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The Case of the Turkish Hispanic....or "How to think in Liberal Democrat Terms all the time"

    This is a pleasant little blurb about the Obsolete Press rushing to classify the assailant involved in the murders of the folks in Macy's store as an "Hispanic".

     It also points up the obvious.  With Obama's immigration non-policy, and the restraints and restrictions placed upon the constabulary throughout the Southwest, including Texas, of course, it is certain that terrorists and unwanted, parasitical immigrants who are inclined to murder all Jews and Gentiles and people they opine to be non-compliant Moslems mix well within a group of Mexicans.  That is because of the Saracen Invasion of the Iberian Peninsula and much of southernmost Europe back in the 7th century.
     It is hard for some folks to imagine that the southeastern lip of Spain was still in the hands of the Knights of Mohammed even as Christopher Columbus was setting sail in search of a new seaway to India.  Seven hundred years of occupation left an indelible mark on southernmost Europe, and especially Spain.   It is well to remember that one-fourth of the Spanish language is composed of Arabic.
     But, who am I to complain, comment, or even observe?  We all know way down deep inside that what the world needs now, more than anything, is a good community organiser.   The following blurb was written by your humble servant as a comment upon an article in the alternative press concerning the overall ignorance, and at times even stupidity, of the social justice warriors and community organiser and the Black Occupation on Wall Street Matters Lives for Glass Ceilings crowd.

In any regard we wrote this little blurb and it had quite a few responses, all positive, oddly enough.  We eliminated almost all, but left enough of the endorsements to feed my ego and prove to the OROG community that we do "get around".   To wit:

David Christian Newton We owned and operated an excursion company for many years. One time I had a particularly obnoxious, commie-type professor on board, along with his pinko-quick-to-complain-and-be-offended wife. We had a couple of nights in Monterrey, and on the second night the folks were all pretty much in the hotel saloon...a very nice elegant place....conviviating.
      The professor actually signaled me over, which was strange, because our excursions were based on a conservative's lecture point of view and analysis. He asked me, ''Why do so many of these Mexicans have white skin? What do they use to remove their native colour?'' At first I genuinely thought he was joking. But he insisted, "No! There must be an explanation!!" 
    At that point I explained to him that all Mexicans are not like all Mexicans....bunches of them are similar....and lots of the them are different. I explained it in general terms but he would not accept it. He wanted specifics.
      So I told him, that the north of Mexico was historically White Mexico because the preponderance of the people who finally settled there during the colonial period were Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and other southern and western European peoples. That by 1700 the northern half of what is now Mexico was probably 60% Caucasian 35% Mestizo and 5% whatever. I also allowed that the Spanish were most numerous and they had all Caucasian backgrounds but melded various amounts of Hebrew, Arab, two major groups of German, Celtic, Latin, and other strains. Some of the more Arabic and Jewish had Phoenician antecedents.
     In the South of Mexico, at one time commonly referred to as "Red Mexico", I advised him, the Indian presence is much greater there and that there were still several different broad ethnicities within that race of Mexican, many of whom still did not speak Spanish,  I further informed him that  most of the white and mestizo grouping in that extensive and tropical area would be found in major cities, speaking in the most general terms. I finished with the proviso that exceptions to the "Red and White" rule were numerous and it would take most of a semester to simply list the various blood lines and mixtures that predominated any particular section of Mexico.
      We reached the ending with the point that the founders of Saltillo and Monclova, Cerralvo, and Monterrey were very Semitic and much of the population of those places descended from those people who were 3/8ths, and up to totally, Hebraic in terms of their ethnicity within the White (Caucasian) race. After procreating for 400 or so years in the same place....there were all awful lot of people with Jewish (but Roman Catholic) ancestry.
        The "enlightened liberal" professor, (head of the department of Human Sciences), finally, with a mouth opened  gaze, looked at me and said, "You are insane. The lightness in skin colour can only be because on the Americans who come over here because of prosititution being legal." The wife was actually a Brit....and had been a Labour Party official and, of course, a professor of "Modern and Post Industrial Literature" at the same university, that shall remain un-named.
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Timothy Shea Wow. That's industrial-strength reality denial!
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David Thiel I'm not surprised in the least.
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Don Sherman Maybe we would be better off CLOSING all Liberal Arts studies at colleges and universities, so these libtard professors can't brain wash the gullible young students in their courses any longer.
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