Monday, 8 August 2016

Talent abounds in the Family....I wish some had come my way, at times.


     This is our daughter-in-law's Pegasus without wings, rising pridefully from the mind of the artist.   She has had a goodly bit of success in the field of art and commercial art, and enjoyment art.  She is given to the notion that life should be something fun and rewarding and involved with pleasing people, children, and the eye that needs refreshment.
    She has ideas and expressions of eye, mind, and hand that stop old men, children, non-relatives, and yes...the proverbial heterochromatic-eyed, left-handed Eskimos in their tracks. She has notions now of how Carousels, and real-live non-unicorn Horses, such as the one above, can be composed into a story that she, herself, can illustrate and write in her own way.

     El Gringo Viejo remembers quite vividly the time when we encountered her in the drive-way of our son-in-law and daughter's place near the centre of Extreme Central Texas.   There were several children of different ages, perhaps seven or so, all making a mess of the drive-up with sidewalk chalk.
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
are astounded by our son's wife's
      Your humble servant was mortified and wished to close down this errant activity before Santa Claus took note and made notes.....of who had been naughty or nice.   My better three- quarters took me aside in a nick of time and advised me that the chalk would not hurt the feelings or skin of even a hypersensitive university "student" needing a 'zone of safety" or a grief counselor because he/she/it had a panic attack because he/it/she had nothing about which  to complain.     When I inquired about the poor soul of the concrete slab and the possible semi-automatic fossils that might have been ground up and turned into cement, and she reassured me that, "Every detail has been addressed.  There is no problem.  Just keep on getting a little fresh air and the nice men will be here in a minute with your special jacket and the nice car with the flashing lights." Later, at "the home", my better three-quarters said that it would be nice to watch if our daughter-in-law could put together something that had over-the-top elegant horses, Carousels, and children. And perhaps, just perhaps, a mystery to be solved.   Or an adventure to be lived.  Or even a person to be saved from imminent peril.
    Children are only children  for a little while, and we lament when they become older, wiser, and a little (or a lot) jaded.  But, more children will come, and Dragons, and Faeries, and Santa's Elves, and Angels, and such things become real again.   And it dawned on me, that we are all a little childlike; and we should be.  The Dragons, and Faeries, and Santa's Elves, and such things are seen to be Things that are with us "always ", as it is written the The Book.
     The Golden Rule....the Beatitudes....The Commandments.....and the circle, being complete, is never ended, and it never began.  So we shall leave it there.   So, let us stand and observe if this thing is to happen with our daughter-in-law.

We shall keep folks and OROGS posted.
El Gringo Viejo