Friday, 6 November 2015

It is with a heavy heart, but.....


    The tension that exists between the Country Club Blue-blood Republicans and the Rightwing Crazy Tea Party Republicans is palpable and irresolvable.  True enough, I know that certain amounts of titled blood runs in the veins of my brothers and me and a lot of folks at the Country Club, especially in Texas, have a few pints of commoner ancestry coursing through their veins, but the difference between 'moderate - reasonable' Republicans vs. 'snake-handlers - bigot/racist' Republicans is a philosophical and not metabolic one.

     We move on to the issue.  It deals with the Bush family.  First, the disclaimer.  George Prescott Bush, the son of Jeb and Colombo Bush is about as close to a Tea-party type as one can be.  He was elected to the important position of Land Commissioner for the Republic of Texas during the last general elections.  He actually ran slightly ahead of the very popular Tea Party-type Governor Abbot  who destroyed his Sandra Fluke Imitator opponent in a landslide.   It is very, very rare for a down-ballot Republic-wide candidate to run ahead of the gubernatorial candidate.
     He has complied with his campaign agenda and promises and continues to talk, walk, act, and generally quack like a Tea Party type.  He must support his family in matters concerning the Presidential nomination, I am sure, but perhaps that cup will be taken from him during the preceding primary contests in places other than the Republic of Texas.

     The sneering assault by George W. Bush against Ted Cruz for having had the audacity to fulfill his campaign promises by doing exactly what he said he would do was a real low point.   It underscored that peculiar characteristic that the former President and Governor would rarely if ever confront radical deranged Democrat leftists such as (Sir Edmund)Hillary or Nancy Pelosi, but he suddenly lurches into attack mode to denigrate a noble personality like Ted Cruz.
     This follows his peculiar eight years of never defending himself against the generally deranged Democrat National Socialist Workers' Party panoply of dullards and demagogues.   It was left to us, the Rightwing Crazies.   Never an expression of gratitude or thanks was heard.   Always distance.
     Then comes Jeb, whose foremost attack target is another Republican, not (Sir Edmund) Hillary.   It is Jeb who has no "fire in the belly", and apparently has no interest in taking any victory unless he finds it under the Bush Family's Christmas Tree during the coming December fiestas.
      Then comes good ole' "Read My Lips" who can't resist jumping on Cheney's and Rumsfeld's bones for being hard, mean, extreme, and iron-willed.  Would that good ole' Read My Lips had save some of this ire, just once, for the Democrats and their moronic, mendacious posturing.
       For instance, when the ATF acted like jack-booted thugs, along with the FBI while trying to execute the Reno - Hillary assault on the compound of a bunch of religious kooks at Mount Carmel, McClennan County, Texas, good ole' Read My Lips took offense when the NRA head referred to the jack-booted thugs as jack-booted thugs.   So instead of condemning a long siege and final assault that killed over two-score children on the ATF / FBI excess (with General Wesley Clark's collaboration), he blamed the NRA, and resigned his membership in protest.   (?)
         We remember that the "kinder and gentler offensive" with its "midnight basketball" programme and the blinding "Thousand Points of Light" solved all the inner-city problems, along with how the appointment of Magic Johnson to an important AIDS-related commission also solved all the problems.   Magic Johnson, of course, was famous for stalking off and blaming the Republicans for not only causing the AIDS problem, but also for the introduction of cocaine into "the hood".
      And of course, Barbara Bush travelling to the funeral of one of those poor boys, three brothers who were hemophiliacs who had contracted HIV/AIDS after transfusion and died one-by-one, and then glowering into the camera lens to remind us that ".....HIV/AIDS is everyone's problem now".   It was the throw-down line to those who felt that promiscuous male homosexual sex and indiscriminate needle-sharing by heroin addicts was where 99.99% of HIV/AIDS could be found.   But no, the President's wife inferred that it was the fault of those who felt that way were at fault, not the ones who had contributed blood to the blood bank, knowing that they had HIV.

     So, with all the King's horses, and all the King's men, and all the King's treasure, they will never be able to put Jeb together in time to survive a Cruz Tsunami during the Texas Republican Primary next year.   I and mine shall be voting for Cruz.   If called upon, we will probably vote for George P. Bush for some higher office someday soon, but that is because he, somehow, is one of us.

Thank you all for allowing this valve to release pressure before arriving at a critical point.
El Gringo Viejo