Thursday, 28 July 2016

Newly discovered video of the "Gentle Giant" Mike Brown!

     This is the Gentle Giant of Ferguson.   The Left and the Obsolete Press had this since the beginning.  They preferred to allow Ferguson, Missouri to burn than to print the truth.  We know now why the six who bore witness, as Black Men, deserve medals for heroism.   We now know why the Grand Jury deserves medals  for common decency and heroism.

     This is the cultural construct when paternity is replaced by a distant Uncle Sam who always has free money and no judgment or guidance drawn from scripture to bring progeny up in the ways of the righteous.    Planned Parenthood's mission to eliminate the Black Race by "birth control" did  not work, so now they try to eliminate the Race by an incomprehensible killing-field rate of slaughter in the inner cities throughout the United States.

   And while this continues, guns are blamed for the cultural rot and violence found in almost every middle sized and large American city.  The fact is that liberals, progressives, marxists, and various other anti-American philosophies tear down the moral fibre and traditions of this Republic.  And with that degradation of standards and conduct, violence and disrespect of the law and the people of the land abounds.  

     With each turn of the screw our American civilisation is further degraded.  When someone says, "The Government ought to do something about this!" remind that idiot that the mess appearing on your screen was brought to reality by the central government of the United States of America.
It was thought by some to be in the interest of "helping" people.  But the fact is, and always has been that the programmes aimed at "helping" people were actually meant to enslave them as proles dependent upon the Central government, and forever obliged to vote for more of someone else's money.   Remember that one of the better definitions of a leftist is that he is someone who is more than willing to put someone else's money where his mouth is.

El Gringo Viejo