Friday, 6 November 2015

Ricardo Arjona - Fuiste tú feat. Gaby Moreno- Sent in by Agent Milton from South Carolina, OROG #009


These are scenes that are common in the inner Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and the upper lands of Guatemala.    Arjuna  is a gifted artist, dedicated like many of his genre and generation to causes and perceptions about the cause of the maladies that he laments, whether accurate or not quite accurate. But he not a hypocrite.

One thing he is?  A talent at least on the order of Enya
and far. far beyond Joan Baez.

My time in and around Antigua, the impossible to describe El  Tikal
Archaeological Site and Zone, Lake Atitlan, and the Rio Dulce was
wholly pleasant.

While this film is a bit cleaned up and staged, the
La Antigua area of Guatemala is as presentable as it is presented on 
your screen.

There is so much to explain and the Right has failed in
not being forthright in laying much of the blame for the failures in
the area, upon the feuding among various leftist groups
jockeying for supremacy and control over the Maya in the north.

Governments, both left and right, always seem to succumb to "suitcase
filling" at the end of their terms, and moving to Miami.  Private investment
is difficult to maintain with that kind of environment.

There are other problems as well, but Arjona's overly
romanticised images are closer to the truth than one might
imagine.  Much of Guatemala's north is stunning.

The people there treated me as visiting royalty might be treated.
Far better than Belize. 
This was sent in by one of our OROGs who declared it his favourite.  It dawns on me, how all our contributors and friends are right-wingers but have artistic tastes that override certain boundaries.  Yet we are said to be intolerant.  One might point out that Arjona worked with two Americans in a trio named Los Gringos, and he continued the perfection of his work working with the Blue Grotto in a place called Nashville, Tennessee.  Arjona and Gaby Moreno are geniuses.  The cinematography of this video is perfect, the execution, theme, and plot are is separation, not coming together....and it shows the many beauty marks of Arjona's and Moreno's hearts' land. 
El Gringo Viejo
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