Thursday, 24 April 2014

Braided Events....Confusion and Murkiness

     It seems that events, and other matters, are occurring at a rapid canter, if not at full gallop.

     The lack of preparedness of the estimable Mr. Bundy played well into the only card left for the left.   Failing in their arguments, as usual, the New York Times has to ask Mr. Bundy about why he thinks that 60 people were shot over the weekend of Easter, leaving 9 dead in Chicago, alone....and he was neither sophisticated nor wise enough to say, "I know nothing of the situation affecting black folks back East.   Nevada is a different planet, and I cannot speak with authority about such things."

    And yes, El Gringo Viejo knows that the question was not specifically about Chicago's rampant black-on-black violence that takes on Fallujah-like insanity.   The other problem is that Old Man Bundy spoke simply and truthfully about the issue and that is really, really a big NO NO.   So there we are.

     This bears naught upon the issue of Bureau of Land Management and its rapacious interjection into property matter throughout the American Union and especially all those areas west of the Mississippi that have any skin showing.   As the Army Corps of Engineers joins with every corrupt local government, especially in the Eastern half of the Republic, to promote endless projects, such as the New Orleans system of locks and dykes, the Environmental Protection Agency moves to block and stymie every effort to do something worthwhile.

     The Keystone Project sits at idle due to the obstinacy of a petty and petulant narcissistic marxist who loves having the opportunity to let Valerie Jerrod tell him what to do....perhaps she is the commie sister/mother he never had and there is a sibling/maternal warmth there that he doesn't feel from having his mother-in-law sitting at the other end of the dining table.

     The prism of unreality glistens further, but with peculiar lights first seen well perhaps during that distressful selfie-orgy between Barry and that white, female dog of a prime ministrina.   It is now a given that Michelle, the dietician and mover-in-chief of the Republic will join up with Richard Simmons and Oprah for a jog across the nation to promote healthy marijuana brownines for primary students who are being home-schooled at their franchise sites where coin-operated abortions will be made available, in a friendly healthy, LGRTSJFW-family environment.

     And there is still nothing on the fact that General Motors and Chrysler preferred stock owners and bond holders were essentially expropriated and their assets turned over to the United Auto Berufsschl√§gerArbeiter.
      And there is still nothing but snickering giggles about "no shovel ready jobs" after the shovelling of one trillion dollars into the black hole of Pleiades with a few billion diverted to "green energy" like Solyndra and Fistercar.  The shekels of the latter wound up not-too-circuitously into the Obama re-election campaign via various one-percenter bundlers.
     And still there is nothing about the 600 or so Mexican innocents who were gunned down by arms provided to cartel people by the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives people.   Nothing, except for promotions and bonuses for the ones who were in charge of the program.
      And still, not one news agency, including FOX News, will say anything about the fact that Obama lied directly on live television during his campaign period interview with Spanish language television anchors by saying that Fast and Furious was a Bush Administration programme that he closed down as soon as he found out about it.   This one glaring willingness to lie so blatantly should be touted far and wide, with heralding buglers on a twice weekly basis until it becomes the spot of blood on his hands that he cannot wipe of and he breaks down like Lady MacBeth.....


      And still, there is no answering for any of the labyrinth of lies concerning anything about Benghazi and the need to have offered up for sacrifice an entire embassy compound and staff, and the careers of more general officers than were demoted and/or removed from service after the surprise attack by the Japanese.  Imagine Petreaus, after his treatment by Hillary in the Senate hearings, to later, after Benghazi coming forth and singing her praises.  And Ham, after blustering , becomes a lobotomised buffoon, misrepresenting fly-times and response alternatives with robotic predictability.
     And still we await some indication that there will be a final confession and/or statement of realisation and fact that the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative is dead...the numbers are not only cooked, but totally invented.  And we further hope that there is enough testosterone left on the right side of the aisle to unconditionally and totally hoist the entire 2,600 pages of "settled law" and its attendant 40,000 pages of ''settled regulations" into the vat of boiling acid that was supposed to have been left at Fort Marcy Park one night not so long ago.

     What villainous people these marxists are.   There is no health in them.

