Thursday, 11 May 2017

Comey - Democrat Schizophrenic Syndrome: The new norm in American politics


     The issues circulating around the Comey firing make a bit of sense.  The head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) made an announcement during the past Summer, a rather long and rambling statement actually, that left the viewers and listeners a bit subdued and confused.    On the one hand he painted up a picture of a thoroughly corrupt, arrogant, narcissistic personality who continued in her new office as Secretary of State very much as she had during her life since Wellesley.   And, on the other hand, he declared that there was no way she could be prosecuted.

     The immediate past Director of the FBI informed the American public that he had determined that no reasonable prosecutor would take the case of the ex-Secretary and then candidate for the Presidency of the United States because the transgressions she had committed, all the laws she had broken, all the rules she had shattered by her hubris did not reveal "an intent" to break the law.  It did display poor judgement and gross mismanagement, but not criminality, so therefore, according to James Comey, no prosecutor would prosecute, no grand jury would find, no judge would permit any process against that poor woman.  In other words, Comey became not only the Director of the FBI but also a Special Prosecutor and Grand Jury in and unto himself.

     Why did the Director of the FBI give a "no-bill" to HRH-HR concerning her obviously felonious behaviour?  Perhaps he forgot the two main axioms concerning legal proceedings against the Clintons Crime Syndicate.

      (a)    No crime committed in the past can be prosecuted against the Clintons.  Only crimes that have not been committed and that occur in the future can be prosecuted.

      (b)     The Fort Marcy Park Award for Participation Trophy

     One minor problem on the way to the shopping centre:   FBI Directors do not determine whom or what should be prosecuted.  Special prosecutors and Federal District Attorneys determine whom and why to prosecute. 

     "Progressives", conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Left, and Right were stunned.   No orange jump-suit.   No songs on Rush's show about "Try to Remember".  And, equally, no snotty nose-in-the-air statements about how HRH-HR was "vindicated".   After all, they could point out, she did kill Ovambo Bon Alibaba and she did catch that horrible person who made all those pornographic videos about Mohammed.   Just think of all those miles she flew! 

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     The former first lady, US Senator from New York, Secretary of State, and now soon to be nominee of the Partido Revolucionario del los Pobres y los Elites got back onto her magic skate-board, and figured that she was ready to have a fitting session with Gucci concerning how many diamonds, emeralds, and other jewels  were to be fixed into her platinum crown.
     Then, suddenly, without even receiving previous  permission from HRH-HR, the head of the FBI comes forward, without announcement, and says that he has reason to re-open the case of her various supposed transgressions against the sensibilities of the law.   It is less than two weeks before the General National Elections.
   The Director of the FBI interjects himself to say that he is re-openning the case of HRH - HR, her body-man HUMA, and that the case now included Carlos Danger, who is under investigation for attempting to lure minor females (ages 13 - 15) into acts of a lewd and lascivious nature.   It is a return to his previous predatory activities conducted under the pseudonym of United States Representative from New York, Anthony Wiener (D - NY).   It turns out that Carlos Danger has HUMA's transmission  of HRH's  Secret service e-mail system that have not suffered being beaten with hammers and Clorox on his private lap-top.   These, of course,  would have been serious felonies were they to have been  committed by a Deplorable.

      A person really cannot make this stuff up.

     During these days, because of a couple of  fellows,  Julian Assange and Bradley Manning, are dumping, or assisting in some way, with the flow of information ostensibly from Russia concerning activities of the Obama White House and the activities of the US Department of State, the Clinton Foundation, and all nature of "The Swamp"personalities and issues.
     Finally, during the remainder of the campaign period and then culminating on the night of the election, 8 November 2016, HRH-HR carries the Peoples' Republic of California three times over, but manages to lose the rest of the United States.  From that time until this, Trump derangement syndrome and Democrat Schizophrenic Syndrome have swept a significant portion of the electorate.

     EXAMPLE?  -  United State Representative Maxine Waters (D - California) says that Trump should be impeached for firing Comey.  When asked if HRH-HR would be guilty of an impeachable offense should she have, after being elected, fired Comey....the Honourable Mdm. Maxine declares that HRH-HR would have been justified, whereas Trump was not justified in his dismissal of the Director Mr. Comey. 
     The fact is, everyone wanted to boot Comey.  The exception?  A minority of barnacle-like bureaucrat FBI employees who enjoyed the lethargy, the malingering, the sense of self-importance of carrying a real live policeman's badge and drawing a salary about equal to the gross national product of  one-tenth of the world's poorest countries.
     Another two-thirds of the body of employees really had little or no use for Director Comey and his weepy, self-reflectonalysis of himself, and his trials with the messes created by dogs and politicians who commit hundreds upon thousands of felonies and yet "need" to skate.  Perhaps "stuff" should be made of sterner ambition.
     During Mr. Comey's tenure,  he was careful to avoid conducting very necessary investigations of the Internal Revenue Service division of the Department of Treasury,   the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives division of the Department of Justice.   And in so doing he planted that fateful seed that reap't the whirlwind.

Bali Hai
     We are living in precarious times.   The Citizens' Committees are just a few block away, straightening the cast-posts of the guillotines.   All who pay taxes need to find places where the lighter boats can pick us up along the coasts during the nighttime hours and take us to Bali Hai (or equivalent).

More later.
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