Friday, 6 November 2015

Take Faith, OROGs: Carson is clean on this one. More smear, it's clear


    Please remember that when Clarence Thomas was nominated to serve on the Supreme Court, almost immediately the strike squads attacked with all nature of defamatory mud.   Gloria Allred, also later of Hermann Cain defamation fame among others, and a gaggle of ultra-leftist, pro-abortion women charged that Clarence Thomas was a serial sexual harasser and was, therefore, not qualified to sit on the bench.   A nice, attractive, innocent-looking young lady presented herself as an almost unwilling witness before the Senate Committee in charge of initial approval of the candidate, Clarence Thomas.

     She went through interrogation between Republicans and Democrats, turn by turn.  She detailed the horrible harassment, while the nation waited for some real harassment or physical threat or terror-invoking menacing had occurred.  The day closed, and many were left scratching their heads, but trusting that she was holding back the big punch for the knockout in the last rounds.   But to-morrow came and there was still no deep ground to plough or plant.   Then the Democrats called a large woman who said that she had prepared the apartment for Clarence Thomas and some men to occupy while transferring into Washington, D.C. during the Reagan Administration.   She pointed out that she had to put up with the fact that someone had put up a pin-up of a Playmate of the Month, but could not really be sure whether Clarence Thomas had put the picture there.  The questioner was, oddly enough,  then Republican Alan Specter.   Please be aware that President George H.W. Bush, the one who had chosen Clarence Thomas had already thrown him under the bus publicly and privately, but Thomas would not back down and his Senate sponsor, surprisingly, stood by him and testified in his favour.  

     The Democrats then countered with another woman. I believe she was a judge of some sort from California.  She presented herself as a close friend of Anita Hill....and then she delivered a narrative that substantially contradicted the time frame and the nature of any offense that had previously been presented by the aggrieved Miss Hill.  It was an almost comical, but sad, collapse to a house of cards.  The Molly Yard - Gloria Steinem Strike Force people, the precursor to Move On and Code Pink and Emily's List of permanently psychotic unappeasable females.....they put the word out to the increasingly obsolescent press, "It not whether there is proof or even evidence of the crimes.  The only thing that is important is the seriousness of the charge." The obedient press took that up as if it were a battle cry.

     This is not a joke.   Later, a series of friends, acquaintances, and work-mates came forth to contradict with strong evidence the tale told by Anita.   One professor from the University of Oklahoma came to testify that Anita had shown concrete evidence of having amorous feelings for Thomas by her own admission long after the events she had related before the Senate Committee.   Let it rest to state that it was a total disaster for the Allred crowd.

     AND, let us remember that the paragon of virtue Harry Reid took to the floor of the United States Senate and declared that he had evidence from a reliable source that Mitt Romney had paid no income taxes for over 10 years.   He droned on for about twenty minutes with the lamentation that it wasn't fair that a man could take so such money from the poor and still not pay his fair share or any share.   Reid knew, of course, that nothing he said from behind the lecture on the floor of the Senate could be used in terms of a slander or libel suit.   He was immune.

     AND, there was the attempt to tear down George W. Bush about his Texas Air National Guard service and the Swift Boat Brothers for telling the truth about Herman Munster's brother John Kerry. Both efforts failed and Dan Rather was proven to be the malicious, chronic, pathological liar we knew him to be.   So it is another thing we win by default.

     Dr. Carson will win this and it might even spur the head of the FBI to finally move on the obvious case of obstruction and illegal use and possession of classified information against (Sir Edmund) Hillary Corkscrew.   Perhaps she can explain one more time how it was she decided to volunteer for the United States Marines while in her first year of marriage to Billy Jeff Blythe in Arkansas and right after she had taken a position of political convenience as a Governor's wife as a professor at the Arkansas School of Law.   Sounds like a bad joke.....but she actually tried to sell that story on various occasions.   She also told a grand jury in Washington, D.C. that she, "could not remember" fifty-seven times when responding to prosecuting attorneys and grand jury members.   Fifty-seven times.

     Remember the Youtube above.   Two Grand Shamans of the Great American Press....Remember Walter Cronkite declaring after the greatest American and ARVN victory over the Viet Cong and NVA in the war, Walter glaring into the camera and declaring, "This War Is Lost!".   My point is that we are right in this matter to stand up for Carson as we did for Thomas.

El Gringo Viejo