More later, when the effect of my NoDoze and AirWick cocktail wears off.
El Gringo Viejo

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Another log on the fire - Bureau of Land Management and other environuts



     The creeping, amoebic, sliming, ever-forward reach of the central government may have hit a snag in the Republic of Texas.  We have seen here over the years this same disposition to generally yield to the supposed good intentions of the Wise Ones in Washington, District of Columbia.   This land is needed for the protection of this and that, and that land is needed for the protection of that and this.

     Not long ago, an individual related a story to a brother of mine concerning an incident with the United States Forestry Service.   The fellow is a rancher with significant acreage on the middle Gulf Coast in Texas.  Precision is not all that necessary, but it is necessary to know that the place was a working ranch and not a hobby-ranch.  There were approximately 550 head of cattle, being husbanded by a man and his wife and five hands.
A typical Texas coastal ranch scene, swarming with
ducks and/or geese from early December 'til March

     The environment there is a bit salty, as one might imagine, but with molasses-bearing hay and an eye on the tick fever and other menaces one could make a go of the business and pay the bills.  The man was and probably still is a well-to-do of the poor-rich.   The ranch had four producing oil/gas wells that gained the ranch a portion, which is greater than a royalty.  I believe his portion was 1/16th of the production.

     The punchers and the family enjoyed the coyotes, bobcats, birds, deer, and other beasts, flora, and fauna of the place.   They even had taken to raising donkeys as a protection for the calves against the coyotes.  Donkeys are very protective of other livestock and can handle coyotes very effectively.  On the coast, they had land that went to the very edge of the water, and they could frequently see porpoises frolicking and "rounding up" trout or redfish, and playing their version of rugby with them.   The fish served as the ball, of course, while the porpoises served as the players.

File:Aransas national wildlife refuge1.jpg
Oak motts, tidal basin, beaches nearby, a plethora of
major mammals and minor, and world class bird
watching opportunities

     In any regard, we have the day that Barney Fife comes with a paper in his hand.  This writer is not certain if it was Fish and Wildlife, Bureau of Land Management, or some other sub-dependency of the Department of the Interior of the central government.   There were two pick-ups, with four men, all decked out just like real lawmen, with pistols on their hips.  The oddity was that one of them was also carrying a 16 gauge, pump shotgun, along with a cartridge belt with extra shells.

     Barney, a smallish man remembered best for his silly way of sneery-smiling and snickering after every statement and for his attempt at a John Wayne stride, thrust an envelope into the hand of the ranch owner, in the presence of three of his cowboys.   The rancher asked, "What is this?"
      Barney responded, "That's a court order for you to remove these cattle from the area demarcated in the order.   The cranes and other shore birds, and a lot of protected species land here and they don't like having cows poop on their nesting grounds."
      "But, wait a second, listen here, what am I supposed to do with the cattle?  Are you going to move them?  What am I supposed to do with the land?" protested the rancher.
      "None of that is our problem. Just make sure you pay your taxes, especially your income taxes, or we'll come and take the land, too." was Barney's last snickering statement as he swung back into the "official government" pick-up.   Really strange also, was that the man with the shotgun backed his way into the other pick-up, all the while keeping an eye on the rancher, as if the feds had something to fear from him.

      El Gringo Viejo has deferred from naming the particular type of bird that would have been especially offended by cow-poop, because it is a famous migratory bird that has had a slow recovery over the past century.   By naming the specie, it would narrow the possible actors in this issue to about 100 possible ranchers, and we do not wish to raise their profile before the central government goon squads and enviropsychos.

     Fast forward to to-day, and we have the actual Bureau of Land Management attempting to essentially expropriate from Texas and the State of Oklahoma almost 100,000 acres of Red River border bottom-lands.   This is due to the difficulty in determining the correct line of delineation between the two entities.   The Burea of Land Management seems to say that since the Red River is indecisive about establishing a constant and permanent channel, then the BLM needs to simply take all the area that swishes this way to-day and swashes the other way to-morrow.
     The present Attorney General of Texas, Mr. Abbot, has thrown down the gauntlet against the Barry Soetoro's peculiar autocratic, marxist government now for the thirtieth time, via legal process and/or law suit.  In all probability it will become a matter of both Attorneys-General quite soon.
     The initial illegal land-grab is certainly bad enough.   The use of the same standards being employed in the one area where the unstable border is being examined now, however, could lead to as much as 1,000.000 acres of territory being declared to be of indeterminate domain.

