Sunday, 7 August 2016

Dinesh D'Souza....Right about 99% of the time

This is the Confederate battle flag of the Choctaw - Chickasaw Nations.   Leftists can
pooh-pooh can say what they might; the Indians broke and ran after battle or that
they defected, etc.  But try this fact on for size.

Some of the Indians of the Cherokee Nation and the Choctaw Nation who allied with the Confederacy and fought, both integrated and as individual soldiers and military personnel
frequently doing incredibly dangerous assignments as volunteers.   Some 50,000 Indians
were involved with the Confederate effort.  The Union had none who fought as Indians of
official and organised tribes / nations.  These fellows were photographed during a reunion
forty years after the end of the War.    

Stand Watle, one of several brigadiers who were feared by the Union military.  Chief Stand
was a tribal / national leader of the Cherokee Nation.   Look him up, before the Red Chinese and
the people who do not believe in reality but who love (Sir Edmund) Hillary and the people who
think their job is to strike down monuments and accoutrement of the Confederacy have finally
destroyed everything about the epoch.    Ask yourself: Why did these noble Indian Nations decide
to ally with the Confederacy?   Search for the answers....they will sober those who think organically.

     We lament that there is also substantial re-writing of history, once the Left found out that there was "lingering truth" in the smoke of the cannons of battle.  Negroes who "stood in", Indians who "stood in",  Mexican/Spanish who "stood in'' for the Confederacy are all carefully buried in the dustbins of History.

     The fact that, while Dinesh D'Sousa is a fellow traveller of the anti-Clinton and anti-O'bama grouping of the Conservative cohort of the political spectrum, his movie about Barry Soetoro fell flat in many ways.   Firstly, the nut-cases such as I who despise Hillary and Barry of the Foreign Passport were disappointed at the first movie which was pretty much a re-mastication of things we already knew about Barry long before his election to the Presidency.
     Secondly, there were many other condemnations of Barry and his ilk that could have been made more easily such as his lies about not being really familiar with fellow Communists auntie and uncle, Auntie Zietuni and Uncle Omar Onyango Obama.....who lived as illegal aliens, large and on the dime of the taxpayers for a total of over 3,000,000 USD during their very free and very arrogant combined forty year Grand Tour of Gringolandia.  
     Because of that, we shan't be buying tickets to his second movie, because apparently we know more than he about the slime, crud, sewerage, bubonic plaque contaminated conditions, and general depravity that surround and compose the persons of Barry, Michelle, Valerie, (Sir Edmund) Hillary, Billy Jeff, the siblings of the aforementioned, Soros, the Annenberg Foundation, and the Obsolete Media.

     We still admire D'Sousa because he served hard time for doing nothing near what (Sir Edmund) Hillary has done.  He was railroaded for a 20,000 USD mistake in a political donation that he apparently thought was going to a PAC when in fact it went to a specific candidate's PAC.  We awarded him the Golden Tar-Baby Award for smiling through the same National Socialist FBI / DOJ prosecutions of  Scooter Libby / Martha Stewart / Chuck Colson / Tom DeLay and others who have tasted justice of the Left and the Obsolete Media.
     Billy Jeff and his loving and devoted wifey-poo have rolled over millions of dollars of very questionable transactions without any repercussions.

      Finally we wish to point out that Dinesh D'Souza involved the name of Nathan Bedford Forrest in his condemnation of the Democrat Party as a Slaver Party and as a horrid Confederate example of evil.   Forrest established the Ku Klux Klan as a Confederate Veterans' Organisation.  The personalities associated with the Reconstruction....mainly scalawags and carpetbaggers, (all Republicans) sought out the lower elements of the Ku Klux Klan to keep the "lower elements of the Confederate sympathisers during Reconstruction, in line.    Inconvenient Truth.

