Wednesday, 10 May 2017

An open letter to the one intellectual Radio Station in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.....


     We have been listening to the Brietbart Report with considerable interest.  I tune you all in down at my place outside of Ciudad Victoria....and can generally pick up Rush, etc. during the day without much difficulty.  You are familiar with me because occasionally I have tried to report some of my own impressions about what is going on down there, using you as my table of reference.

     First (and I think you already know this), the word Casino (or casino) when you were a child in Reynosa was meant to be a "fine house" (in the Italian, passing into the Spanish) and had reference, in Northern Mexico especially, as a salon of be engaged for a reception (weddings, wakes, anniversaries, etc).   They were not gambling and schmoozing places as they are now configured.  Two of the really elegant old Casinos, of course, are (1) the Gran Casino adjacent to the Cathedral in downtown-most Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and also (2) a smaller but very elegant place built during the Porfiriato (1888) in Linares, Nuevo Leon.  Both are still very much in service....for the "Uppers" and their celebrations.
     The problem is that the cucarachas and people of lower order and intent have purloined the word "Casino" rather much as have the porno-purveyors who style a hoochi-coochi, topless dancer saloon as a "gentlemen's club".   You have seen the opening scenes from Around the World in 80 Days, when David Niven is found at a stuffy, staid, heavy furniture, 1 pound sterling cigars, and butlers, and absolute quiet and dignified encounter and debate...etc.etc.  That is a gentlemen's club, as you know.

     You might be waiting for me to take objection to your reporter from Brietbart, but there is no real objection.  He is accurate in terms of tactics and his analysis of the overall picture, including the "power response" to this new episode of violence.   I have certain very small differences and slightly different sociological angles and a bit of a different place from which to view the situation in Tamaulipas.

     My reason for writing is to declare that Francisco Xavier Garcia Cabeza de Vaca has been extremely "hands-on"  concerning this pandilla / cartel thing.  It is a dangerous thing that he is doing, but he is doing it anyway.   My little place, the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre, is about 22 miles north-northwest of Ciudad Victoria.   The Governor's influence has shown beginning immediately after his inauguration.  The little secondary highway that connects our place with the capital of the State of Tamaulipas underwent a complete renovation.....almost 40 kilometers (25 miles) of a little country lane with a total traffic count of well below 1,000 for 24 hours.....and now the highway has been brought up to nearly Texas standards.
Francisco Javier Cabeza de Vaca
     For the first time in five years, we have had a State Police patrol come through the Ejido Francisco I. Madero.  We even had an officer come to our front gate....arriving in a convoy of three partially armoured  conversion pick-ups, smartly maintained, two with rear-mounted, belt-fed machine guns.   There were 12 deputies in helmets and military style garb.  He came up to my gate and asked about the whereabouts of  Person X.   That person had an arrest warrant pending, and I had to admit that I did not know the formal names of many of the people in our little community.  Our manager came up and suggested that he might know the lady and gave the officer directions to a probable place of residence.  The lead-officer seemed appreciative, ordered his personnel to retrace and off they went.  It turns out they were serving two civil court notices and two criminal warrants.   It has been a long while since we have seen that activity out here,  "in the middle of Nowhere".

     Finally, it is easy to hear the people who complain.  But the proof of my words are the facts that I have people coming to my place for the "day - trip" and the "parrillada"  for which we are famous during the week-ends.   This activity dried up from 2011 - 2015.   Now it necessary for people to make reservations two or three weeks in advance.   I have even had Mexican clients spending the required three nights minimum...and milling around in our remote area at all hours, for the first time in the past  four years.    Also, consider that my neighbours, the owners of the Hacienda de la Vega have invested 22,000,000 pesos  (a little over 1,000,000 American dollars), during the past year replanting their hacienda (finca) with an exotic type of lime, where once they had produced Valencia Oranges (those trees were 80 years old, and very tired).  This has been going on since the degradations of the Gulf and Zeta groups several years back.  They (the 'cartels') have never truly recovered.  It is one of the reasons we had so many CentroAmericanos come up the year before last, because they could come up by bus without having to deal with the cartels or even the police.  Now they are not coming up because of Trump.

     The purpose of all of this overload of words,  is simply to point out that I speak with  the "la gente" in an area that is / was in the "mera panza de la bestia"  and the people still have their "cuernos" (Cabeza de Vaca) decals on their vehicles, and house windows, and fences.  My last conversation there was with Alvaro and me having shrimp cocktails at Dona Modesta's Seafood Parlour at the Estacion de Santa Engracia.  Everyone there was 110% agreement amongst all that Garcia - Cabeza de Vaca was doing everything a governor can do and even more.  It is forgiven that he might be overweighting the deployment of military might into Reynosa, because as they say, "He comes from McAllen."   But we must remember.....Reynosa is the largest city in Tamaulipas.   The Governor is as popular as Pena-Nieto is unpopular.   That is my reading....confused by the fact that I actually am a resident there, a property owner there, and the extension of a family that has had a commercial and social presence in Mexico since the 1880s.    And yes, perhaps because I am a Republican and the Partido de Accion Nacional in Mexico is the correlative of the Republican Party of the United States, perhaps I am disposed to support my first-cousin in politics.   But, in this matter,  I am sure and certain.
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