Sunday, 31 July 2016

It swirls around us, like a poisoned gas, and cannot be escaped......


We awaken around 04:00 hours most mornings;  sometimes a bit earlier, sometimes a bit later.  This morning it was slightly later.  The morning chores and maneuvers include making a complex type of coffee with honey, cinnamon, whole milk, and at times ginger.   Whether in Texas or Mexico one must always feed the cats who are waiting at the first sign of life within the hearth-stead.  In Mexico that means dogs as well, but for now, we are positioned in what is becoming the shambles of what had been the greatest nation on Planet Earth.

We tune in a bit early for the Trump News (Fox and Friends - Weekend), thankful that we have a remote control whose volume button can reduce the volume of news blather and the offensive advertisements to zed.  After catching up a bit on the comics that went to sleep on my chest shortly before the midnight hour, I tune up the blather.

Upon hearing the new Trumpisms, even I, ever so accustomed to the ever-subjective "Donald", almost spill the coffee and stain my comics page.   It turns out that after being castigated by some poor Muslim man who had suffered the loss of his son in Iraq, Donald decided to take the bait and make an ass of himself (apologies to the Donkey-American community).

A person with any class at all would, of course, respond only with sympathy for the parents of the boy, a captain in the Army's infantry, who obviously sacrificed himself so that others under his command could continue in this life.  The parents resented Trump's resistance to Muslim immigration or something, and they were still (and forever will be) grieving about the loss of their son.

But Trump went out of his way to say obfuscative and pointless things about the father who had been very pointed in his remarks.  Trump also observed that the mother, who was present at the lectern of the Democrat National Convention, said nothing, and suggested that she was probably prohibited by her husband or her religion from speaking.   At each turn in his painful, self-oriented soliloquy he revealed his trademark egotism:   he explained his position from the point-of-view of a narcissist...that the matter was important because it was about him.   He could not say, "We must first consider the reasonable grief that the couple has, as would any parents at the loss of a child.   I will comment no further, and certainly not deny them any feeling the have about me.  End of statement."  That would have been, as it is said, Presidential.

But, Trump was, is, and apparently will remain, the overstating egomaniac, full of bluster and threatening of posture...thinking about his persona instead of the big picture.  He is exceeded only by (Sir Edmund) Hillary's cackling and shrieking about how she is going to give this group that, and that group this.  I mean, after all, is it not time that working women have "free" child care??After all, Miss Sandra Fluke with a law degree from Georgetown University needed to have 3,000 Yankee dollars worth of condoms per years provided "free" by Nancy Pelosi and the Central Government.  It really did seem like a small price to pay, especially if the rich would finally pay their fair share of taxes.   After all the top 10% only pay 90% of the taxes:  does that seem fair? They can always pay more.  

The lunacy of the left knows no bounds.   And as a matter of fact, there should be no income tax of any kind, in that it simply give the Central Government the ability to monitor every move a citizens makes and every breathe he/she takes.

We return to the axiomatic truth.  If somebody requires that something be purchased, subsequent inducements by the seller to the buyer are no "free".   One can say , "At no extra charge".   Or it can be stated, "Included in the price of purchase is a wobdoddle of the colour of your choice."   When politicians wave their hands and declare, "The minimum wage will be 15.00 USD / hour, how do they arrive at that point?   Why not, if their science is so pure and calculations so accurate, such as Global warming, cooling, changing, etc.  Why not 15.32 USD / hour?

Why not 22.22 USD?  Actually, the 22.22 USD figure is what it costs an employer to pay a full time employee a nominal 15.00 per hour.   The dolts who think they should be paid 15.00 hour because the government says so, as well as a great bulk of the American population, are unaware of what the actual cost of labour is, once "employer's contributions" are figured in, along with, where possible, retirement and health care benefits.   Even when the employee is "splitting" the cost with the employer, the fact is that the employer is paying all of the cost of the employment and the employee is earning all of the share of the cost.   That one truth is almost never considered by the Dolt Community and the everyone-is-picking-on-me Community.

Courtesy of Charliecatnip
 master c
at portraiture

If these comments hurt peoples' feelings, sorry, but reality is real. Another reality that is all too real is that every government fix is designed to correct a problem that most frequently was caused by that same  government.  And, as before, every fix of the previous problem, of, by, and for the central government will lead to ever increasing programming by "specialists" and "experts".The proposals rendered by the wise men and wise persons will always be another form of midnight basketball for the numerous double reverse, re-transgendered, left-handed, Eskimos and heterochromatic-eyed cats.

Trump, for so long as he considers that Donald Trump is the issue and not America, only reveals by his conceit that his ill-defined platforms are simply variations of "Hope and Change" meant to assuage the dolt-community and dullard-community.  He is only very slightly better than (Sir Edmund) Hillary and her Song of the Gulag aimed at those who want anybody else to pay for their comfort and supposed wants and needs.

So far we are caught between Juan Peron and some feminine form of Uncle Joe Stalin. Each of the two major party candidates is worse than the other.  Nothing good can come from her, and very little seems possible from him save soap opera-like reality show episodes for four years.  We do not trust him, frankly, to appoint Constitutionalist Constructionists to the bench of any federal court system, much less the Supreme Court.  Both candidates are laden with the possibility of an avalanche of felony criminal charges and / or civil suits that lurk in the near shadows even as we type here.

Making matters worse:

The fancy saloons of Georgetown and Manhattan are abuzz with theories about the recent murders of two Democrat party operatives / employees who were murdered while out walking, and who had been thought to be co-operating with an FBI investigation involving (Sir Edmund) Hillary.   This is actually new, old stuff.   Massive efforts are being employed by the Obsolete Press, and even FOXNews, to keep the stories removed from public view.   Just enter something like "suspicious murders - Democrat National Committee and United Nations".   This follows, by a few days, the peculiar death of a UN slug who had been called to testify, who wound up with a barbell bar crushing his throat in the UN exercise room.   Purely happenstantial.....????

We shall look under the bed and through all the closets, then turn in until to-morrow's coffee and kitty routine.

El Gringo Viejo