     General (retired) Nathan Bedford Forrest had a Pretorian Guard of some 40, plus or minus, Negroes who were slaves involved in his plantation and businesses.   He offered each man, as hostilities began to appear unavoidable, the opportunity to accompany him into Battle for the Southern Cause.  He told them that they would be Confederate Cavalry, close to and/or attached to his (General Forrest's command) person and command.  He also advised them that he had their manumissions already drawn up and in his greatcoat's interior pocket, and that upon the Victory of Southern Forces and the capitulation of the Union to the demands of the South, he would deliver these Acts of Manumission to each man, declaring them Freemen and Citizens, worthy of all men to be received.
     Later, during times that it seemed clear that the South would not prevail, Nathan Bedford Forrest gave each man his manumission.  None left the service.  All remained.  Incredibly, none died nor was seriously wounded in battle.  This, is spite of the fact that they were in many major battles, and many, many significant skirmishes.   Only one, who suffered an ear injury that destroy his balance, after a close-exploded cannon bomb struck near his horse, did not finish the War with his group.  All were manumitted.

     As we begin to close, allow us to state Nathan Bedford Forrest established by his hand and his bank-drafts, the first Negro School of Law in the South.....duly recognised by the Sovereign State of Tennessee....and later incorporated into the public system of post-secondary education in that State.   It is said by the histories that he was an illiterate, son of a sharecropper;  such is not the case.  Frontiersman, yes, but more in the pattern of people such as Crockett and Houston, especially Houston.   Forrest's antecedents had Plantation Culture in their background.
     He was the first true commander of what was supposed to be a Confederate Veterans' association, but he did not "found" the Ku Klux Klan.  When the Klan's lesser elements began to harass Negroes or even Union occupation troops, the fact is that Nathan Bedford Forrest (Major General - CSA retired), ordered the Klan to stand down, turn in their robes, and desist from further acts of violence or gestures of violence against Negroes and/or other otherwise law-abiding people.
     The northern newspapers and magazines love to point out that Forrest was not very forthcoming during the time he was testifying as to his sins, transgressions, and excesses during the War.  The fact is that he did answer questions carefully, and he would not bear any witness against  his subordinates nor superiors.   At the time of his testimony, the stark, raving mad Radical Republican Senators were still desirous of rendering every commissioned officer and elected public official of the Secessionist Traitors a one-way ticket to the nearest firing post or gallows.
    He was questioned very closely about the famous Fort Pillow matter, but he held his peace.  Union forces were also suspected of wholesale executions and/or abuse of Negro "combat engineers" (trench and battlement diggers), and other combat support and comfort personnel to the Confederate cause who happen'd to be of Black African ancestry.  The tales are many, and we listened to several when my brother was doing research on his dissertation for his doctorate, where the Black Folks who had been involved with the Confederate effort had suffered at the hands of dazed and confused Reconstruction officials.
     Several showed us pictures of their great-granddaddies and uncles, some in Confederate garb, and discharge papers from this or that unit, and manumission papers, and their Confederate pension approval for older survivors.   Those pensions for white and black veterans were awarded beginning in the 1890s by most States of the Confederacy.

     In short, things in the South were and are a lot more complicated than they look then and now.  High-handed thinkers and people of ill-motive love to forget the Irish children who were thrown into the streets after losing too many fingers working around the gears and spindles of the textile machines in Manhattan.....and the race wars that found the Irish and other dealing brutally with Negroes who thought that they would be better received by fleeing their position and condition in the South.   Hundreds died in these riots, in New York, Boston, and other places in States of the Northern persuasion  during the War Between the States.
     Dinesh perhaps should expand his two-dimensional view of the situation then as opposed to now.  As my Tennessee grandma would say, "He ought'n to measure things with a broken ruler."

We point out these things.  Only one person of Mexican/Spanish descent, Santos Benavides of Texas, served in line of command with the rank of General during the War....of all people of Mexican / Spanish descent who fought in the military during the War, only one side had over 85 per cent of the total of that grouping.....Only one side in the War had a person who served as Secretary of the Treasury and Secretary of State who was a Jew....Only one side during the War had over 1,000 heads of local government who were Jews -  while the other side had fewer than 10.....only one side had three Indian Nations as formal allies, Cherokee, Choctaw, and Chickasaw to formally declare War....only one side had more Roman Catholic brigade level or higher commanders than the other, by a wide margin.....Only one side in that horrid, terrible War had Robert E. Lee.   The other side had George Armstrong Custer. 

We thank you for your kind attention and patience.
El Gringo Viejo