Saturday, 24 September 2016

Some are asking, commenting, opining about Senator Ted Cruz's Decision


     There has been a great deal of comment about Senator Ted Cruz's advisory, issued yesterday formally, concerning his opinion that he must join those voting for Donald Trump for the Presidency of the United States.   Diana and I have argued (in an academic sense) this matter back and forth for lo! these many weeks.   Our opinion was reached and we "inter-agreed" that it would be a distasteful but necessary thing to do.   We have voted for Gerald Ford in the General Elections, as well as G.H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney....all certain losers....all 'liberal lite" candidates.  We voted for those men with slight to nil enthusiasm, and never in the primaries.

   We are now presented with the re-incarnation of General Juan Peron....the quintessential leftist-rightwinger, the aristocratic common-man, the conservative Progressive,  and his nouveaux Evita from Slovenia.   Even that spectre is better than turning over the keys to the White House to a nouveaux Lady MacBeth.   It does bode ill when one considers that the best thing that can be said about Hillary Rodham Clinton is that she is a socialist elitist.

     The Facebook page we have was and is full of Cruz-type people such as us. We were surprised, but not so terribly much, to see that Cruz's choice was pretty nearly unanimously seen as a positive thing, perhaps even necessary.  However,   one individual, whom we shall not identify was in a horrible uproar, speaking of treason, back-stabbing and such.  At first I thought that there were many anti-Cruz commentaries, but it turned out that most of them ,  almost all, were from that same person.   So, we wrote this entry, and it became quieter on the Potomac after we submitted it to the Cosmos.

  To wit:
         Your point is made. You take things personally. The rest of us are choosing to fight the battle as it has evolved. Neither do we sacrifice ourselves uselessly like the Mexican Cadets at Chapultepec, nor do we flee like the cowardly 5th Maine Infantry when Longstreet launched upon them at New Salem, Virginia on 3 May 1863 as he began moving his four divisions to some sleepy little place called Gettysburg. We who continue with Ted are making our way to San Jacinto, and as was done there, so shall we do again.

And we shall leave it at that.