     Move down to the other end of the Republic of Texas and we can report that, very steadily, the Department of the Interior and its various dependencies, have taken more and more land out of the private sector's ownership for the purpose of "preservation of the rapidly diminishing natural habitat".  This steady taking, backed by the elites in the locale who are kind, gentle, more enlightened, the only ones concerned with the little animals, and the only ones with the ability to determine what is good and what the people should and should not have access to....back up this government redefinition of what belongs to whom.

     The only people who have the right to be in these "restricted areas"  that are marked "Federal Property - No Entrance under penalty of law" are drug traffickers and illegal aliens, and of course, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of the Interior personnel.

File:Texas Flag Come and Take It.svg
 These signs are increasingly appearing
throughout the Republic of Texas

Increasingly tired of hubris, we remain grateful for the OROGs continued patience with the rantings of a mean old man.
El Gringo Viejo

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Rain, Works, and Seasonal Pictures at the Quinta

     During the overnight hours, it seems as though the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre might have received 4 - 6 inches of rain, due to a suddenly forming upper-level low.   The axis of the trough ran from above Monterrey to nearly Laredo and south down to below Cd. Victoria.   In any regard, the June rainy season came a little early, and it is well that we did the repairs on the roof/ceiling of the "long, west-facing corridor".

This photo shows the flowering of our avocado
houseplant"so named because it is the closest
 avocado to the house.

     We share here some pictures of the recent moments at the Quinta, some of the work and some of the seasonal beauty marks.

     The rains during the past 18 months or so have been more generous than the previous three years.  My decision to allow the "middle ground" between the house and the Rio Corona is turning out to be, for now, a wise measure.

These are the "tejas" on the ground, as we
prepare to patch, repair, and re-enforce
the roof/ceiling of the corridor.
     As I wander, verbally, it needs to be pointed out that the dates on these photos are incorrect.   Why El Gringo Viejo is every bit as intelligent as the most brilliant pair in the world, Obama and (Sir Edmund)Hillary...he cannot seem to figure out how to set the date feature on his camera.

This is Alvaro triple bolting each re-enforcing
2X6 onto the supports of the ceiling.  One can
see the triple bolt at the top centre of the scene
     Here, on the left, are 3,200 tejas (TEI - has) or Moorish or Spanish roof tiles.  They have been taken off so as to give access to the areas that need sealant, re-cementing, and in this case another measure.  This time El Gringo Viejo is putting down a steel sheet underneath the tejas so as to conduct more rapidly and uniformly any water that is not removed through the channels formed by the loose joining of said tejas.  This measure has already proven to be very effective.  Also, the unavoidable bending and twisting caused by the use of rough, sawmill lumber, taken legally from the nearby forests, has been corrected.  That measure will result in a more permanent and more perfectly level roof/ceiling than what we had before.

     This entire project, not counting the planning, driving around picking up the material, and the locating, finally of a maestro to help, once begun only took 3 days to complete and clean up.  Because of the shortage of labour in Mexico at this time, we passed through three maestros who could not work with us because they were already compromised, a couple of clients deep, and that left us in a bit of a lurch.

This is one of four spice, butterfly,
 and hummingbird gardens, this
one with a view towards the
 Rio Corona, 200 yards
 to the South
   We wound up having to use the maestro who had left us in a lurch 13 years ago, never finishing and running up bills at the supply house.   He is also the best maestro in this part of the county.....albeit burdened by his fame of running a 93 yard dash....and charging up accounts to one person to pay for material that pertains to other jobs.   Perhaps that fame is what made him available for us.   In any regard, Maestro IV readily accepted the job Alvaro offered.   He arrived early, left late, and did typically excellent work.  He only overcharged slightly...but perhaps none at all because of his complete array of very fine personal equipment.   And it was good, perhaps, to bury the machete finally. 

We shall send along a few more images of our works and scenes, once we work out another problem in the engineering department.  Thanks for everyone's patience.

El Gringo Viejo