demonstrated again that they are unwilling to become citizens and register and then vote.   The citizen group remains almost inertial in terms of not voting, and the block that votes edges toward the right.   The idea that the resident and citizen Latino group wants to have a flood of Central Americans come upon them is beyond ludicrous. 


                                                   NOVEMBER 4, 2014


PRECINCTS COUNTED (OF 255).  .  .  .  .         255        (100.00%)

REGISTERED VOTERS - TOTAL .  .  .  .  . 321,564

BALLOTS CAST - TOTAL.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .         83,522       (24,194) (55,172) (4,125)  (31)                       (0)

VOTER TURNOUT - TOTAL  .  .  .  .  .  .               25.97

     This shows what the reality of the "Hispanic" vote is.  Hidalgo County is almost exactly 90 per cent people of Mexican - Spanish ancestry.  There are almost 900,000 people known to be living here.  About 70 per cent are native born or naturalised citizens and their minor children.   There are another 20 per cent who are some degree or another of legally resident aliens.
     In the immediately past Presidential elections in Mexico, the Mexican county across the Rio Grande from Hidalgo County, also with about 1,000,000 population, with approximately 400,000 qualified electors, there was a 62% voter turnout.   Their last general election had a 62% turnout, and the Mexican conservative party carried the Municipio (county).


     This entire call is one which exhorts the soon to be Republican majorities in both the upper and lower Houses of the United States Congress settle among themselves upon the construct of a solid spear.  While it is being hammered into a wondrous weapon...go among the unwashed on the other side of the aisle and see if there are any who wish to crawl from the rancid, marshy tar pit and serve the cause of good order and solvency.   Certainly there might be five or ten.

Thanks for your time and patience.
El Gringo Viejo