Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Predictable, lamentable, and they say it is my fault and yours....


     The celebration of homosexual rights and acceptance and tolerance left behind the reminder of the true nature of the exemplary conduct of the social reformers and those who wish to condemn and  instruct the old, traditional, the disciplined, the compliant, and those who have a true communitarian catechism.
     They demonstrate with all the arrogance of a two year old child, who knowing everything, does not recognise his/her ignorance.

Downtown Houston
After the "Gay Pride Day" parade

    This is the example of what those who wish to instruct us always do.  They break, soil, trash, and ruin, and then expect someone else to pick up the mess.   It is troubling that the Obsolete Press adulates these people, and the rioters, and the Occupy Wall Street vermin, and the Ferguson Looters while denigrating and ridiculing those of us who strive to maintain all areas under our control and purview as clean and orderly so as to make a joyous noise unto the Lord.

Topsy is turvy, and good has become bad.   Straight becomes curvy, it is all very sad.
El Gringo Viejo