Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Where Glen Beck leaves the rails and crashes.....


     Glen Beck is, by any measure, a loose and rolling cannon.  Perhaps he and his would consider such a declaration to be a complement.   But we on the outside of the asylum are left with a view of a six-street intersection blocked by a collision involving vehicles driven by Beck and his crew, the Marx Brothers, Amos and Andy, Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, and Curly, Larry, and Moe.

     The recent interview by Glen Beck of Senator Ted Cruz left about a third of what is left of Beck's morning radio audience stunned into disbelief.  To be brief, Beck essentially threw Cruz into the trash bin due to Cruz's tepid declaration that he would vote of Trump.   Several million, arch-conservative, hard-right incurable Conservatives had arrived at that point, especially during the past 96 hours.

     Most of us who listen to Beck do so because he and his posse have humourous (yes, Virginia, it is okay for Brits to spell humourous thusly, just for the pointless point of trying to preserve a bit of useless, inefficient antiquity) satiracle episodes, usually making fun of people who desperately need to be ridiculed.

     Senator Cruz explained correctly that reality had presented a binary circumstance.  To be quick, it essentially boils down to a variation of the "lesser of two evils" argument or position.  In this case, however, there is a decent cherry atop the parfait.   The parfait we are being served is not as pretty or pleasant as the one pictured here, but it does have a cherry on top.  That cherry is not an illusion, nor is it a consolation prize.  It is something remarkably valuable.

    At the risk of offending Mr. Beck, who spoke in blasphemous and horridly profane terms on live national radio this past Monday concerning Sen. Cruz's explanation for voting for Trump, the episode revealed that Mr. Beck also thinks incoherently and hyper-judgmentally.   It was another of his many "Worst Moments".

     We have tired of his lecturing us about how we should "love" our way out of the mess the Republic now suffers.   We are, according to him, required to respect the socialist, the social justice warrior class, and others who will not rest until everyone in this nation will have a date issued by the  district  commissar to pick-up his/her annual allotment of clothes we are obliged to law.   I, for one, shall not join that madness.  The Red Left lives by the motto of "What is mine, is mine.  What is yours is negotiable.  Always assert, never deny!!!"

     Cruz's point is that we have a choice between two people, each of whom is worse than the other in many ways.   But, the un-spoken and obvious point is, should Donald Trump manage to win this ghastly election he will "rule" correctly by accident at times?   If his ego is fed only slightly, I truly believe that he will be inclined to appoint Constitutionalists and Constructionists thinkers to the Supreme Court's Bench.   Even judges at the Appellate Court level and at the important District Court positions would tend to be drawn from those disposed to follow the Common Law and the Natural Law concepts that serve to keep us somewhat removed from anarchy.

     With both the Lower and Upper Houses of Congress under the control of the Republicans it is possible that the "log-jam" so loudly condemned by the public, might well break.  It might be reasonably possible to  overturn the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative.   It might be possible to enact a statute requiring a balanced budget and / or quickly beginning the process that would amend the Constitution so as to achieve the desired goal of a balanced budget.

     The trick might well be the act of allowing credit to be given to Mr. Trump, so that he can "trumpet" his great success in Making America Great Again, so to speak.    More than any other influences, the Republicans must disregard acting in reaction to the storms of protests, howling by the interminable stomachs and reproductive systems, government workers, Obsolete Press and marxist universities and "academics", and Solyndra Club members.

     A slow and steady rollback of regulations and "executive orders" and such contaminants to the rule of Common Law, and possibly even the dissolution of various useless Secretariats and Bureaus would also be on the menu.

     Therefore, Cruz's points were valid, and Beck's points ranged from absurd to asinine.

Thanks, as usual for your time and attention.
El Gringo Viejo