Sunday, 25 June 2017

Absurbimus Abundus Amungus


     (1)     An asteroid is approaching Planet Earth, and lamentably, said asteroid is approximately 300 times the size of our Planet.  Best calculations indicate it will hit sometime next week.  Due to that fact, the Democrat National Committee has published some observations, analysis, and perhaps helpful guidance.
     First of all, the Republicans have done nothing about this.   They have stood in the way of every measure that we have reasonably proposed:

    Universal Free health care, with extra Asteroid protection clause

    Ferguson Marshall Plan for People of Colour (FMPPC)

   Special umbrellas for LGBTZQSJM5 persons

   Midnight yoga for women and others identifying as women or as "other than male gender who might be suffering from" Asteroid Stress Syndrome

   The Native American Casino Protection and Rehabilitation Act that provides for protection from     asteroids and funds for rebuilding Native American Casinos

  Non-Citizen (un-documented aliens from Planet Earth) Asteroid Exemption Act

   And an Act requiring immediate confiscation of money from the rich (anyone with 50,000 dollars of net worth or more) and its immediate redistribution to the people who need it more and from whom the money has been stolen since the foundation of the White Race, especially in America. This bill also authorises the confiscation of any excess profits held by people of Latin or Black African ancestry who have ever even thought about voting Republican, a form of Hate-Crime.

    A call for an International Climate and Asteroid United Nations Conference in 18 months, to be held in La Havana de Cuba to celebrate the 73rd Anniversary of the beginning of the Liberation  of Cuba from the domain of the Yanqui Imperialist Usurpers.  And Women's Issues.  And Trans. And a conversation about Race.  And Muslim After-Asteroid refugee resettlement project conversations.

     This last note:   Planned Parenthood Offices will be closed on Asteroid Day.   Merry Solstice.


(2)     On a bit more serious note, we find ourselves always appearing to be "taking Mexico's side" in this or that matter at least in the opinion of some readers and observers of A Gringo in Rural Mexico blog.  Your humble commentator is not an apologist for Mexico.   I see Mexico with both eyes open, warts, moles, and beauty marks.

     But, both in the reporting of negative and positive news of Mexico, one must be especially careful of what is published.   In terms of the negative, almost any news service such as McClatchy, New York Times, AP, Los Angeles Times, etc. go out of their way to report in a twisted way so as to put Mexico in the worst light possible.   In terms of the positive, beware of glowing accounts about time-shares or "adult community" life in Chapala, found in advertisements or  articles published in travel mags and publications.  Financial Times seems to do a good job, just to balance my remarks.
     Also, almost any travel advisory issued by the United States Department of State is almost certainly going to be either a reprint of an identical advisory from four years ago or too vague to employ in any positive way or it will be totally inaccurate.

     This writer is certainly not the final authority nor the all-knowing presence in the Hemisphere.  But, there are things that a person knows, especially after accomplishing three-score and ten, with
 Hercule Poirot
much of that being in, on, and around Mexico, and to many of the corners, depths, and peaks thereof.  Coupled with our family's experience with the workers who attended to our affairs on the Texas frontier with Mexico....almost all of whom came from the interior of Mexico....the OROG can perhaps have a little more confidence of my understanding of the people from a realistic and perhaps even sympathetic viewpoint.
   Throw on lore of the family stemming from a great-grandfather and a grandmother who owned a 1,500 acre plantation in the mountains to the west of the coastal city of Tuxpam, Vera Cruz during the 1880s up through the early part of the 1900s, and one might appreciate that even my genetic patterning could assist in "lubricating" the synapses  of understanding in my "little grey cells".
     In the Case of the Phantom Homicide Statistics, it was widely published that Mexico is now the second most violent country in the world in terms of homicides.  It was also pointed out repeatedly that only one place had more casualties (deaths) by violence than Mexico, and that was Syria.   They make the case that Mexico has had 30,000 killings of various types, since Vincente Fox Quezada, and especially Felipe Calderon Hinojosa (both rightwing, Republican-like Presidents from the National Action Party) came to power.   The overwhelming majority of said homicides have been associated with the scourge of the narcotics trade and wars.

