Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Interconnectivity Notion is Working - Speak the Truth to Madness - Join Arms and Advance for Liberty

     Our notion about moving back and forth and grasping onto others who have blogs that appeal to the higher senses seems to be working.   Between our little adobe outpost in rural Mexico, and our tiny observation hut on the Frontier that the Republic of Texas shares with the Republic of Mexico we are now actively intertwining with 7 or 8 other bloggers of similar disposition.
     Our passenger count of OROGs has quadrupled, and all of that is thanks to you the OROG and to the other salient blogs.   We have, as some already know, one of the finest legal analysts in terms of matters dealing with Church Canon Law as it interfaces with the Law of Caesar, and who is also an historian of high degree, mixing with a gun-smith and analyst of Constitutional matters, especially as they pertain to the firearms and States' Rights issues, and several others who send in topics, incident reports, and commentary.

Johnny (Appleseed) Chapman
    This particular blog entry is addressed to the attention of Senators Ted Cruz and Bob Lee.   It is passively directed towards them, their plate is full at this time with trying to save the American Union from self-destruction.   But it about this matter of subordination.   The people who radiate around the places that matter....Washington, D.C. ,  New York City, and Hollywood...are pleased with themselves because they have put the shrunken head of Cruz and Lee up on the game-room shelves of their fancy flats and elegant homes.   It was a very successful hunting expedition and they destroyed the two upstarts who failed to respect the proper order of things.   They talk to other talking heads and nod knowingly about how good it was that the two novice Senators received their comeuppance. 
     So now, they can reach up after reading the Op Eds of the Old Grey Lady, and turn the light out.

    But it is like the advertisement that shows the trains and toys of the little boy coming to life once he slumbers.  The Wise RINO is unaware that, in that part of the American Union that does not matter, where dumboes with dirty fingernails cobble together a decent life from spare parts and hard work, Ted Cruz and Bob Lee are already something like Pecos Bill and Paul Bunyan...with a little Johnny Appleseed thrown in.

     Cruz and Lee are not worshipped like leftists worship (Sir Edmund) Hillarty for all the things she has done for women and children....(just think of all those things)....we are made of sterner stuff, as some erstwhile writer wrote long ago.  The two men....and scores of men and women like them who were so dumboe that they actually went to Congress and voted the way they said they would vote.....are heartily respected, admired, and placed in a position of trust and leadership we feel will not be abused.   Throughout my proverbial land of beauty parlours, saloons, mechanics' shops, diners, and churches people are eyeing each other and nodding....sharing knowing looks....speaking frankly...all with reference to the falsity of Hope and Change and the entire snake-oil side-show that has so wounded the Republic. 
     We now enter a zone of opportunity.  Many members of the National Socialist Democrat Workers' Party are preparing to commit regicide.   In keeping with their "code of instincts" as animals of the jungle, they will throw the king overboard the Ship of State, if there is any thought that they might lose their aristocratic title, however small.
    "How could a King be more important than I, when I am a viscount with much power and many admirers of my raiment in my own land?" they might ask.


     We should harvest the offerings of momentary goodwill by these serpents who normally are selling new lamps for old....and dispose of this horrid President's efforts to nationalise the Republic from sea to shining sea.   If possible, it would be well to ride the wave of reality and remove this horrid holder of the office of president of the United States of America.  We would be far better off with an elderly fool...a jester....who could never leverage so many ill-taken votes to move the country in any foul direction as has the present president.

    Biden could probably commit political suicide at least eight or nine times in two years, and he could replace the Steve Allen Show from the late 1950s and early 1960s as a comedy show worth the watching.    The principals of the Steve Allen Show were mainly pinkoes, but very funny.  The Jews among them still made fun of themselves and went to synagogue, and it smelled like a sophisticated New York City form of Hee Haw.   A really excellent program with circus, magic, music, and such like Ed Sullivan's excellent variety show, but funnier.   There was even one fellow, named Bill Dana who had a routine, playing the role of a heavily accented Latin...Mexican, Puerto Rican, or Cubano...and he would come on screen as an ill-at-ease person, obviously preoccupied with matters of great importance.   Steve Allen would ask him, "What is your name, sir?"    To which Bill Dana would respond, "My neim, Mai neim ees Jose Jimenez..." as if he was unsure of his own name.   If I am not mistaken Bill Dana was the first to do the old saw of a joke about the Mexican fellow telling the folks back home on his return how nice the Gringos are.  How so? the villagers asked the returnee.  He responded (and remember this is on live national television), "I go to the beisbol game and seet in the sit.  And theen, all the pipples rise up, and they ask to me eef I have a gud sit to seat een.  They eev'n sing eet to me.  They sing, "Jose, can you see?  The Gringos, they are very nice pipples."
But I diverge.
     The fact is that Cruz was right.  He was not only right about his diagnosis of this horrid piece of legislation, he is correct about the long-term effect and the hopeless black-hole of money that will never be enough to patch all the holes that will continuously develop in the Obama Socialised Medical Initiative (OSMI) as it crashes through American society and its economy.
     He was right in throwing down the marker in the Senate, because he and we are now in the position to say, "Look, John McCain called us nutters and radicals because Cruz was unhinged, disrespectful, grandstanding, stupid, and radical.    And now, John McCain is saying that the OSMI must be repealed, rescinded, and fed into every paper shredding machine forever!!"
     It is amazing how Truth hitting someone on top of the head with a two-by-four can make that person actually engage his brain and think.   So now, from all around, including lefty Democrats, the political class is trundling out to the microphones to divulge, "I never was really all that hot on the programme to begin with.  My constituents want to go back to square zero."
     We must be forever wary of politicians and social engineers who promise us social programmes that are based upon making other procedures and programmes "more efficient".   Efficiency and Effectiveness are brothers.   But they are not twin brothers.
     Furthermore, in sociological terms, one of the constants in the analysis of all societies, the most "efficient" societies are the most totalitarian and the most miserable for the particular society afflicted with said efficiency (North Korea, Talibani Afghanistan, Cuba, Zimbabwe).   The most effective societies are those who have a magnificent jumble of unpredictable opportunities overlaying a matrix of common law and private property and private economic initiative. along with a general, widely accepted, and widely practiced moral code.
    Our cause is just.  Our thinking is sound.  Our will is to establish the best of moral, economic, spiritual, and intellectual environment for all.   We do not wish to "take care" of people or give them things "for free".   Imagine the child who actually does a passable job at her piano recital.  That steeling of the spine and realisation of self-worth is a powerful force in the establishment of further accomplishment and self-reliance.
That the Saints look over Ted Cruz and Bob Lee and all those who staid in during the rough seas and hauled the heavy shrouds and stays holding up the masts and sails of our stalwart craft.   We are the stronger force  because we have souls...however damaged and tarnished...while our opponents scorn the belief in the provision of good for the sake of goodness only.   They have only the desire to control, preside over, and organise matters to their own liking.

     It is very necessary that all OROGs visit the Anglican Curmudgeon's blog to-day or at some early moment of convenience to study the history and changing nature of even the definition of "dollar" as a concept and as a currency.   It will point the way to new battles to fight and win.   He also has published a compelling set of observations concerning our new Jean d'Arc, the lady known as Yolanda Burroughs Vestal who has stood to deliver Truth to Madness.   We are many....we are stronger....we are more intelligent, and we seek that all people can find the good within themselves.

Stay in touch all.  We shall be leaving in the cold, on Sunday, in order to stand my duty at the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre .
El Gringo Viejo