Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Stop the Madness....


     Brits come here, Japanese come here, Mexicans come here, Jews comes here, Italians come here.   Even people from some country called Europe come here.   Judging by overnight radio, even people from other galaxies and solar systems come here.  They come here because our construct of culture and governance is more suited to the kind of lives productive and profit oriented people who also have souls wish to live.
     It used to be that the above named and many others came here with the the above-stated objectives in mind.  Now, however, we have changed.   We used to attract bees with the honey of God-given, illuminated paths to prosperity, righteousness, fraternity with the prisoners, the infirmed, and those who have had a bad spate of it.    Now we attract, along with the ever-lessening number of bees searching places to make honey, an ever increasing number of flies who come for the purpose of establishing garbage heaps similar to what they abandoned, so as to live at the expense of the host forever....because they have been wronged, they have been made tired, they have made "bad life decisions",  American capitalist imperialism forced them to work at places where they made 10 to 20 times more than what people normally made in their homelands.
     They come for AFDC instead of fighting in some way to better their truly beautiful homelands.  Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador....these are places that were, and could be again, beyond Hawai'i.  
     They are endowed with a massive resources / population ratio with which  few countries have blessed. Gold, bananas, ocean fish and mollusks, tourism, heavy agriculture, assembly industry.   Mexico has just recently entered into that environment where aesthetics, production, social order, middle - classism, respect for the true culture, and society with open doors to fall through and to rise past.  And yes I know of Mexico's problems intimately, but I choose to relate it to something larger than my brief moment upon this earth.   Mexico of 400 to 30 years ago ceased to exist.  Even with all her problems the Republic of Mexico is well on the road to reality.

     We include this rant from one of my lesser moments in Facebookworld.  To wit:    

David Christian Newton wrote, somewhat in anger, somewhat in humour:

Sally Hemmings
    The slaves who worked on the building of the  White House were people of high degree and training and trustworthiness. Many were manumitted due to their industry and talent. It was a different time.
     George Washington was thought to be a liberal because he implemented and also argued actively for prohibition of the stupid practice of selling slaves apart from family. It was a ridiculous and counterproductive practice for all concerned, which, lamentably was practiced by nearly all Negro slaveholders, and perhaps a majority of stupid Caucasians.
    Nothing could be worse for the morale of the people. It was strictly a self-defeating stupidity. And yes, Virginia, many Negroes owned Negro slaves....and the fourth largest holder and the tenth largest holder of Negro slaves in the antebellum South were Negroes. There is so much so badly interpreted and so much measured by measuring sticks that did not exist during those times....Verily, How much easier it is to play last Sunday's football game on Monday morning.
    It is rather much like the Sally Hemings thing. Both sides who uselessly argue this matter; Be there A POX upon you and your houses!! Negro and Caucasian both!!
Thomas Jefferson
By Charles Willson Peale - Extracted from Keeping
 the Seal in Good Hands poster, part of a U.S. Diplomacy
 (State Department) exhibition  225th anniversary of
 the Great
Seal. Direct PDF URL [1] (24MB)Courtesy of
 the Diplomatic
 Reception Rooms, U.S. Department of State.,
 Public Domain

     The truth of the story is that Thomas Jefferson lost his wife to the Hand of Death. He went into a steadily worsening depression. It was apparent that this genius and astounding political and scientific and agricultural thinker would depress himself into the path of his departed wife.
     Hemings was a Negress of the Mulatto grouping, that being a woman of at least two races of ancestry. She was what was referred to as High Yellow, or Quadroon.....and like some...many of such women, were noted for profound beauty and exceptionally high intelligence. She was definitively and famously one of those.
     She was inherited and owned by Thomas Jefferson, and grew to be the governess not only of the house but also became the maternal figure in the life of Jefferson's beloved daughter...the twin of this wife. Hemings and Jefferson's daughter bonded in the mystical sorority that women can have.     
     Hemings was also in love with Jefferson and wedged her way past social convention at the time....utilising her astounding brain and comeliness. When Jefferson's daughter travelled to England and Spain during a learning and finishing process, her chaperone and mistress was Sally Hemings.
     Sally Hemings committed no adultery, no more than Ruth of the Bible. Nor did Thomas Jefferson. Their bonding saved and made two truly fine and  worthwhile Lives of Greatness. Sally Hemings should be put on the same level, or even higher, as Martha Custis Washington and Betsy Ross, etc. She saved Jefferson's life and gained freeman's manumitted status for her babies....a biography of the Hemming descendants reveals solidly good citizens....and it is a worthy story worthy of all men/women to be received and studied. It is a clumsy yet noble and positive story of Americana and the Southern manner of obsolete, romantic, noblesse on both sides, almost always thrown under the train by Progressives and their ignorant followers.

So there.
El Gringo Viejo