     Quickly, so as not to bore, true statistical comparison of countries, in terms of any commodity or  demographic characteristic can only be done on the basis of incidence per a certain number-constant.  For instance,  let us say Baltimore has a homicide rate of 154 per 100,000 per annum.  We could then compare Baltimore to a place like LaFayette County, Texas that has perhaps a 2 homicide rate per 100, 000 and discern which is more dangerous.   We attach a chart so that readers can discern for themselves how much difference there is in the image when apples are compared to apples instead of comparing apples to tennis rackets:

(1)  Mexico                           19
(2)  Colombia                       26
(3)  Bahamas                       30
(4)  Guatemala                    31
(5)  Trinidad / Tobago        31
(6)  Belize                           34
(7)  St. Kitts                        35
(8)  South Africa               36
(9)  Brazil                          39
(10) Jamaica                     43
(11) US Virgin Islands     53
(12) Honduras                 84
(13) Nicaragua                84
(14) El Salvador            108
(15) Venezuela               115

     This is not a list of all countries, only a listing of some that show where Mexico compares with other places known, and perhaps not so well known.   Once again,  these are homicides per 100,000 persons in said countries.   Some might say that there is a "trick" here to make Mexico look good, but such is not the case.  Setting the number-per-100,000 gives the observer the exact level of security he/she can compare to another region or nation.   The United States, for instance, has something like 5.6 per 100,000, while certain urban precincts in the United States might seriously have numbers ranging well into the triple digit level.
     Mexico has the further disadvantage because the vast majority (well over 90%)of "homicides" should more properly be listed as "organised criminal military-style casualties and other deaths associated with criminal drug trafficking".   The Mexican military, for instance, has lost over 560 dead during the past 10 years, although they seldomly ever lose or draw a confrontation.
     Many folks are unaware that Mexico has a population of 125, 000, 000 people and occupies a land area that is three times the size of Texas.   So it is not as if it is Luxembourg having nightly shoot-outs with all combatants armed with bazookas.   It is also true that those who remain removed from the "traffic" have reduced their exposure to "problems" by over 99%, because the vast majority of the deaths being incurred in Mexico are due to confrontations between various gangs seeking "domain rights" in certain locales, as stated in a different way above.

     The most lamentable thing, of course, are the civilians, honest or more or less honest cops, and the very valiant Mexican Army and Naval Infantry who are affected by this plague.

     We would wish, in any regard, that the Department of State and/or the White House and/or whoever else is pushing this story including, the leftist Obsolete Media that dominates the newspaper and television news outlets would desist.  They are fooling folks who cannot spend the time to centrifuge the statistics and they are not fooling those of us who know the truth.

(3)    Finally we note that the family of the Gentle Giant, Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri fame was awarded $1,500,000 as compensation for Michael's death.   This award was given by a cowed city, gained by an eloquent and sincere attorney, I am sure, and perhaps it will restore some form of Karma to that horrid situation.
     We remember, however, that the family (or families, due to the convoluted nature of which is the step-father, which is the baby-mother, and which is the place where he "stays") set up dueling "Michael Brown Memorabilia Stands" at different ends of the town.  There were several physical conflicts between the dueling mothers and relatives to see who could dominate in sales of Michael Brown T-shirts and other such things.  It appeared as something akin to walrus mud-wrestling. 
     Several of these episodes were video-recorded, but we stopped looking after the first one because it seemed to be so terribly disgusting that the boy's body was barely cold before the people who cared naught about him, who should have cared the most, were essentially casting lots over shreds of his memory.   And to think, they were doing it for their own selfish, personal gain.  What price dignity?

     And these people were presented at the Democrat National Convention as some kind of national heroes.  In the case of both Michael and Treyvon, it seemed to be somewhat obvious that neither of those two boys, at least, had anyone invested emotionally in either.
     There are cases of police excesses to be sure.  But the development of an essentially un-fathered category of child, repeated thousands upon thousands upon thousands of times, results in the production of so very many children whose souls wither and rot within them long before adulthood.
     The white child who beat a four-person killing in a DWI incident a couple of years ago in Dallas is another example of the same thing...The attorney says the child is "disadvantaged" because of having been over-indulged and pampered, and so he could not determine right from wrong, nor could he exert any form of self-control.  He had, and still has, no soul.

Please.   Spare me.  Must we continue to live in dread of these monsters?  
El Gringo Viejo