Wednesday, 28 June 2017

An OROG posted this on his FB Screed

    We have a friend in South Carolina who is always combing for humourous and / or interesting commentary.  He frequently finds remarkable jewels in the English language, both secular and sacred in origin.  Below, we include one of his submissions to a relatively large following on Facebook.   We use him as a confidant and as a source for reliable information as well as humour.  To wit:


     One of the first outfalls of the Orwellian saga is that he was identified as a "liberal" by the avant garde and he was celebrated. Of course, as the days have gone by since his time, it has been demonstrated that it is the false intellectuals of the left....the Bolshevik, the National Socialist, the Progressive, the "democratic socialist" and the ever-so-effete liberal.....who have fulfilled the prophesies of Orwell.

Sincerely composed and submitted,
El Gringo Viejo