Saturday, 24 September 2016

A motion to enter into the record by El Zorro comments, evidence, conclusions concerning Senator Cruz

     It is really not my desire to kibbutz and comment on the material of our main contributors.   But!....I did want to point out the path followed by El Gringo Viejo and the path followed by El Zorro were not intertwined....with two guys slumped over the bar surrounded by empty bottles, having come to a conclusion forged by emphatic, "Yeah!!! That's right !!!" and "You've got a great point, man!!!"

     If anything these have been serious moments for us both.  Both of us have had somewhat serious physical challenges during the past 60 days especially.  And, both of us have independently looked at the map of the United States of America, and wondered...."Then it really has come to this.....two narcissists, both leftists....both promising things that cannot be delivered, but which if delivered with securely seal the coffin into which the Republic is being delivered.

    Neither of us has wished to bother the other, but both of us at the same moment were moved by the well-stated reasoning of Senator Cruz to rejoin the battle at least by voting for the lesser of the obnoxious two contenders.  It was noted early on that the supposed alternative....the libertarian candidate, was as big or bigger an interventionist as the other two  (domestic interventionist) and that his campaign statements were so vapid that no good sense could be made of them.  Jabberwocky on steroids.

Below is the message from El Zorro.   Remember that we are both, like many, honourably discharged, El Zorro more honourably than I....we take our nation and our Texas very seriously.   As is said at times such as these, "If not the reason, Then the Force!!  :

Greetings and Salutations:
I will open one eye and come slightly out of hibernation to offer a position from one who is terribly discouraged by the predicament we are in.

Ted Cruz deserves a few words in his favor even though, quantum mechanics notwithstanding, what is said here makes no ripple anywhere.

He, in my humble opinion, did the right thing by announcing he would vote for Trump, not support, but vote for.  He had to do that for the obvious reason that we cannot have her majesty take the throne under any circumstances.  However, he could have made his point a little more strongly so that his supporters, yours truly included, would get the message loud and clear.  Most of us know what he said and what he meant.  The thing is, it has to be undoubtable and absolutely clear to everyone who holds Ted in esteem that the hag cannot be allowed anywhere near the White House.

Ted Cruz was and is my choice for any position to which he might aspire.  That being said, it is important that he be in the running for one of potentially four Supreme Court Justice positions that could become available during the next term. Should Trump prevail it is not likely he would pick Ted.  That is probably not a probability but one can be optimistic.  (We could support Mike Lee as was suggested by Cruz and we have that to possibly look forward to.)

Ted Cruz was ambushed and beaten by a rude, crude, nasty individual who has no sense of humanity for anyone.  Under any circumstances, Trump will never again gain our respect.  Ted is a man of honor.  He did not stoop to respond to Donald at his demise but he is a much better person and so far above Trump in that regard.  There is so much more to be said that has already been said by most everybody who is honest and compassionate for their fellow man.

I have ordered a book that might be of some interest if it is not too simple and that is Armageddon by Dick Morris.  I am hoping he has some inside information on Hillary and Bill that we don’t already know.  Just FYI.

Back to my comfy cave…
El Zorro
Si no la Razón, la Fuerza!!